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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: IcommTechnologies



Your organization relies on data, but you don’t have time to waste worrying about how it’s stored. You need a
storage solution that fits any budget, grows with existing storage investments, and has the right capabilities for
today’s needs as well as tomorrow’s. You need to know that the storage investment you are making today is
flexible enough to meet future demands. With a truly unified storage solution, efficiency and effectiveness work
hand in hand as your needs evolve and change.

Unified Storage You need more than just storage – You need a truly unified approach In the Know eBook Series… presented by NetApp

What You Really Need is Truly Unified Storage Why is unified storage important to you and your business? Your organization relies on data, but you don’t have time to waste worrying about how it’s stored. You need a storage solution that fits any budget, grows with existing storage investments, and has the right capabilities for today’s needs as well as tomorrow’s. You need to know that the storage investment you are making today is flexible enough to meet future demands. With a truly unified storage solution, efficiency and effectiveness work hand in hand as your needs evolve and change. NetApp pioneered unified storage in 2002 and has shipped well over 150,000 unified storage systems to customers around the world. This means that you get proven technology and new innovations. Consider using a partner with the awards and customers that prove they can deliver – NetApp. Only NetApp delivers truly unified storage solutions Click Here What is unified storage, really? At the foundation, unified storage means that a storage system can support multiple storage access protocols simultaneously – NAS protocols for applications that store and access storage in unstructured files and SAN protocols for applications that store and access block-level data. NetApp pioneered unified storage access capability back in 2002 and has shipped well over 150,000 unified storage systems since then. Today, other storage vendors are just beginning to offer the basic level of unified storage capabilities that NetApp offered nine years ago. NetApp has spent the past nine years continuing to innovate, taking “unified” way beyond simple protocols. Only NetApp’s unified platform supports diverse applications and workloads as one, with the same operating system and functionality, running across the same storage systems, and managed with the same management tools. Your time is valuable, and you don’t want to waste it migrating data, learning a new system, or replacing your storage investment to get to the next level of capacity or functionality. With NetApp, you’ll never have to. These capabilities are built into every NetApp® system—just turn them on as you need them. Only NetApp unified storage solutions can give you this level of flexibility, operational efficiency, and investment protection with your data storage. 1 Growth in storage sales increased by 11% in Q2 of 2011. (Source: IDC) But you don’t want to be growing your storage costs that much every year, which means that you need efficiency. NetApp was selected as the vendor that “best delivers on the promise to simplify storage infrastructure” by 39% of the respondents at Gartner’s 29th Annual Data Center Conference in December 2010. EMC came in a distant second at just 26%. This marks the fourth consecutive year that users have chosen NetApp above every other storage vendor for delivering simplicity.

Six Simple Things You Need to Know 1.  ower cost. NetApp’s unified storage solutions start at under $8,000. L 2.  ore efficient. With NetApp, you will use 50% less storage* compared to traditional storage. EMC improves M your storage by only 25%. Click here to learn more about NetApp’s 50% guarantee*. 3.  earn once. EMC forces you to learn new systems when you upgrade. With NetApp, the transition to another L level is painless, and you can add capacity and functionality as your needs grow. 4.  ata capacity. NetApp FAS2000 systems support up to twice as much data as EMC’s VNXe by using FAS D deduplication and RAID-DP®. 5. Storage management. NetApp solutions integrate right into the applications and the Windows® environment  that you use every day. You can schedule backups, recover a file, or provision more storage all in the same application management environment. 6.  ine years of unified storage. NetApp pioneered unified storage and has offered unified storage solutions for N nine years, making us the proven leader you can count on. 2

