Understanding ERP and Modules

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Information about Understanding ERP and Modules

Published on May 27, 2013

Author: ribams

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This is learning presentation of the course ERP Introduction and Its implementation
Level - 001
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By Muhammad Khurram BaigAMBA-UK,MBA, MIS, MCS, PGD, B.ScInt Memb UK, AUS, US

 Entrepreneurship is the way of success to itsinvestors and other businesses Entrepreneurs Never Loose, but they win They Open the door of New Generations inModern Era If you say after great deal of time, resourceand money you lose to run the business youestablish, I should say no you can do morebusinesses with the research work you didand get more opportunities to you and forothers.

Great names did the same and now they areliving in the hearts by recognizingthemselves. So your approach must beNobel than Propel(Thomas, Scarbrough,Dr E.L, Dr Micheal,Richard Bua)

 Foundation Idea to Reality Building Plan Plan with MIS Perspective Plan with Marketing Perspective Plan with Financial Perspective E –Commerce and E-Business Global Aspect Building HR and New Venture Team Planning for Next Generation

 Welcome to the World of Professionals whohave own plan to operate their business andfunctional thought to make growth inBusiness. Be your Own Boss , the trend in 21Century is becoming milestone towards NewVentures by using expert systems. About 78% People in US and Canada is owingtheir business as full time, part time or homebased with their Jobs while the ratio isincreasing in E.U , China while UK, Asia andUAE are looking for Jobs and avoiding theirown business.

 The reason, Multinational companies of USA,EU, CANADA, China are investing not onlytheir finance but also their skills in thesecountries and giving them Jobs. MIS: US, Canada needs to establish MainFramework or Online Multinational System toMonitor the performance of their people aswell investment beyond the Boundaries,

 We should say today financial resource andinformation system makes the plan gold inother countries by using human resource ofthat companies and govern over theireconomy and political system as well.

 The person who has to face Many Challenges to establish its business Face day to day risk factor Economy Position of the Country Education Philosophy of People Utilization of Resource (Financial) Expert use of HR and Talent ResourceProgram Executive Information System Strength Point

 So Entrepreneur is the person who creates anew business in the face of risk, uncertaintyfor the purpose of achieving profit andgrowth by identifying significantopportunities and assembling the necessaryresources to capitalize on them. So Win Win Policy depends on The Sequence and Ratio%

 Investing Great deal of Time than Money Projected Plan with Real Factors and Formation Using best resource or modules of Info System. i.e (Market,Finan, HR Analysis) Concentrating Expert and Professional Staff than nonexperienced Educated Staff Marketing and Advertising Program to get High Score inProj. Plan Giving Opportunities to Play Vital role with Staff andothers beyond the Org. Boundaries Successful Plan to concrete the Financial Projection Entrepreneur, in establishing the business must have toinvest its time in all sectors to monitor the structure,functions and operational activities, especially in start ofBusiness Development..

 Desire for Responsibility Sufficient knowledge of Business Understanding (Max-Min)MMA of The business in current situation Preferences for moderate risk Get Confidence to step in Prepare for Training to achieve milestone Projected to Current Orientation in Real Manners Desire to provide immediate feedback (maximum) High Level of Energy Future Orientation in the Current State Be collective in skills and organizing Giving value to achieving something than money Be Friendly and High degree of Commitment Tolerance of ambiguity Flexibility On failure don’t lose your mission but remain on travel “try again”

 Own Mission in Implementation Great confidence with your practice and work Moderate investment of Money and Great deal ofTime with Goal Achievement Opportunity to Make a Difference Opportunity to Reach your full Potential Opportunity to reap impressive profits (indoor .outdoor) Opportunity to Contribute in Society and berecognized to your Effort Make yourself “Enjoy and Fun” with your goalplan, implementation and achievements

 Investing Maximum Time Finding not sufficient HR Lowering the Quality of Life High level of Stress Long hour and hard work Risk of Investment Change of Culture or State Situation Complete responsibility Discouragement

 Recognizing Technological Advancement Research work Independent Lifestyle e-Commerce Growth rate International Acceptance and Opportunity

 Management mistakes Lack of own experience Lack of experts staff Not using Technology Weak marketing effort Bad Advertising or Sales Promotions’ material Poor financial control Improper pricing Inadequate use of affiliates In ability to make the transitions

 Innovations Developments Unique features Expert systems Executive support programs Performance appraisal Perspective to Modernization Best use of Information, Internet andTechnologies to achieve the Goals


 Pegham-e-ilmohunar Pakistan Inst of Talent Res Management Cambridge Int College – UK Virtual Inst of Technology Res Management Virtual Inst Management Sc. (Univ) Virtual Inst of Transformation Tech (Univ) Research Inst of Business App Mgmt Sc.

All attendant can getCertification inEntrepreneurshipAnd apply forDiploma and Graduate Dipl.Information is available on ourwebsitewww.koizacademy.com

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