UNESCO: Professional Development on Mobile Devices

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Information about UNESCO: Professional Development on Mobile Devices

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: rkmelton

Source: slideshare.net


How to use mobile devices and apps as professional development teaching and learning tools. Plus, mobile apps that educators can use offline (no internet connection) for continued teaching and learning on smart phones and tablets.

Tennessee  Board  of  Regents   Strategic  Plan  for  Mobiliza7on  

Educa7on  On  Demand  and  within  Your  Hands   HARNESS  TODAY’S  NEWEST  TECHNOLOGIES  AND  DEVICES   FOR  TEACHING,  LEARNING,  AND  WORKFORCE  DEVELOPMENT   Organiza(on  Effec(veness  and  Strategic  Ini(a(ves   www.TBRMobile.org  

eReaders   SmartPhones   Tablets          Apps   “Educa7on  On-­‐Demand  ~    In  Your  Hands”   Latest  Innova7ons  &  Best  Prac7ces  Regarding  the     Use  of  Mobile  Devices  ~  Apps  ~  Emerging  Technologies  for     Enhancing  Teaching  &  Learning  in  Higher  Educa7on  


The  Impact  of  the  iPhone  /  iPad  

More  than  a  Phone  or  for  Games:   Phones  as  Educa7onal  and  Workforce  Tool   ü Telescope   ü Microscope   ü Naviga7on   ü Heart  Monitor   ü Blood  Pressure     ü Workforce  Tools   ü Musical  Instruments   ü Library   ü Musical  Instrument   ü Science  Lab  

Mobile  Devices  Impact  on  Health  Care  

Sensordrone   •  Turns  Your  Smartphone   Into  A  Carbon   Monoxide  Detector,   Non-­‐Contact   Thermometer,  Gas  Leak   Detector,  Lux  Meter,   Weather  Sta(on,   Diagnos(c  Tool,  Breath   Analyzer,  &   More...Much,  Much,   More!  

Mobile  Business  Prac7ces  

•    Pico  Genie  A100     Heavy  projectors  are  so   last-­‐century.  I’m  going  for   the   Pico  Genie  A100,  a   speaker-­‐enabled   projector  as  mini  as  the   iPhone!  The  outcome  is  a   60″₺  viewing  area  with   sound-­‐boos(ng  effect,   not  to  men(on  that  you   could  carry  the  Pico  Genie   100  around  during   presenta(ons.    

Mobiliza(on  Solu(ons  Accessories  

Leap  Mo7on  

Smart  PJ's  Work  with  App  for  Bed(me  Stories  and  Songs  

Mobile  Impact  on  Today’s  Genera(on    

Tablets  in  Educa7on  

iDoctor  on  Your  Phone  

Evalua(on  and  Tes(ng  of  Mobile  Blood  Unit  2010  

Making  high  quality  eye  care  portable,  cost  effec7ve  and  intui7ve;   Leveraging  mobile  phone  technology  to  extend  the  availability  of  a  full  range  of   ophthalmic  diagnos(c  tests  outside  of  high  income  hospital  departments  to  anywhere   in  the  world:  hospital  wards,  GP  surgeries,  pa(ent  homes  and  we’re  even  being  tested   in  the  Antarc(c!  

The  Vision   To  empower  general  health  workers  and  eye  care  prac((oners  to  diagnose   eye  diseases  and  provide  a  means  for  managing  and  monitoring  the   treatment  of  pa(ents,  anywhere  in  the  world.                            The  Problem      285  million  people  worldwide  are   visually  impaired          39  million  of  these  people  are  blind          80%  of  blindness  is  avoidable          90%  of  blind  people  live  in  low-­‐ income  countries        The  Solu7on:  Mobile  Phones   PEEK  –  a  smart-­‐phone  based  system   for  comprehensive  eye  examina(ons   in  even  the  remotest  of  segngs.  It  is   easy  to  use,  affordable  and  portable.  

