Understanding email marketing

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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: chaturvedibraj

Source: slideshare.net

Understanding Email Marketing

Understanding Email Marketing Email marketing one of the very old type of marketing technique in the Online Business world is the premium service that can help businesses reach out to clients at a minimum cost and also help achieve amazing results. The key features of email marketing are: Strategic approach Planned email structure Call to Action Designing Language Email marketing should be carried out strategically which will help the business reach out to the recipients at the right time. Structure of an email plays a very important role in getting the message to the prospects on your mailing list. The email marketing should make use of the Call to Action with utmost priority. This is one of the aspects that can decide the fate of the money spent on these campaigns. The benefit of a well thought after CTA strategy can help accomplish the goal of the email campaign and thereby benefit the marketer. Like any-other visual, the e-mailer sent out by a company / brand / individual should be pleasing to the eye and ensure user engagement so that lasting relationships are created with the prospects. The language in which the e-mailers are sent out should be carefully selected and segmented. The recipients which are from English speaking countries or who have specifically opted for English as their preferred language choice should be sent copies in the specified language only. Having an auto translator feature would also help get the language fixed.

Email campaign Objectives Reinforce your brand Communicate with channels or other business partners Educate & inform Develop loyalty Convert prospects to customers Subscription renewals Viral marketing Cross sell/up sell Drive web traffic

Email Marketing Tips Define your goals and stay focussed Spend time on your Subject Line. Use a grabbing headline or question in the subject to get people to open it. Approach copywriting as a customer. Discuss your ideas with your web designer. Build up a library of emailers, good and bad. Tailor your content - segment and personalise. Keep your contact regular and ongoing, no less then 1 a month. Always focus on helping your audience and you'll have a good response. Get your subscribe process right and use incentives to increase opt-in subscribers Test, Test, Test!

Creating Value for Email Marketing Personalize every message, with a name if possible Include user friendly instructions Develop follow up messages based on behavior Use both Text & HTML Keep it brief Remind the recipients why they are getting this email Relevant creative Make sure your messages fit with your other marketing channels Keep the subject line brief, and ensure your ‘From’ name is recognizable If you need more detail – entice to a website or microsite

Email - Critical factors for success Strategy Timing – Interval and Frequency Creative Integration – Use of other media? Content Conversation – two way dialogue and social sharing Incentive – Value proposition Timing – Interval and Frequency Attributes – use of header and subject lines Landing pages – or microsites

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