Understanding digital systems

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Information about Understanding digital systems

Published on March 16, 2014

Author: UDSSL

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A guide on understanding digital systems.

Understanding Digital Systems Praveen Dias BScEng(hons) AMIE(SL) MIEEE

What are Digital Systems

Measurements • Measurement of a physical attribute • Measurement Tools – A Value and the Unit

Measuring Weight • The weight can be any value in a possible continuous range

Exciting a Hydrogen Atom

Measuring IQ • IQ MCQ Paper to a group of students 100 - 75 A 75 - 65 B 65 - 55 C …. …. Discrete Levels

Continuous Systems MeasuredPhysicalAttribute–ContinuousValues Scalewiththebox Discrete Systems MeasuredPhysicalAttribute–DiscreteValues Outputofthehydrogen atom IQResults

Numeral Systems • Base-2 numeral system • Represents numeric values using two symbols • Decimal System: Base-10 numeral system - 10 Symbols • 200 – 2 Symbols • 1256 – 4 Symbols • Values and Symbols – Communicating the Value through Symbols

Binary Digital Systems • Base-2 numeral system is being used here 0101101100111 • A voltage level in a point in the circuit represents the symbol corresponding to a value.

Layered Model • Ex. Filling a water tank with 2 pipes. Inflow 1 Inflow 2 System Layer Numeral Layer Physical Layer

Transistor • The Quantifier • The Switch • The AD Converter

Other Digital Systems • Ternary Digital Systems • What are the available components

Digital Systems • Measurements • Continuous and discrete systems • Numeral Systems • Layered Architecture • Transistor / Other possible Devices/Systems


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