Understanding The Continuity of Care Record.

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Information about Understanding The Continuity of Care Record.
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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: nortecehr

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The conditions of privacy for CCR should be recognized which authorizes only authenticated access to CCR.


 The continuity of care record was established to make simpler the transfer of health information between the health care providers throughout the transition of the patient from one setting of health care to another  This requirement set was developed by the Health Information Management and Systems Society (HIMSS) to transmit the patients’ health data electronically.  A continuity of care record comprises of thorough information of patients which contains; patient demographics, information about insurance and health care provider, allergies, medication lists and current procedures of medicine. http://www.nortecehr.com

 As it is expressed in XML, It can be created and read by the electronic health record or electronic medical record  The reason of this standard is to advance the care of patients, provide interoperability and decrease medical errors  CCR concisely considers the insurance, patient and provider information. It also contains patients health status like; allergies, vital signs, medications, current processes and diagnosis etc. http://www.nortecehr.com

 The CCR data is an XML document, so it can be read by the both human and machines. The data content of CCR can be print or display by PDF reader, web browser and word processor http://www.nortecehr.com

Contents of CCR  Recognizing patient information  It comprises of essential information to distinguish and identify the patient during the recommended procedure.  The CCR can be used in distributed or joined identification or centralized system which associates to the providers and adds the set of identifying information. http://www.nortecehr.com

 Immunization Documentations  In this section, the information is included is about the disease for which the immunization has been given.  The information comprises of ; the immunization date, strength of dose, route and unit of administration plus the manufacturer. http://www.nortecehr.com

 Fresh medications  It listed by the brand name, code, code system, dose, start date, schedule, status and prescriber  Care Documentation  It includes details about the history of the relationship between patient and clinician like; time and date of recent visit, the reason behind the visit, providers or clinician’s name http://www.nortecehr.com

 Procedures  It includes the descriptions of procedures; its date, code and time, also the results, locations and performances.  This also adds the assessments like; functional assessment and mental health assessment http://www.nortecehr.com

Scope of Continuity of Care Record  The CCR is a data set for the appropriate demographic, clinical information and administrative particulars about the health care of patients  The CCR may be displayed, prepared and transmitted either electronically or on paper, delivered the information which is required by this specification. XML plan and an implementation guide are required for the standards-compliant interoperability support when organized in a planned electronic format http://www.nortecehr.com

 The important use case for the CCR is to deliver the snapshot in time which consists of the relevant demographic, clinical and administrative data for the specific patient  The information which is contained in a CCR, will be confirmed as a suitable in the clinical practice. For instance, the insurance fields of CCR should not be taken to address all authorization, reimbursement, or eligibility issues, and the current medications and other critical data must be authenticated. http://www.nortecehr.com

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