Understanding Basic Needs 2-12-14

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Information about Understanding Basic Needs 2-12-14

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: dprice

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UNDERSTANDING BASIC NEEDS: UNDERSTANDING BASIC NEEDS BY MANUEL A. GALLEGOS and DONNA PRICE Tell your partner 4 basic needs Example: food (we all need to eat to stay alive): Tell your partner 4 basic needs Example: food (we all need to eat to stay alive) Basic Needs Theory: Basic Needs Theory Psychology : the study of mind / mental functions and human behavior. 50 years ago, Abraham Maslow said that basic needs must be met before any child could learn This hierarchy suggests that people are motivated to fulfill basic needs before moving on to other needs PowerPoint Presentation: This hierarchy suggests that people are motivated to fulfill basic needs before moving on to other needs. (see next slide or p. 18 for answers!) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. PowerPoint Presentation:  Maslow’s Hierarchy Important concept to understand: Important concept to understand A person’s needs must be satisfied at one level prior to (before) moving upward in a step-by-step progression Needs (see p. 18 in the book): Needs (see p. 18 in the book) 1. Physical : oxygen, water, food, elimination, sleep, shelter Safety : bed in lowest position, confidentiality, call light accessible 3. Belonging : Love, family, friends , acceptance, respect Needs (continued—p. 18): Needs (continued—p. 18) 4. Self-esteem : Confidence, dignity, respect, independence Self-actualization: creativity, problem solving, accomplishments, optimism Helping Client to Have Needs Met: Helping Client to Have Needs Met Physical: P osition for easy breathing, Encourage fluids, assist with elimination , provide care & comfort Safety / Security: Respond to client’s call quickly, Provide safe, warm, comfortable surroundings Client’s Needs Met (continued): Client’s Needs Met (continued) Belonging: Promote socialization & interaction with others, Listen attentively, Respect individuality Client’s Needs Met (continued): Client’s Needs Met (continued) Self-Esteem : Praise when appropriate Help client to look their best Treat with dignity Respect beliefs, belongings Conclusion: Conclusion Recognize that everyone has basic needs that must be met prior to (before) higher needs can be met Understanding this concept could help caregivers prioritize care May give insight (understanding) into client’s responses such as anxiety, fear, anger, hostility, withdrawal Understanding Maslow’s theory can help caregivers understand his or her clients and promote well being

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