                                                     Google  Glasses        

Google  Glass:  Figh7ng  Fires  

Google  Glass  for  Medical  Use  

Google  Glasses  and  Surgery  

   Mobile  App  Resource  Center   TBR  Educa7onal  &  Workforce     Mobile  App  Resource  Bank     50,000+  APPs   www.TBRMobile.org  

NearPod  Mobile  Classroom  Tool  

App  Assessment  by  Tony  Vincent   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Use  of  app  is  relevant  to  the  purpose  and  student  needs   Help  or  tutorial  is  available  in  the  app   Content  is  appropriate  for  the  student   Informa(on  is  error-­‐free,  factual,  and  reliable   Content  can  be  exported,  copied,  or  printed   App’s  segngs  and/or  content  can  be  customized   Customized  content  can  be  transferred  to  other  devices   History  is  kept  of  student  use  of  the  app   sharing   App  provides  useful  feedback  

App  Assessment  by  Tony  Vincent   •  Design  of  app  is  func(onal  and  visually  s(mula(ng   •  Student  can  exit  app  at  any  (me  without  losing  progress   •  Works  with  accessibility  op(ons  like  VoiceOver  and  Speak   Selec(on   •  App  is  free  of  charge   •  No  in-­‐app  purchases  are  necessary  for  intended  use  of  app   •  App  loads  quickly  and  does  not  crash   •  App  contains  no  adver(sing   •  App  has  been  updated  in  the  last  6  months   •  App  promotes  crea(vity  and  imagina(on   •  App  provides  opportuni(es  to  use  higher  order  thinking  skills   •  App  promotes  collabora(on  and  idea    

•  MERLOT  is  a  free  and  open  online  community  of  resources   designed  primarily  for  faculty,  staff  and  students  of  higher   educa(on  from  around  the  world  to  share  their  learning   materials  and  pedagogy.          MERLOT  is  a  leading  edge,  user-­‐centered, collec(on  of  peer  reviewed  higher  educa(on,  online   learning  materials,  catalogued  by  registered  members  and  a   set  of  faculty  development  support  services.     •  MERLOT's  strategic  goal  is  to  improve  the  effec(veness  of   teaching  and  learning  by  increasing  the  quan(ty  and  quality   of  peer  reviewed  online  learning  materials  that  can  be  easily   incorporated  into  faculty  designed  courses.    

  No  Cost  Browser  Based  Apps   hip://youtu.be/Vsf0LDx4TK8    

                                                         LiveBinder  of  Apps                                                    PreK-­‐12   h`p://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=58780     TABS     •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  iPad  Device   Apps     iPad  Ed  Impact     Teaching  with  Apps             Learning  with  APPS             ADMIN  Apps             Office/Produc(vity  Apps             Grade  Level  Apps             Subject  Areas     Special  Educa(on             •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Assessments             Parent  Apps             School  Board             TBR  HighEd             Pilots             Free  Apps             Games             Robbie’s  Apps             Library  Books            

                                                                             Top  Ten  Apps  for  Administrators   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Word  Lens   Quad  Browser   InClass   SoundNote   Sign  &  Send   iBooks   Google  Translate   Flipboard   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  HealthMap   Virtual  Fire  Fox   CloudOn   Speak  to  Text   KOBO   Myscript  Calculator   The  Elements   TI-­‐nSpire  (Texas  Inst)  

Walters  State  Community  College   Apple  Dis(nguished  College  Program                        Teaching  and  Learning  with  Mobiliza7on   *Website  of  teaching  and  learning  (videos,  etc.)                  hDp://library.ws.edu/mnaturalscience      

  Higher  Educa7on  Mobiliza7on       LEARNING  and  Workforce       ON  DEMAND  and       IN  YOUR  HAND     www.TBRMobile.org  

