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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: speakerscore

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For the last couple of years, social media for businesses has been synonymous with engagement, transparency and authenticity. Social media managers have been desperately trying to get users on Facebook and Twitter to engage with their companies online. To have them comment, like, retweet and share their content, in order to “re-invent” their marketing or even become a true “social business” (whatever that means).

But do people really want to know how the sausage is made? Do they want to engage with the people who manufacture their toilet paper or see the office, their telephone subscription is supported from? And do they even really care, if your company’s marketing is authentic? What if all of those ultra-humanistic dogmas only live in the head of social media evangelists – and do not reflect the needs and desires of most real life consumers?

The Danish internet psychologist, Anders Colding, tells his personal story about how he started as a true believer and ended as a hardline skeptic. In this talk, he takes a brutally critical look at the dogmas, that have been floating around for way too long and helps you become a more critical user of social platforms.

#smwunhype @anderscolding

Anders (4 years old) creates another Facebook group

”Nej til nedrivning af Storkespringvandet!” ”Against the demolition of the Stork Fountain”

• • • • Day 1: Seeded to my 125 friends Day 2: 1000 members Day 5: 8.000 members Next lecture: 10.000

• 12 days: 25.000 – Danish TV2 calls • 14 days: 27.500 – I call off the experiment on national TV

1 month: • Interview on CBC (”Spark”) 6 weeks: • Interviewed for Washington Post • Mention in Newsweek • Interviewed for New York Times’ And then… • Evgeny Morozovs book on Slacktivism • Stork Fountain article on Wikipedia • Blogs, news sites worldwide


Social media would turn marketing upside down Push marketing would soon be dead Customers would demand to be heard Customers and business would begin truly communicating Customers would help comanies make better products in co-creation The more open and transparent companies would win

“You don’t sell your stuff to people today – you invite people to participate, share and engage, by adding something to their lives.” Me (2009)

Put Social in everything • Social marketing • Social banking • Social business • Social aviation • Social shopping • Social government • Social yougetthepicture

There was one tiny problem: People didn’t behave the way they were supposed to

How to create engagement

How to get 10000 fans in a week

In 2010, I paid Userneeds to ask 2000 people, distributed on age, gender and location, this question: You choose to become a ”fan” of the Facebook page of a life style brand (such as Nike, Diesel, B&O, Republic of Fritz Hansen). Which options/activities on the Facebook page, would you consider to be relevant for you (you can pick more than one option)?

13% 17,9% 19.6% 11,1% 28,7% 14,5% 4%

I started asking new and stupid questions:

If customers are demanding more direct dialogue… …why do you have to read all those ”expert” blog posts about ”creating involvement”?

If customers are demanding more direct dialogue… …why do we have to trick them into interacting, by crafting our Facebook-updates in certain ways?

If push marketing is dying… …why do you keep getting tons of paper ads in your mail?

As a consumer, how many companies have you been ”involved" with via social media this year? Or ever?

What if shops were run by the same principles as social media?

Or our phone conversations?


What do we know about ”Social”? • • • • • • • It’s not a positive term It simply refers to interaction between humans Being an asshole is also ”social” Being social online is about exchanging information Human information processing doesn’t scale It’s time consuming and we start performing poorer And people don’t really want to talk with (most) companies


Content, pictures, screenshots Very simple story – no nuances The GREAT injustice. The stronger hurting the weaker.

What is the goal? To make people feel engaged To make communication feel authentic To make people like your business To make people want to buy from you

What is the goal? To make people feel engaged To make communication feel authentic To make people like your business To make people want to buy from you

Research: People very often react towards machines, as if they were people

Research: People often don’t tell the truth if you ask them in person.

How many of the things you own are bought because of dialogue with companies?

”Social” • • • • • • Material needs. Price Features Availability Biases Habits


What I preached: Being social will almost always be good for your business

What I did: Avoided time consuming talk and bought products I liked, that were easily available and that I could afford

Spotting new media hare krishna 1. XXXX will elliminate the conflict between business/customers/workforce 2. XXXX will help us get rid of layers of power 3. XXXX Will break down borders around YYYY 4. XXXX will fix YYYY because it’s broken 5. XXXX is not just a technology - It’s YYYY 6. Facts are blurry, but you just feel that it’s right Hare hare – rama rama

If you make your living from something – e.g. social media • You’re very good as asking ”how” • But very poor at asking ”why”

One general truth about social media: Never trust a person who says he knows The Truth about social media!!

Give me feedback now 1. 2. 3. 4. Go to: speakerscore.com/unhype Answer 4 quick questions Share a comment or picture, if you like Get these slides Thank you :)

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