Understanding Youth and Advertising

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Information about Understanding Youth and Advertising

Published on March 4, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Hosted by: Conference partners: UNDERSTANDING YOUTH AND ADVERTISING Dr. Falguni Vasavada-Oza Understanding Youth and Advertising @ ICOM 2014 : Understanding Youth and Advertising @ ICOM 2014 Dr. Falguni Vasavada-Oza Associate Professor Marketing Area MICA – India falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada Why Youth?: Why Youth? Every third person in an Indian city today is a youth! India is set to become the youngest nation by 2020 with 64 percent of its population in the working age group ( Bisaria 2013) falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada Attractive Segment….: Attractive Segment…. Adam Stone in his book, ‘ The Stuff You Can’t Bottle: Advertising for the Global Youth Market’ wrote that the youth consumption behavior is unpredictable as they themselves don’t know what they are going to do next. Marketers were happy with the experimentation of the youth and they associated youth with an idea of coolness that made them a segment of aspiration falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada Youth as Decision-Makers : Youth as Decision-Makers Perfectionism Brand consciousness Novelty consciousness Recreational Hedonistic consciousness Price conscious Impulsiveness Habitual Source: Consumer Style Inventory Reseach ( Anubhav Mishra ) falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada Global Cultural Orietnation : Global Cultural Orietnation “Youth can be described as someone who holds a ‘dual passport’ culturally. They blend the rich global influences with their culture and family values. Media, especially the digital platform, facilitates this integration.” ( Arvind R.P.) falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada Media – Consumer Touch Points: Media – Consumer Touch Points More digitally connected segment Strong television viewership Changing consumption patterns Youtube Facebook Twitter Mobile games Chats falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada Methodology : Methodology Qualitative Exploratory (first phase) Research Questions How does youth define their values, traditions and beliefs? How do young consumers perceive television ads? How does the young consume media? falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada Research : Research Television commercials targeting youth Fastrack, MTV, Pepsi In-depth interviews (10)/Audio Taped/ Transcripted Ahmedabad Age group: 20-25 years Studying or working Both genders Diverse economic/social background falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada Analysis & Findings : Analysis & Findings falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada TV Ads – Inferences : TV Ads – Inferences Youth as a rebel Loud music Loud colors Live-in/ lesbianism/ infidelity Individualistic portrayal falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada Aspirations, Ambitions, Relationships: Aspirations, Ambitions, Relationships Short term orientation Relationships Trust, socially approved, liberated & narrow both Family Most important Approvals Relationships Careers falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada TV Set in the Drawing Room: TV Set in the Drawing Room One set per household ( Hofstede ) Passive viewers Digital viewerships Community viewing falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada Impact of Ads : Impact of Ads Inappropriate portrayals of youth Consumption on YouTubes Against Provocative (though has a high shock value) Stunts Artificial In favor of Subtle messages Intelligent content Values falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada Conclusions : Conclusions Short term orientation Open to sexual identities Family as the approver Social media influence Rational and truthful ads falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada Ending Remark…..: Ending Remark….. If you are really targeting youth, then you should have the courage to address them in their own terms. It is not enough to make the ad peppy and colorful and imitate the latest college lingo or Bollywood song. You need to get under their skins, understand their insecurities, and tap into their lives ( Gahlaut 2013) falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada From Advertising to Involvement: From Advertising to Involvement The Sprite Story…. Teen till I die campaign For establishing the “Teen” connection Sprite drinkers encouraged to create content Result: 310 videos in 60 days with 5.2 million views falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada Thank You!: Thank You! Email: falguni@micamail.in Gtalk : falguni.vasavada Facebook: Falguni Vasavada-Oza Twitter: @ falgunivasavada falguni@micamail.in/ Twitter: @falgunivasavada

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