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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: sofipaz1

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Miss Sofía Paz 9th Grade

Element Pure substance that cannot be broken down into other substances by chemical means. Atoms (Smallest possible particle) Formed by All atoms of an element have the same number of protons.

Anything that occupies space and has mass Element Matter Basic ingredient SoilWater RockWood Metal Animals Plants

118 elements 92 Natural occurring 25 essential to life C,H,O,N represent 96% 26 synthetic elements

Element critical to health that makes up less than 0.01 percent of body mass Trace elements

The need for trace elements • Boron Deficiencies of boron can contribute to osteoporosis. • Boron • Copper • Iodine • Selenium • Zinc • Iron Almond Apple (red) Avocado Banana Beans (red kidney) Brazil Nuts Broccoli Carrot Cashew Nuts (raw) Celery

• Copper Deficiencies of copper can cause: Premature hair graying Sterility Premature wrinkling of the skin Liver Oysters Sesame Nuts Cocoa Chocolate Lobster Sun flower seeds

• Iron Essential for carrying oxygen in your blood. • Iodine Deficiencies of iodine can cause a thyroid imbalance or reduce fertility. Seaweed Shrimp Milk Turkey Eggs Cocoa Liver Oysters Clams Caviar Dried appricots

• Selenium Deficiencies of selenium can cause people to age prematurely or to have slower than normal recovery from illnesses. Seafood Meat Rice Bread Noodles Eggs Oatmeal

• Zinc Deficiencies of zinc can cause sterility, impotence and even depression. Oysters Liver Roastbeef Dark chocolate Cocoa Lamb Peanuts Crab

COMPOUND Is a substance containing two or more elements that are chemically combined in a fixed ratio. Sodium Chlorine Sodium chloride (NaCl)

• Compound’s properties may differ from those of the elements that compos it – NaCl (Yellow gas + gray metal) – H2O (Is liquid while O and H are gases) • Most compounds found in organisms are more complex. • Sugar (C, H and O). • Muscles (C, H, O and N).

ROWS: Periods Atomic number and energetic level COLUMS: Group, similar chemical properties

Chemicool periodic table http://www.chemicool.com/ Interactive periodic table

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