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Published on April 4, 2014

Author: mariehoag

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There is so much confusion in our society revolving around hormone replacement therapy as to whether they cause harm or whether they heal, repair, and regenerate. Should we use them? Should we stay away from them? We get messages on a daily basis from social media, advertisements on TV, from our doctors, from your Aunt Martha, or whoever decides to chime in. We hear things like…..

•Hormones cause cancer, especially estrogen

•Don’t stay on hormones for very long

•Only take the smallest dose


•It hasn’t been studied enough

•It hasn’t been studied on a large enough population

•It hasn’t been studied long enough

People with no education, training, or experience in treating hormone deficiencies and hormone replacement therapy give very profound statements regarding hormones and people’s health. This, coupled with social media’s highway of information and distribution, is why we are so confused about hormone replacement therapy. Our society is more confused about hormones and more afraid of hormone replacement therapy then any other time in history. The fear instilled in doctors and women purposely keeps them away from taking them.

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HRT, Media & Medicine Hormones cause cancer Don’t stay on hormones for very long Only take the smallest dose “Doping” It hasn’t been studied enough It hasn’t been studied on a large enough population It hasn’t been studied long enough

What Is All The Confusion About? Why is everyone, including doctors, so confused about whether taking hormone supplementation is good or bad for you?

The Golden Handcuffs Prestigious status in community General perception of wisdom Elite few who can write prescriptions Handsome salary Respected by peers

“Take two aspirin, and call me in the morning.” Disease Management

Have you ever wondered why your doctor looks at you like a deer in headlights when you ask them about hormone replacement therapy? Deer In Headlights

Estrogen Causes Cancer, Right? There isn’t ONE doctor who can say without any doubt, estrogen causes cancer, but yet that’s what they tell their patients. Why?

We've all been lied to about estrogen. Doctors, women, everybody. Women have settled for substandard “standard of care” hormone replacement therapy because they’ve been lead to believe taking hormones is dangerous. The Estrogen Lie

Not all hormone replacement therapy is created equal. Even More Confusion

Not all HRT is the same The Evolution of HRT

Four Generations of HRT Not all Hormone Replacement Therapy is the same. There’s been an evolution and an advancement of HRT over the years. Most women taking HRT think they’re on the correct HRT.

Two Types of HRT 1. Synthetic: manufactured with chemicals in a pharmaceutical plant. 1. Bioidentical hormones: plant base, similar molecular structure as our own body.

Routes of Administration • Oral • Transdermal • Sublingual • Injection • Pellet • Spray • Suppository • Patch

1. Static: same dose every day 2. Semi-static: on one week, off the next concept 3. Cyclic or Rhythmic: dosed to mimic the natural cycle of the human body Three Dosing Methods

Two Dosing Goals 1. Standard of Care: treat symptoms of deficiency. 1. Optimal: restore hormones to rid deficiency.

First Generation HRT Type: Synthetic Route: Oral Method: Static Goal: Disease Management Used in the Women’s Health Initiative Study

Second Generation HRT Type: Bioidentical Route: Transdermal Method: Static dose Goal: Disease Management

Third Generation HRT Type: Bioidentical Route: Transdermal Method: Cyclic Goal: Restoration

Third Generation Criticisms • Dosages of the hormones used • Side effects of the treatment • Potential physiologic effects • Lack of medical or clinical qualifications to design the protocol • Lack of empirical evidence demonstrating it as safe or effective • Ethical problems with the clinical trial that is being run to test it • Potential financial conflicts of interest regarding financial incentives

Fourth Generation HRT • Bioidentical • Optimal Dose • Cyclic/Rhythmic dose • Transdermal • Clinical Flaws Fixed

Criticisms Addressed • Dosages of the hormones used: Need optimal dosing to heal and repair • Side effects of the treatment: Negative side effects come from not dosing properly • Potential physiologic effects: After ten years, reversed and prevented disease

Criticisms Addressed (Cont.) • Lack of medical or clinical qualifications to design the protocol: Medically qualified Internist • Lack of empirical evidence demonstrating it as safe or effective: Ten years of patient records and results • Ethical problems with the clinical trial that is being run to test it: ? • Potential financial conflicts of interest regarding financial incentives: No monetary incentives

Why Is 4th Generation HRT Considered Underground? Because it isn’t standard of care medicine set forth by the pharmaceutical and insurance industry.

4G HRT Sweet Spot Hair grows back, fat comes off, deficiencies go away, drugs no longer needed, sleeps at night, fibromyalgia goes away, migraines go away, bitchiness goes away, able to make emotional connections, wants to get laid, has energy, no joint pain, no hot flashes, no HBP, no high cholesterol, depression goes away, no bipolar, body repairs, ability to focus, no more anxiety……

Estrogen Tide 28 Day Ocean Tide 24 Hours

If you need help finding a 4th generation HRT specialist, email me for a referral at info@menopausetalkradio.com Fourth Generation HRT

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To learn more, or if your doctor is interested in being trained in The Panacea Protocol: Bioidentical Cyclic Dosed Hormone Restoration Systems™ please email info@PanaceaSciences.com

Thank you for listening and spending your time with me. I know how busy things can get, and it means a lot you chose to listen. I’d love to hear from you. Please email the show and tell us what you’d like to hear at info@menopausetalkradio.com. If you enjoyed the show, please forward it to a friend you think may enjoy it as well.

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All the information in this podcast is intended for educational purposes only, and should not be construed as personal medical advice. Marie Hoag, MBA is not a physician, and does not give medical advice. She encourages you to do your own research and to make your own health care decisions with the guidance of a qualified physician. *This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Neither the information, nor any formula(s) mentioned are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The above information, comments, and opinions are for educational purposes only. At no time should it take the place of individualized evaluation and treatment recommendations provided by a qualified and licensed health care practitioner in the context of a clinical relationship. Practitioners should evaluate the above information using their expertise coupled with each patient’s individualized assessment.

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