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Published on March 10, 2008

Author: Malden

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MTT-S Undergraduate/Pre-Graduate Scholarship Program Summer 2005 Update :  MTT-S Undergraduate/Pre-Graduate Scholarship Program Summer 2005 Update Presented June 10, 2005 MTT-S AdCom Summer 2005 Meeting Long Beach, CA Sanjay Raman Chair, Undergraduate/Pre-Graduate Scholarship Program MTT-S AdCom Education Subcommittee Program Highlights:  Program Highlights MTT-S Undergraduate Scholarships instituted in 2000 to attract undergraduates towards the fields of RF and microwaves, and encourage them to pursue graduate studies in these areas Eligibility Criteria: > Applicant should be an undergraduate student at time of application, but may be a senior undergrad, 1st year grad student, or in a combined BS/MS program during the academic year of the award > Student must be an IEEE member, faculty mentor must be an MTT-S member > Only one award per faculty mentor > Project work may be conducted in conjunction with industry (e.g. during internship/co-op programs) Application/Award History:  Application/Award History Up to 10 $1200* awards are made each year Travel funding up to $1000 available to each awardee for travel to an MTT-S sponsored conference Awards announced during IMS at beginning of the award year; awardees are recognized at IMS the following year Applications/Awards: > 2000 – 6 applications/5 awards > 2001 – 8 applications/8 awards (3 US/5 International) > 2002 – 4 applications/3 awards (1 US/2 International) > 2003 – 27 applications/10 awards – 9 full awards, 2 honorable mentions (1/2 awards) (8 US/3 International) > 2004 – 27 applications/10 awards – 7 full awards, 5 honorable mentions (1/2 awards) (5 US/7 International) 2004 Awardees:  2004 Awardees 7 applicants were awarded Full scholarship awards: Yellow highlights = expected to attend IMS 2005 supported with scholarship travel funding. 2004 Awardees:  2004 Awardees 5 applicants were awarded Honorable Mentions (1/2 awards) Yellow highlights = expected to attend IMS 2005 supported with scholarship travel funding. 2004 Awardees:  2004 Awardees 5 from U.S., 7 from non-U.S. countries over 4 continents 5 are 1st Yr MS, 2 are BS/MS, and 5 are completing BS degrees 1 winner was a women engineer (Laskin) Recent Events…:  Recent Events… Program changes (from 2002) approved by IEEE TABARC in Aug. 2004 and by IEEE TAB in Nov. 2004. Scholarship award amount increased to $1500 as of Fall 2004 AdCom meeting S. Raman stepping down as chair of program, Prof. Rhonda Franklin-Drayton of Univ. Of Minnesota will take over chairing the program. Turnover of responsibilities in progress. 2005 Applications:  2005 Applications 20 Applications received – 7 from the U.S. and 13 from other countries. Drop-off in applications received this year is of concern – continue to monitor for trend. Non-U.S. applicants this year hailed from Australia, China, Korea (2), Russia, Spain (2), Turkey (3), United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom (2) 4 of the applicants were women engineers. The applicant pool was of very high quality, and the selection process was extremely competitive. 2005 Judges:  2005 Judges Many thanks to a dedicated group of MTT-S members who generously gave their time to serve as judges of this year’s scholarship applications: > Prof. N. Scott Barker, Virginia Tech, USA > Prof. Pierre Blondy, Univ. of Limoges/IRCOM, France > Prof. Rhonda Franklin-Drayton, Univ. of Minnesota, USA > Dr. Rashaunda Henderson, Freescale Semiconductor, USA > Prof. Kevin Kornegay, Cornell Univ., USA > Prof. Thomas Weller, Univ. of South Florida, USA > Prof. Ke Wu, Ecole Polytechnic Montreal, Canada > Prof. Jong-Gwan Yook, Yonsei Univ., Korea > Prof. Robert York, Univ. of California—Santa Barbara, USA Each application was assigned to 3 judges; 6-7 applications were assigned to each judge Effort was made to assign judges to applications based on areas of interest and geographic location Scholarship coordinator compiled results from judges and finalized award decisions And The Winners Are…:  And The Winners Are… 10 applicants were recommend by the panel for full awards No Honorable Mentions this year – having 3 judges per applicant vs. 2 resolves conflicts And the Winners Are…:  And the Winners Are… 4 from U.S., 6 from non-U.S. countries 7 are completing BS degrees, 2 will be 1st Yr MS, and 1 BS/MS 2 winners are women engineers (Tarin-Tarin, Marple) Awardees will be informed by email forthwith. Awards will also be announced at the IMS 2005 Awards Banquet (Wed.) and the Student Awards Luncheon (Thu.). Awardees will also be recognized Education column of Sep. issue of Microwave Magazine, with more detailed follow-up article in Dec. issue. Motion:  Motion Move that the MTT-S AdCom approve awarding of Ten full MTT-S Under-graduate/Pre-Graduate Scholarships to applicants Bin-Sediq, Mui, Tarin-Tarin, Gregory, Alparslan, Marple, Edrissi, Cetinenori, Tsukerman, and Banerjee for the 2005 award cycle. Future Issues:  Future Issues Continue tracking trends in # of applications, indicator of interest in RF/microwaves at the undergraduate level. Increase awareness of and access to scholarship program in Japan, Africa and Latin America Mechanism for students where there is no MTT-S member to advise. Thank you for you continued support

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