Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior

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Information about Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior

Published on August 18, 2007

Author: jameel

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Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior:  Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior Consumer behavior is a study of how individuals make decisions to spend their available resources (time, money and effort) Factor Influencing consumer buying behavior:  Factor Influencing consumer buying behavior Consumer buying behavior include Cultural Factor. Social Factor. Personal Factor. Psychological Factor. Culture:  Culture Culture is consider as a set of rules, values, beliefs behavior and concepts that is common to and binds together the member of a society. Subculture:- has its own set of subcultures. A subculture is a culture followed by a group of people within a culture that is distinctly identified within a larger society. Overview :  Overview Give the big picture of the subject Explain how all the individual topics fit together Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Vocabulary:  Vocabulary Glossary of terms Define the terms as used in this subject Topic One:  Topic One Explain details Give an example Exercise to reinforce learning Topic Two:  Topic Two Explain details Give an example Exercise to reinforce learning Summary:  Summary State what has been learned Define ways to apply training Request feedback of training session Where to Get More Information:  Where to Get More Information Other training sessions List books, articles, electronic sources Consulting services, other sources

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