Here are Three Critical Considerations for Your Storage Purchase 1.  an I afford it? You need a solution that’s priced right and that keeps on offering efficiency; a solution that that C contains capital and operational costs for the lifetime of your data. You want to buy exactly what you need, and you want to be able to add more functionality and capacity as you need it. The future for flexible and efficient organizations is an on-the-fly capability for IT functions. 2. s it simple? You might not have a storage specialist on staff, so you need a storage solution that offers I simplified management that you can learn once and use forever. Simplified and integrated data management is the key, because your IT staff won’t be forced to constantly learn new technology management skills. 3.  an it scale? Data growth means that you’ll need to scale – probably sooner than you anticipate. Add in your C business growth ambitions, and before you know it, you’ll need more capabilities and capacity. Unified storage offers your business the flexibility to scale from extra small to extra large without throwing away your initial investment. You already plan day-to-day activities and operations this way because it’s smarter. Now you can manage your storage the same way. NetApp’s unified storage platform offers your company the simplicity, cost efficiency, and flexibility to meet your needs today and well into the future. Let’s look at the facts on how NetApp’s unified storage platform sets a new bar for unified architecture that no other storage provider can match. 3

“Can I afford it?” Implement truly unified storage from NetApp for less than $8,000. 4

NetApp’s Unified Storage Delivers Outstanding Efficiency for a Remarkably Low Total Cost of Ownership Over the Lifetime of Your Customer’s Data For less than $8,000, you get a complete NetApp unified solution. The NetApp FAS2000 product line starts at less than $8,000 and has the same management tools, efficiency, and flexibility as our data-center-class FAS6000 series. NetApp offers what you need today, with rich capabilities built in and ready to use when you need them. NetApp offers the most generous virtualization guarantee in the industry. Efficiency means that your business will use less storage. In fact, you will use 50% less storage, guaranteed*, in virtualized environments (EMC offers a 25% efficiency guarantee). NetApp takes it one step further and offers a 35% virtualization efficiency guarantee on EMC storage! Your business will benefit from a solution that helps you save. You’ll take advantage of built-in capabilities like block-level deduplication, space-efficient and low-impact Snapshot™ copies, thin provisioning (without caveats or limitations), and WAN-optimized replication to keep your capacity footprint lean, fully protected, and easily manageable for years to come. The same industry-leading storage efficiency functionality is available on every one of NetApp’s unified storage systems. Don’t settle for less than a 50% efficiency guarantee! Affordability is key. Data will grow by 54.7% in 2011, but data management budgets will grow by only 5.5%. (Source: IDC) This means that you need a supplier who thrives on building efficiencies for you so that your data can grow, even if your budget doesn’t. NetApp 50% Guarantee: You will use 50% less storage with NetApp compared to a baseline of traditional storage. EMC’s offer is only 25%. Click here to view the program details. NetApp is the only storage vendor on Forbes’s list of 100 “World’s Most Innovative Companies.” NetApp ranked #34 out of all companies, in all industries, around the world. No other storage provider can bring you such constant improvements and innovations. No other storage vendor is even on the list. Click here to view the list. 5

“Is it simple?” Invest in unified storage that simplifies storage infrastructure. 6

NetApp Offers You the Most Simplified Storage Management Solutions Learn once, use forever. Your business will benefit from the advantages of simplified data management because that same management and functionality are available on every system, from extra small to extra large. Your company can focus on running the business and not on spending resources on painful IT administrative and system maintenance tasks. Focus on the applications that run your business instead of focusing on managing your storage. NetApp unified solutions integrate right into the applications your business uses every day. You can perform many routine storage tasks without leaving the familiar Microsoft® SharePoint®, Exchange, and SQL Server® environments. And you can manage your storage from within your VMware®, Microsoft, or Citrix virtualized server environment. Whether you need to schedule a backup, recover a file, or provision more storage, it’s all right there in your application management environment. 7 “ he use of jointly tested and T integrated solutions from VMware and NetApp can confer a number of specific and valuable benefits upon users that will reduce effort, cost, and complexity.” Source: ESG, Nov. 2009  NetApp has 18% market share in storage hardware in 2011. (Source: IDC) We are growing because our products offer great value to midmarket businesses like yours.

