Unfolding the secret to smart communication for SMEs

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Information about Unfolding the secret to smart communication for SMEs

Published on August 21, 2018

Author: Voippbx

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: Unfolding the secret to smart communication for SMEs- IP PBX It is said that change is good. Not so much if it’s forced and wrecks havoc on the existing system of work Most small and medium scale enterprises SMEs stick to their traditional system of work till a technology arrives that fulfils their requirement cost effectively and is feasible for their scale of work. For the longest while SMEs have preferred to use local telephone networks for communication. With the advent of internet switching to data networks for communication has become a necessity. However abandoning their local telephone routes to switch to data network for communication is a big change. Something that SMEs would try to avoid till it becomes inevitable Well no. Why you ask That’s because IP PBX has the solution to every SME’s communication related needs. 1. Doesn’t impede usual external communication SMEs can switch to IP PBX without hampering their external communication infrastructure. IP PBX switches the telephonic calls to data networks which means they can continue to have their usual phone lines. 2. Easier to install There are hardly any SMEs that operate without computer at this date. IP PBX runs like a software. Any enterprise that makes use of computer would be able to switch to IP PBX without impediments. 3. Cost savings IP PBX can significantly cut down costs on long distance and international calls. Inter and intra organizations calls are also free. Cost of communication within the enterprise as well as with the customers comes slashing down. 4. Scope for expansion With profitable small scale enterprises there is a possibility that the scale of operation will increase. Consequently the scale of communication will also rise. This comes as a challenge to normal phone systems. But with IP PBX it’s hardly a hurdle. It can easily support large number of phone lines through a computer. 5. Accessibility slide 2: With SMEs remote working culture is quite common. It helps to save expense of a physical working space and gives flexibility to the employees as well. But when it comes to communication telephone systems create a barrier in this arrangement. But with an IP PBX communication through remote locations is quite feasible. All you have to do is turn up your SIP software phone and you’ll be able to answer your calls. IP PBX is a smart alternative for communication. It aids better management and saves cost. It is beneficial even at scale at which SMEs operate

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