Benefits  of  Content  Caching:  Access  Your  Mobile   App  Without  an  Internet  Connec7on   AppBurst  focuses  on  building  mobile  apps   that  alleviate  the  burden  of  having  a  stable   internet  connec7on.     Our  mobile  apps  for  iPhone,  iPad,  and  Android  devices  all  store  a   significant  amount  content  on  a  user’s  device  for  offline  use  -­‐-­‐  a  feature   known  as  mobile  app  content  caching.  A  mobile  applica(on’s  data  can   therefore  be  accessed  without  an  internet  connec(on,  enabling  users  to   enjoy  24/7  access  to  content.  hip://www.appburst.com/iphone-­‐apps    

Common  Core  App     •  View  the  Common  Core  State   Standards  in  one  convenient  FREE   app!  A  great  reference  for  students,   parents,  and  teachers  to  easily  read   and  understand  the  core  standards.   Quickly  find  standards  by  subject,   grade,  and  subject  category   (domain/cluster).     •  This  app  includes  Math  standards   K-­‐12  and  Language  Arts  standards   K-­‐12.  Math  standards  include  both   tradi(onal  and  integrated  pathways   (as  outlined  in  Appendix  A  of  the   common  core)  and  synthesizes   Language  Arts  standards  with  the   Corresponding  College  and  Career   Readiness  Standards  (CCR's).  

Quad  Browser   4  Open  Windows  at  One  Time     The  perfect  way  to  display   four  documents   or  web  sites  at  once.   Individual  reload  7mers  to   refresh  online  auc7on   pages,  sports  or  news   headlines...    

               KOBO  Book  App                      (Over  2.5  Free  Million  Books)      Download  free  Kobo  eReading  Apps  or  the  iPhone,  iPad,   Android,  Blackberry  and  your  Desktop.  Browse  and  shop   millions  of  eBooks  including  new  releases,  ...    

Professional  Development   Mobile  Apps   Free  Download    

Truly  free  Books   Books  Should  Be  Free  (truly  free)   Another  site  that  offers  public   domain  audio  books  (meaning   books  whose  authors  have  been   dead  for,  in  most  cases,  at  least   75  years).  Most  of  its  (tles  are   drawn  from  Project  Gutenberg   and  LibriVox.  Audio  books  here,   as  the  site's  name  indicates,  are   completely  free  and  can  be   downloaded  either  as  a  podcast   or  as  an   MP3.  Titles  are  offered  in   mul(ple  languages.   Podiobooks  (truly  free)   One  of  the  few  sites  that  offers  truly   free  audio  books  by  modern  authors.   While  you  won't  find  the  major   names  here,  Podiobooks  is  packed   full  of  free  audio  books  by  authors  in   more  than  two  dozen  genres   (including  public  domain  classics).   The  books  are  supported  by  listener   dona(ons,  with  75%  of  dona(ons   going  to  authors.  Op(ons  including   listening  on  the  site,  downloading   MP3s,  or  subscribing  via  podcast  to   each  new  chapter  as  it  is  released.  

NeuroNews   hips://itunes.apple.com/us/app/neuro-­‐news/id543301272   NeuroNews  is  your  one-­‐stop  source  for  news,  views,   comment  and  controversy  in  the  neurointerven7onal  world.   The  NeuroNews  app  has  exclusive  content  with  live  updates   from  key  neuro  conferences  such  as  ABCWIN,  ESMINT,  ACINR,   LINNC,  European  Stroke  Conference,  WFITN,  EFNS  and  INS.     Features:   -­‐  Latest  news   -­‐  Live  conference  coverage   -­‐  Product  news   -­‐  Opinion   -­‐  Profiles   -­‐  Events   -­‐  Videos  

SJH  Pulse  Mobile  App   The  SJH  Pulse  Mobile  App  is  a  resource  for  healthcare  news  in   over  30  medical  industries,  as  well  as  regional  news  rela(ng  to   Saint  Joseph's  Health  and  various  links  to  external  applica(ons   and  websites.  Physicians  and  others  associated  with  the  medical   industry  will  now  be  able  to  access  relevant,  engaging  content   on  the  go  via  the  AppBurst-­‐developed  mobile  app.   hips://itunes.apple.com/us/app/st.-­‐joseph-­‐health-­‐pulse/ id530591096?mt=8  

