Understanding the purpose of life through the trivedi effect

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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: TrivediGlobal

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Discover the true purpose of life by raising the level of your consciousness and optimizing your potential through The Trivedi Effect®.

Get THE TRIVEDI EFFECT® Mobile App Now! ---------- Understanding The Purpose Of Life Through The Trivedi Effect® Ask people what is the purpose of their life, and people would answer like I want to make a positive change in the society or I want to achieve name, fame, wealth and power or I want to achieve happiness, etc. In fact, the purpose of life is a subjective matter; it changes from person to person, and also with the passage of time. This is the reason why it is also age specific. Someone in early youth may have study and success as the purpose of life. But it is bound to change once the person is in a job. Similarly an old man would have a different purpose of life. But the fact is that the purpose of life gives you the direction, focus, clarity, coherence, courage, ambition, hope, meaning and path. It not only makes your life simple by providing you with a goal, but also motivates you, gives you a sense of satisfaction and also reduces stress. Many people confuse aim with purpose. It is the purpose which answers the fundamental questions like, why you are here, why you are doing it, etc. In fact, it works as the driving force in your life. Now the real question is, how to achieve the purpose of your life? Know What Is The Purpose Of Your Life      Start with self-assessment because it will provide you a chance to get new and realistic information about yourself. It is the right tool through which you can make positive changes in your life. It also gives you a chance to know why did you go wrong and identify your limitations, and the most important thing what exactly do you want from life. Ask emotional, confusing, difficult, uncomfortable and probing questions to yourself, like, who Am I? What is the real purpose of life? Am I living my life or just spending it? What is the mission and objective of my life? It will help you to know the real identity of yours, and will lead you to the purpose of life. Life is not all about success or failure. Of course, they are important part of our lives and keep the journey of the life going on. Life is about values, morals and ethics as they pave the way for your personal, social and spiritual development. Try to find out source of happiness or joy in life. Only after knowing what makes you happy in life you will be able to get a sense of direction and purpose. Just incorporate it into your daily life. Come out of the fort, which you have created around you. Initially fear of future or unknown will try to bog you down but don't panic and always remember that you are on the path of finding what is the purpose of life? Hence, face your fear and proceed further. Realization Of The Purpose Of Life And The Trivedi Effect® Connect With Us…on

Get THE TRIVEDI EFFECT® Mobile App Now! ---------- We all have an Inner Guidance System, which helps us to know where do we stand? Who are we? What is the purpose of life? But the problem is we really don't know how to tune in and listen to the voice of our own Inner Guidance System. Now the question is why do we fail to identify it or why it failed at the most crucial times? The answer is, we have a weak connection and we don't know how to make it much stronger. Here, a natural phenomenon, known all over the world as The Trivedi Effect® may help you to understand what is the purpose of life? Mahendra Trivedi and the other three Trivedi Masters™, Alice Branton, Dahryn Trivedi and Gopal Nayak, possess the ability to deepen your connection to your Inner Guidance System through the Energy Transmissions. The Energy Transmission strengthens the connection to their Inner Guidance System and to the infinite source of Universal Intelligence. To know more about The Trivedi Effect®, please visit: http://www.trivedieffect.com/ Till now 200,000 people have already experienced The Trivedi Effect®, and several of them have reported how Energy Transmission by Mahendra Trivedi and the other three Trivedi Masters™, Alice Branton, Dahryn Trivedi and Gopal Nayak, has helped them to identify, realize and live-out the true purpose of their life. People have also reported that it has brought positive and incredible improvement in their life, improved their mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health, and now they are enjoying the journey of their life. Elder D, who has experienced the Energy Transmission, has stated that “I have been receiving energy transmissions for approximately four months. Since the monthly enhancement program my life has changed, my confidence is sky high and I feel that I have finally found the path of purpose”. About The Author: The author is a follower of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and has been writing about Energy Transmissions and The Trivedi Effect® frequently. He has also experienced some wonderful life transforming benefits of The Trivedi Effect® and is looking out for more of them. Connect With Us…on

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