Understanding Rhinoplasty

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Information about Understanding Rhinoplasty
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Published on September 12, 2014

Author: SanDiegoPlasticSurgeons

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Nose reshaping can help a person with a cosmetically unattractive nose or a nose that does not "fit" with other facial features.

umlwabavulinp BHINOPLASTY You may be a candidate for nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) ifyou have a nose that is cosmetically unattractive or does not “lit” with other facial features. Rhinoplasty may also be recommended for abnormal appearance of the nose as a result of birth defects, injury, or disease. Nose reshaping is intended to produce a more attractive nasal shape and/ or a nose in better proportion to other facial features. Recovery from rhinoplasty is relatively quick in some respects, but it is also a long-term process. Most patients feel like they look acceptable to go out in public within a week and go back to a desk job within 2 weeks. However, exercise, heavy lifting, and other strenuous activities that raise blood pressure will be off-limits for the first 4 weeks. You will have to avoid contact sports for a longer period. It's important to realize that your new nose shape will continue to develop up to a year after your surgery. Your plastic surgeon will give you all the details about your recovery from nose reshaping throughout the surgery process. 3 Nose Job Words to Know No two noses are the same, so it goes that rhinoplasty requires a customized approach. Depending on your current nose and your desired changes, your surgeon will use one of the following techniques to achieve your new look: ‘Standard Rhinoplasty: Incisions are made inside the nostrils. The nasal bones, cartilage, and soft tissues are reshaped to improve the external contour. ‘Open Rhinoplasty: Frequently used for diificult or larger noses. Involves one external incision across the columella (strut between the nostrils). Bones, cartilage, and soft tissues are reshaped under direct vision. ‘Tip-Plasty: If only the nasal tip is abnormal, it may be corrected with either a standard or external (open) approach. Large nostrils may be reduced through tiny incisions at the outer base of the nostrils with either type of rhinoplasty. «Z? R} , L/ Joiux Cosmmc Suacurv CrN1a: "' WWW‘ l lcsccom AMHNFAI (ixmw rsl wan

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