Understanding The Method And Importance Of Transformer Oil Filtering

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Information about Understanding The Method And Importance Of Transformer Oil Filtering
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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: omer5swan

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Ideally, you will think that replacing the old transformers is a better option; however, this will require huge amount of money along with resulting in disrupted power supply. This makes the process of transformer oil filtering more viable.

knowhow the method and advantages Almost all the transformers of high capacity have the job of coping up to the high voltage requirements of industries in current times. This makes it mandatory that the insulating properties of transformer oils ( click here ) is maintained correctly. This includes the control over dissolved gases, acidity, particle contamination and moisture. All this is possible by transformer oil filtering processes. The oil in transformers tends to deteriorate in quality with passage of time. The process of oil decaying actually begins right from the moment it is purchased from the factories or manufacturers. This decay is a combined effect of catalytic action, water, oxygen and other such material that crack and oxidize the oil in transformers. By-products formed due to this oxidizing process are largely acidic and result in increased deterioration of the oil. The contaminated transformer oil tends to loose most of its properties that support insulation. Eventually, this affects the transformer's life over a period. This is the reason why properties of transformer oil that support insulation have to be maintained on a regular basis. Transformer oil filtering is the most suitable process for doing this. What is the importance of transformer oil? Though this question needs an answer, actually question has to be changed. We have to first understand why do we need purified transformer oil. Ill effects such as corona discharge, overheating, arcing and reduction in the electrical efficiency of the transformers is caused due to the different gas elements formed in the oil in dissolved form. Quite similarly, the water contaminations found at low levels can affect insulating properties adversely. The future will demand high standards of efficient supply of power and energy, thus needing high performing transformers. This will necessitate degas procedures for the transformer oil prominently. You have to understand that there is a difference between gas bubbles and dissolved gas. Dissolved gas is distributed in transformer oil in the form of individual molecules that are not visible easily. The filtration process The pressure needs to be reduced for getting the gas out of oil. This can be understood better when we take the example of soda carbonation that is not visible till the bottle cap of soda is removed. When you remove the cap, the pressure in the soda is reduced, eventually releasing carbon dioxide in the form of bubbles. Quite similarly, the the gas in dissolved form has to be removed from transformer oil by lowering the pressure. This will make the molecules to start collecting in bubbles. The bubbles naturally expand with reduction in pressure, eventually rising to surface level. This is when the gas is pumped out. For ensuring that the process of removing gas is performed effectively, and also to understand

whether the oil is degassed to the necessary level, the pressure measurement procedure is considered apt. The moisture present in winding insulation while filling the transformer, quickly degrades the quality of oil ( official site ) . This necessitates correct instrumentation and monitoring pressure while removal of by-products. It is better that you remove the moisture traces before filling the oil than after it.

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