Understanding the Principles of Environmental Heal

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Information about Understanding the Principles of Environmental Heal

Published on January 23, 2009

Author: drpattron68

Source: authorstream.com

Understanding the Principles of Environmental Health Administration:  Understanding the Principles of Environmental Health Administration Dr. Deryck D. Pattron, Ph.D. Public Health Scientist & Consultant All Rights Reserved © 2009, Dr. Deryck D. Pattron Scope of Environmental Health Administration:  Scope of Environmental Health Administration Art of preserving human health, safety, wellbeing and the quality of the environment by protecting against environmental factors Based on risk assessment, risk communication and risk management Deals with environmental factors such as: Air contaminant Food contaminant Water contaminant Radiation Toxic chemicals Disease vectors Safety hazards Habitat alterations Synonymous with the term Environmental Health and Protection Competencies of Environmental Health Professionals:  Competencies of Environmental Health Professionals Knowledge of natural and medical sciences Epidemiology and biostatistics Etiology of environmental diseases Risk assessment Risk communication Risk management Planning and Marketing Organization structure and behavior Cultural issues Strategic planning Environmental health and legislation Mission of Environmental Health Administration:  Mission of Environmental Health Administration To protect the health of the people and the quality of the environment through protection-related activities including: Long-term community activities Recycling programs Plumbing codes Building codes Solid waste systems Economic development Energy conservation Sustainable land-use Transportation systems The Goal of Environmental Health Administration:  The Goal of Environmental Health Administration To ensure an environment that will provide optimal public health and safety, ecological wellbeing and quality of life for all now and in the future How to Achieve the Mission & Goals of Environmental Health & Administration:  How to Achieve the Mission & Goals of Environmental Health & Administration Pursuit of the “zero-risk” concept through Risk assessment Risk communication Risk management Risk Assessment:  Risk Assessment Hazard identification-to determine the health effects of human or natural activity or human health risk Exposure assessment-to determine the number of people or species exposed to a particular contaminant, and also the level, and duration of exposure Dose-response assessment-to determine the amount of substance and the incidence of adverse effects Risk characterization-to determine the probability of an adverse effect under various conditions Risk Communication:  Risk Communication Process of communicating risk with the population in a timely manner Risk Management:  Risk Management Measures designed to deal with risk that has been assessed Process of integrating risk assessment with economic, political, social, and legal concerns to chart a course of action to prevent or reduce an existing problem Components of an Effective Environmental Health Administration Program :  Components of an Effective Environmental Health Administration Program Laboratory services are services that are available and reliable in the provision of quality epidemiological investigations, public health assessments, determining environmental trends, developing standards and regulations Epidemiology Support:  Epidemiology Support To determine needs, trends and priorities that drive effective policy formulation, regulations and effective program designs Public Information & Education:  Public Information & Education To provide the public with pertinent information on human risk factors on a timely basis so that the public can be empowered to make informed choices regarding their health and wellbeing Research:  Research Essential for the establishment of new information and methodologies, preventing and controlling environmental health problems and communication of research findings to the population in a timely manner Surveillance Data:  Surveillance Data Mortality data Morbidity data Environmental contaminants Pollution levels Other environmental concerns Fiscal Support:  Fiscal Support Fees for services Pollution taxes Other punitive taxes Government support NGO support International support (PAHO, WHO, FAO, UNESCO) Major Issues in Environmental Health Administration:  Major Issues in Environmental Health Administration Pollution (air, water, noise, electronic, sewage, liquid waste, food) Nuisances Safe drinking water Food safety and security (including bioterrorism) Fish sanitation Meat sanitation Poultry processing Industrial hygiene and safety Disaster planning and response Healthful housing Health care facilities Day care facilities Global warming Toxic chemicals Shellfish production and sanitation Unintentional injuries Slaughterhouses Swimming pool and spas Massage clinics Ozone depletion Park and recreational areas Beaches Fertilizers and pesticides Global toxification Hazardous spills Vectors and vermins References:  References Center for Health Policy Studies. 1996. The Professional Public Health Workforce in Texas. University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston TX. Committee on the Future of Environmental Health, National Environmental Health Association 1993. The Future of Environmental Health, Part One. Journal of Environmental Health 55(4):28-32. Morgan, M.T. 2003. Environmental Health. Thomson Learning, California.

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