Interven(onal  News  App   •  Users  of  the  mobile  applica(on  can  enjoy  easy  access  to   various  ar(cles  and  videos  related  to  interven7onal  news   in  the  medical  industry.  A  database  of  news  ar(cles,  live   conference  coverage,  opinion  pieces  and  profiles  are  all   included  in  the  app  and  can  be  shared  via  email,  Facebook,   or  Twiier.  A  directory  of  relavent  worldwide  events  is  also   available,  as  well  as  a  plethora  of  industry-­‐specific  videos   showcasing  new  procedures  and  technology.   hips://itunes.apple.com/us/app/interven(onal-­‐news/ id502938385?mt=8  

Cardiovascular  News  App   The  applica(on  provides  users  with  a  comprehensive  and  con(nually   updated  cardiovascular  news  source.  From  industry  news  and  live   conference  coverage  to  opinion  ar(cles  and  related  events  around  the   world,  the  app  is  an  invaluable  tool  for  anyone  involved  or  interested   in  cardiovascular  news  and  research.  A  substan(al  amount  of  related   videos  are  also  available  and  the  searchable  content  can  be  shared  via   email,  Twiier,  or  Facebook   hips://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cardiovascular-­‐news/id502940377? mt=8  

Voice  Control  without  Internet   •  Unlike  most  voice  applica(ons  on  the  the  market  which   require  internet  connec(on,  this  applica(on  installs  a  light-­‐ weight  speech  recognizer  on  your  phone,  so  it  can  run  locally   WITHOUT  internet  connec(on.   •  You  can  make  your  own  speech  commands  to  start  an  app,  call   a  friend  or  browse  a  website.  Speech  commands  can  be   defined  by  phone(c  alphabets,  so  it  literally  supports  any   language.     Google  Play  Store: hips://play.google.com/store/apps/ detailsid=com.KnJSouware.VoiceCommander&hl=en  

Google  Maps     Google  Maps  is  probably  the  most  well  known  mapping   and  naviga(on  app  out  there.  Google  has  updated   Google  Maps  so  that  it  now  offers  maps  offline.  This   means  you  can  download  maps  and  store  them  on  the   device  and  the  naviga(on  por(on  of  Google  Maps  can   access  the  data  even  when  you  don't  have  data  access.   Also  available  on  Google  Play™  and  the  App  Store®  

                   Navfree   Navfree     Naviga(on  app  that  is  free  and  it  can  be  downloaded  and  used  offline.   The  company  that  developed  NavFree  claims  that  unlike  other  satellite   naviga(on  apps  for  smartphones,  Navfree  offers  a  "fully  featured,   non-­‐7me  limited  turn-­‐by-­‐turn  naviga7on"  app.  There  are  no  hidden   payments  for  addi7onal  map  downloads  and  you're  able  to  use  it   forever  and  download  free  updates  when  you  need  them.       Google  Play  Store:   hips://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.navfree.android.OSM.ALL&hl=en   iTunes  Store:   hips://itunes.apple.com/us/app/navfree-­‐gps-­‐usa-­‐+-­‐street-­‐view/id405922167?mt=8  

Medical  mobile  apps  that  can  be  used  offline  –     where  internet  is  not  available   •  Medical  Recorder   doctors  and  medical  students  may  work   more  efficiently  without  was(ng  their   (me  on  papers.  All  the  notes  may  be   recorded  on  the  go  and  played  later.  

