Understanding the dynamics of content publishing in the digital ecosystem: The Regulatory Perspective

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Published on July 11, 2016

Author: BenjaminPius

Source: slideshare.net

1. Understanding  the  dynamics  of  content  publishing  in   the  digital  ecosystem:  The  Regulatory  Perspec:ve     Eng.  Leo  K.  BorueA   Director/Mul:media  Services  

2. Publishing  in  the  Digital  Ecosystem   CONSUMER   Managed   On  demand   DISTRIBUTION   Controlled   Open   PRODUCTION   Formal   Informal   The  most  important  change  is  the  replacement  of  the  controlled  model   with  an  open  model  in  the  distribu:on.    

3. •  Mobility   and   flexibility   increasingly   influences   the   way  we  consume  content.   •  Service   Penetra:on   (CA   returns):   Mobile   (83%),   Internet  (64%),  Broadband  (10.8%)       •  IPSOS  survey  2015:   Ø  11.8m  (50%  of  phones)  feature/smartphones.   Ø  74%  of  households  with  mobile  vs.  36%  with  TV.   •  Increased  access  to  internet/broadband.   •  Digi:za:on  of  content.   •  Rise  in  User  Generated  content  –  Bloggers.       Drivers  for  Digital  ecosystem  

4. •  Consumers   have   greater   choice   in   accessing   informa:on.   •  Opportunity   to   create   and   distribute   content   over   numerous  pla_orms.   •  Offers  increased  reach  of  audiences  and  markets  for   content  consump:on.   •  Op:mising  fragmented/niche  audiences  for  targeted   content/adver:sing.   •  Op:mise  exis:ng  resources.   •  Interac:ve  content  –  feedback  and  reviews.   Benefits  of  digital  ecosystem  

5. Challenges  in  the  Digital  Ecosystem   •  Piracy   –   ease   of   accessibility   of   content   makes   protec:on  against  piracy  more  challenging.   •  More   risk   –   challenge   to   be   consistent   in   how   your   content  is  being  represented  on  all  the  pla_orms.   •  Fair   Revenue   sharing/licensing   models   for   new   publishers  in  digital  pla_orms.   •  More   “winner-­‐takes-­‐all”   behaviors   than   in   the   analogue  walled  ecosystems.   •  Regulatory   challenge   due   to   decentraliza:on   of   content   crea:on   and   distribu:on,   and   geographical   reach/origin  of  content.  

6.                                Focus  areas  for  regulators     •  Network   Neutrality:   treat   all   content,   applica:ons   and   services   equally,   without   discrimina:on.   •  Content  integrity  across  all  pla_orms.   •  Local  content  quota  (40%,  gradually  to  reach   60%)   •  Intellectual  Property  Rights  (IPR).   •  Collabora:on   with   other   agencies;   local   content,  compe::on,  IPR,  security   •  Consumer   Protec:on   –   Child   online   protec:on  campaign.     •  Cyber  Security  ini:a:ves  such  as  KE-­‐CIRT   •  Data  protec:on  and  privacy.  

7. Thank You   Consumer   Rights  in   Broadcas:ng   Services

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