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Published on March 18, 2014

Author: Parascript

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Understanding Recognition Technology – An Insider’s Guide, dives into the technical aspects of how recognition software works, explains operational details, provides examples, and identifies how and when human involvement is required in the process. Download the full eBook: http://hub.am/1lvNogg

© 2012 Parascript, LLC parascript.com Understanding Recognition Technology – An Insider’s Guide Setting the Right Expectations for a Successful Implementation

2© 2012 Parascript, LLC eBook Download the full ebook from Parascript CLICK TO DOWNLOAD or go to http://hub.am/1lvNogg Presentation Slide Deck Available on SlideShare QUESTIONS: email info@parascript.com

3© 2012 Parascript, LLC Agenda  Understanding the Recognition Process  Understanding Errors & Rejects  The Operating Point  Common Misconceptions  Context & Business Rules to Get the Most Benefits from Data  Why Results May Not Meet Expectations  Conclusion

4© 2012 Parascript, LLC Introduction Understanding Recognition Technology – An Insider’s Guide, dives into the technical aspects of how recognition software works, explains operational details, provides examples, and identifies how and when human involvement is required in the process. Companies, organizations and government entities worldwide use recognition technology to process documents, forms, checks, mail and other important business content with high speed and accuracy. Types of Recognition Technology  Recognize machine print with OCR (Optical Character Recognition)  Recognize handwriting, cursive handwriting, check marks, barcodes with ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition)

5© 2012 Parascript, LLC Recognition Process  The typical recognition process:  input images are fed to the software.  After recognition, processed data is divided into two streams: • accepted answers • rejected answers.  After images are accepted, data includes: • correct answers • errors

6© 2012 Parascript, LLC TRADEOFF BETWEEN ERRORS AND REJECTS  Depending on application needs, users can either reduce rejects by increasing error rates or reduce error rates by increasing reject rates. Less Errors = More Rejects = More manual processing More Errors = Less Rejects = Less manual processing required

7© 2012 Parascript, LLC Reducing rejects by increasing error rates allows companies to process more information automatically, without the need for human intervention. This lowers processing costs. “ “

8© 2012 Parascript, LLC IMPORTANCE OF THE OPERATING POINT  Operating Point: a critical number since it is used to build a business case, establish an ROI, and set the benchmark to measure against  Example  Operating Point is set to 85% read rate @ 1% error rate  100 Documents are processed  85 Documents will be read by the software properly with an error on 1  The remaining 15 documents are sent for manual processing • For comparison, human (manual) processing typically yields a 3% error rate The operating point is the most critical number in recognition.“ “ The Rules For Using Confidence Intervals Download Understanding Recognition Technology EBook for the full story on the importance of Operating Point Page 8

9© 2012 Parascript, LLC COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT RECOGNITION Two Common Misconceptions about Recognition all items in a stream have an equal level of difficulty, regardless if they are processed automatically or manually that values should be recognized first and then use rules and context 1 2 Common misconceptions relate to the level of recognition difficulty and the use of context and rules. “ “

10© 2012 Parascript, LLC CONTEXT & BUSINESS RULES TO GET THE MOST BENEFIT FROM DATA  The effective use of context and business rules are tools that:  Allows users to process information faster  reduce reliance on manual data entry and related costs  derive the most benefits from their data  Context  In recognition, context explains the characteristics or properties of data within a field  Rules  AKA “Logic”, rules apply “if/then” thinking or specific scenarios to ensure that the data meets defined criteria

11© 2012 Parascript, LLC WHY RESULTS MAY NOT MEET EXPECTATIONS  Goal of Recognition  to produce the highest accuracy possible  Reality  type and quality of images being recognized can and often produces significantly different results  individual characters, such as in handwriting, are more ambiguous than others and harder to recognize  To Achieve Better Results  Better results from “poor quality” images and hard-to-read characters, advanced handwriting recognition technology employs the use of dynamic vocabularies

12© 2012 Parascript, LLC Advanced handwriting recognition technology employs the use of dynamic vocabularies to produce better results on poor quality images and hard-to- read characters. “ “

13© 2012 Parascript, LLC CONCLUSION  Companies and organizations with complex high volume processing requirements benefit from automated recognition solutions.  Recognition technology has advanced substantially.  Current software options include sophisticated image analysis and pattern recognition algorithms.  Businesses want to gain the most value for their software by achieving the highest possible accuracy rates accompanied by lower costs.  Recognition Best Practices require that you understand:  Error and reject rates  confidence  operating point  context and business rules to set criteria to improve accuracy

14© 2012 Parascript, LLC Want to know more about recognition technology? DOWNLOAD THE FULL WHITE PAPER http://hub.am/1lvNogg Check out Parascript solutions FormXtra and FormXtra Capture. Talk to an Expert Click on Live Chat at the top of the Parascript website www.parascript.com. Understanding Recognition Technology – An Insider’s Guide

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