African  mobile  penetra7on  hits  80%     (and  is  growing  faster  than  anywhere  else)  

The  smart  phone  could  provide  the  answer  to   educa(ng  those  in  remote  areas,  as  tested  by   the  University  of  Pretoria.  Research  carried  out   by  the  university  indicated  that  96%  of  the   distance  educa7on  students  had  access  to   mobile  phones,  while  only  1%  had  access  to  the   internet  at  home.  

mLearning  vs.  eLearning   Mobile  learning  on  Smart  Phones  differs  from     e-­‐learning  on  computers  in  that  ac(vi(es  are   not  set  in  one  place  and  can  be  conducted  at   any  (me  and  at  any  place.  

mLearning  Africa   There  are  barriers  to  mobile  learning  in  Africa,  such  as   illiteracy  levels,  access  issues  (remote  areas  and  price   factors)  and  a  gender  gap  (more  men  have  mobile   phones  than  women).  However,  thanks  to  the  availability   of  solar  power  and  mobiles  running  on  much  less  power   than  computers,  educa(on  through  mobile  phones  is   becoming  a  great  possibility  to  help  those  formerly   excluded  from  educa(onal  opportuni(es.     If  Smart  Phone  technology  is  developed  in  a  robust,  low   cost  manner,  more  and  more  Africans  will  con(nue  to   take  advantage  of  this  informa(on  technology  and  new   and  exci(ng  learning  styles  available  to  them.  

Windows  Smart  Phones   •  Windows  Phone  already  has  a   strong  presence  in  Africa  with   devices  from  HTC,  Samsung,  and   Nokia.  In  fact,  another  part  of  this   broad  4Afrika  ini(a(ve  is  a  joint   Nokia  and  Microsou  customer   training  program  in  Kenya  and   Nigeria  to  help  accelerate   adop(on  of  Nokia  Lumia  510  and   620  phones.       •  More  than  90%  of  phones  sold   today  in  those  markets  are   feature  phones,  so  Microsou  and   Nokia  are  teaming  up  to  provide   free  in-­‐store  training  for   customers  to  help  them  get  the   most  from  their  new  Lumias  and   manage  their  new  data  plans.      

YouTube  Videos   •  YouTube  has   announced  that  it  will  launch  a   new  feature  on  its  mobile  apps   enabling  viewers  to  watch  videos   even  when  they  are  offline.  The   new  update  will  be  available  in   November.   •  The  feature  will  let  viewers  add   videos  to  their  devices  to  store   and  watch  for  a  short  period  of   (me  when  they  are  not   connected  to  the  Internet,  “so   your  fans’  ability  to  enjoy  your   videos  no  longer  has  to  be   interrupted  by  something  as   commonplace  as  a  morning   commute,”  according  to   YouTube’s  Creator  &  Partners   blog.    

Offline  Pages   Download  Websites  and  View  Offline   This  app  allows  you  to   save  web  pages  with  all   the  formagng,  images,   and  en(re  linked  pages,   and  view  them  offline   without  Internet.   hips://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ offline-­‐pages-­‐offline-­‐web/ id364859644?mt=8    

Word  Lens   Word  Lens  gives  you   transla(on  on  the  go:  -­‐  NO   NETWORK  required  -­‐  results   appear  immediately  on  your   video  screen  when  you  need  it,   anywhere  in  the  world  ..     iTunes:   hips://itunes.apple.com/us/app/word-­‐ lens/id383463868?mt=8     Google  Play  Store:   hips://play.google.com/store/apps/ details? id=com.questvisual.wordlens&hl=en  

Opera7ng  Systems   •  Google's  Android  opera(ng  system  is  on  more   than  three-­‐quarters  of  all  smart  phones  that   shipped  in  2013,  with  Apple's  iOS  making  up   most  of  the  remainder.  However,  Windows  smart   phones  are  beginning  to  see  substan(al  growth,   with  2013  shipments  in  the  tens  of  millions.   •  As  we   previously  reported,  in  2013,  more  than  1  billion   smart  phones  were  shipped  worldwide  —   amoun(ng  to  a  new  smart  phone  for  roughly   every  seven  human  beings  in  the  world.    

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