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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: TrivediGlobal

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Anxiety Disorders are the feelings of excessive fear or restlessness that can harm you severely. Overcome this problem by experiencing The Trivedi Effect®.

Understand Anxiety Disorders Of Your Children To Help Them You might have noticed that around the time of examinations, children and adolescents feel nervous or anxious, which is quite normal. All of us go through the anxiety at some point of our life, which means it is a normal human emotion. Anxiety is a mental health condition. A little bit of stress or nervousness in children and adolescents at the time of a stressful situation is all right, but when anxiety persists for an extended period of time and affects their daily behaviors, it should be taken seriously. This may be the sign of anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders can lead children to depression, eating disorders and ADHD (attentiondeficit/hyperactivity disorder). According to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America "anxiety disorders affect one in eight children" and according to another data "about 8 percent of teens aged 13-18 have an anxiety disorder, and only 8 percent received mental health care". GAD stands for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and as per the report, it affects around 3-4 percent of children. Though symptoms of anxiety disorders vary from child to child, yet some of them are common to most of them, like:           Being highly self-conscious or sensitive to criticism or doesn't Inability to feel comfortable in social situations Unwillingness to leave their parents Unreasonable nervousness Feeling scared in new situations or challenges Finding it difficult to sleep or staying asleep Fear without any reason Compulsive behavior Sign of avoidance Physical signs like, headaches, stomachaches, sweating, etc. Forms of Anxiety Disorders   Social anxiety or phobia Generalized anxiety

    Inability to speak in specific social situations Separation anxiety Obsessive-compulsive disorder Panic disorder Fight Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents with The Trivedi Effect® Anxiety disorders in children and adolescents need timely help otherwise it will turn into a chronic case. Timely assistance will help your children to manage and overcome their anxiety. Several therapies are available, but cognitive-behavioral therapy and medications are the most preferred one. Basically cognitivebehavioral therapy is a type of talk therapy. The objective of this therapy is to teach the children about techniques and skills, which can help them to fight anxiety. Medication is the other option. Whether medication will be used for the short-term or long-term depends upon the condition. But on the flip side medication has its own side effects. For example, antidepressant medications may increase suicidal thoughts and behavior. Besides that, side effects like, headache, stomachache or nausea or difficult to sleep or staying asleep can't be ruled out. The fact remains; therapy and medication have their own limitations and side-effects. In such a situation, an alternative method in the form of The Trivedi Effect® may be of great help. The Trivedi Effect® is a natural phenomenon wherein people receive Energy Transmissions that are administered by Mahendra Trivedi and The Trivedi Masters™, Dahryn Trivedi, Alice Branton and Gopal Nayak through the thought process. The Energy Transmissions help them strengthen their connection to their inner guidance system, raising their level of consciousness. The Trivedi Effect® has helped lots of parents to get rid of the stress of their children’s anxiety disorders, but even better if children receive energy transmissions from a young age, they grow up to be confident and handle life’s challenges in a way that they do not suffer from emotional trauma. They grow up to be happy and confident from an early age and remain connected to the Universal Intelligence. It can be of great help to the children who are having anxiety disorders by raising the level of their consciousness. The Trivedi Effect® can make them overcome a sense of insecurity, inability to socialize, fear of the future, nervousness, etc. and help them to grow as physically and mentally healthy people. Trivedi Master Wellness™ programs are there for such children and adolescents wherein they can receive Energy Transmission by Mahendra Trivedi and The Trivedi Masters™, Dahryn Trivedi, Alice Branton and Gopal Nayak through their thought process. People all over the world have stated about the relief they and their children got into various mental, social and

behavioral issues such as: autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD), allergies, poor eyesight, neuroses, stage fright, social anxiety, etc. References:  http://mahendrakumartrivedi.com/anxiety-disorders/    http://mahendrakumartrivedi.com/anxiety-symptoms/ http://mahendratrivedi.info/fear-and-anxiety/ http://mahendratrivedi.info/symptoms-of-anxiety/ About The Author: The author is a follower of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and has been writing about Energy Transmissions and The Trivedi Effect® frequently. He has also experienced some wonderful life transforming benefits of The Trivedi Effect® and is looking out for more of them.

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