“Can it scale?” NetApp’s unified storage won’t hold you back as your data needs grow. 8

Respond to the Growing Needs of Your Business Without Disruption or Forklift Upgrades Start right – scale on demand. NetApp can deliver a storage solution that’s always right for your business and your budget. You can start with a fully unified solution for less than $8,000. Then, as your business needs grow, applications are added, or more capacity is required, you can seamlessly transition to the FAS3000 series without any migration or relearning. That’s the power of truly unified storage. Gartner Data Center Poll 2011: Scale functionality – just turn it on! This is the fourth year in a row that NetApp has come out on top for delivering the best value. Chances are that your business will need to add functionality faster than you anticipate. With NetApp, protecting data is as simple as turning on features from our broad range of data management software for quick and easy on-site and off-site data protection. Other solutions, such as EMC VNXe, quickly max out capacity and limit management capabilities – and when that happens, your business can face costly and disruptive upgrades. You can lose your entire initial investment—plus have to learn a whole new storage solution. That’s wasted time and money, and it’s disruptive to your business. 9 NetApp was selected as the top choice for delivering the best value by 40% of the respondents, far ahead of EMC at 23%. Fully unified solutions start at $8,000.

NetApp is the Best Option for You 1. NetApp helps your business start right.  From the first day of purchase throughout the lifecycle of your data, NetApp offers what you need, when you need it, at the lowest total cost. The math is simple: great purchase price + superior efficiency + 50% guarantee* = outstanding value. 2. NetApp keeps it simple.  NetApp’s truly unified solutions give you the advantage of simplifying your IT environment today and into the future. You’ll enjoy a single set of management tools and robust functionality across the entire unified family without ever having to relearn, retool, or invest in a whole new platform. 3. NetApp grows with you.  Unified storages gives you the flexibility to focus on growing your business without having to worry about whether your storage will grow with you. Your initial investment is never lost; you can add capacity and quickly turn on functionality to stay ahead of changing needs. 4. NetApp has a proven track record.  NetApp invented unified storage nine years ago, and today we’re recognized in the industry as the only company that offers truly unified storage. We innovate every day to help you and your business go further, faster with solutions designed to maximize efficiency, flexibility, and business success. 10

NetApp Legacy of Innovation and Recognition 2004 Red Herring Top 100 Innovators 2007 Star Award from the Service and Support Professionals Association 2008  #14 on the 2008 InformationWeek 500 Best Storage System in 2008 ServerWatch Product Excellence Awards FAS2020 Named Computer News Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award 2008 FAS2020 Named PC News’ Editor’s Choice Award 2008  FAS2000 series winner of the Silver Award in the Disk and Disk Subsystems category of the online storage magazine 2009  Highest score in the storage category of Network World’s 2009 Best of the Tests awards 2010  hardware vendor and #2 overall IT vendor in the 2010 CIO Insight Vendor #1 Value Ratings survey 11

Don’t Take Our Word for it, See for Yourself Here are links to useful resources: • Midsize solutions on Click here • Case Studies: –  City of Eden Prairie Runs on NetApp to Protect Critical 24x7 Services with Dollar-Saving Efficiency: Click here – Kelly Blue Book Drives Innovation with Trace|3, VMWare and NetApp: Click here –  Computacenter Relies on FlexPod from Cisco, NetApp, and VMware for Its Managed Workplace Services Portfolio: Click here –  Alamance Regional Medical Center Slashes Costs with IBM, NetApp, and Yorel Integrated Solution: Click here –  Cartika Utilizes NetApp Storage to Deliver On-Demand Cloud Services Efficiently with High Availability and Seamless Scalability: Click Here 12

*NetApp 50% Virtualization Guarantee Program  his guarantee and related Program are limited to the terms set forth in the applicable Program Guide and T Acknowledgement for the 50% Virtualization Guarantee Program, or the 35% Deduplication Virtualization Program, applicable only to prospective orders placed after the Program effective date and are dependent upon your compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in the applicable Program Guide documents and any of the instruction sets and specifications set forth therein. NetApp’s sole and exclusive liability and your sole and exclusive remedy associated with the terms of this guarantee and related Program is the provision by NetApp of the additional storage capacity as set forth in this guarantee and related Program. © 2012 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, RAID-DP, and Snapshot are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft, SharePoint, SQL Server, and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. VMware is a registered trademark of VMware, Inc. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such. June 2012, Rev. 1

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