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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: ChipLutz

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Need to stay engaged and keep the team engaged? That takes constant calibration as a leader! This ebook contains over 300 tips to help you lead better, get more done, and leave a legacy!

UncoventionalLeader UnCommon Sense For The Unconventional Leader Over 300 Tips To Lead Better, Get More Done and Leave a Legacy Lieutenant Commander Chip Lutz United States Navy, Retired © 2014 Unconventional Leader, LLC All Rights Reserved

Common Sense Isn’t All That Common

About The Author LCDR Chip Lutz, USN(Ret), is the President and and founder of Unconventional Leader, LLC and works with leaders who want to lead better, get more done and leave a legacy. A retired Navy Officer, he has had two command tours, served as the Director of Security for Naval District Washington, DC during September 11th 2001 – where he was responsible for the safety and security of 25,000 people on 9 different Naval Installations in the National Capital Region during one of our Nation’s most trying times. He is the author of 3 books on leadership. In addition to his leadership speaking and consulting, Chip has worked for the past six years with thousands of Veteran’s returning from deployment and war zones; helping them reintegrate back into civilian life and apply their skills for the betterment of themselves, their families and their communities. For more information on Chip Lutz and his programs, please visit his webs ite at: http://bit.ly/unleader Or email him direct at: chip@unconventionalleader.com. Lieutenant Commander Chip Lutz United States Navy, Retired

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Common Sense 2. Tips 3. Video Message From The Author 4. Additional Information

CHAPTER ONE Common Sense?

Not All That Common The ocean swells were so large I thought I was reliving the beginning scene of Gilligan’s Island. I had only been in the Navy for six months and out to sea for the last two. I was pretty green (not only as a Sailor but also from the motion of the ocean). Books, papers, and manuals were flying all over the office on board ship due to the rough seas we had encountered. Finally, the salty ol’ Boatswain’s Mate said to me, “Seaman Lutz, Go down to the Galley and get some ‘Chow Line’ so we can tie all this stuff down and get it secure!” I sat there a little confused and thought, “Chow Line?” I knew that you stood in the line to get chow but this didn’t make any sense. He repeated his order a little more gruffly. I walked slowly down to galley all the while thinking that this was too stupid to be a joke. When I arrived at the galley, I asked the first line supervisor for some chow line. Without hesitation, he told me I needed to see the supply clerk. So, I went to the supply clerk. At the supply office, I was told I need to go talk to the Chief. So, I went to talk to the Chief. The Chief informed me that I needed to type up a special request (in triplicate) and then they’d be able to help me. I went back to the office, explained what I needed to do and why it was taking so long, typed up the request and went back to supply. When at supply, I handed them the request and the clerk told me, “there’s been a bit of an issue, you need to go see the Chief again.”

So, I went back to see the Chief. I walked up to the Chief and handed him my neatly, typed out request. He looked it over closely as if he was examining a multi-million dollar contract and then said, “Yeah....we’re all out of that.” Sheepishly, I walked back to the office. As soon as I walked through the door, everyone burst into laughter! “CHOW LINE!? HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE!?” yelled my arch enemy, Dave. I shrugged it off and said, “they’ll get you too.” To which Dave replied, “No they won’t....all you have to do is have a little common sense.” Like most things, this was brought up for the next couple of weeks and laughed about. I kept a good attitude about being the butt of the joke because I knew it was a right of passage and that, eventually, I’d be on the other side. A few weeks later, I was sitting in the office working as we were pulling into port in Aruba when over the ship’s intercom was announced, “NOW STATION THE MAIL BUOY WATCH!” Immediately, Dave got up and rushed out the door. A few minutes later, the Boatswain’s Mate said, “Lutz.....follow me to the bridge.” When we got to the bridge and looked out to the focsle of the ship, there stood Dave...complete in full battle gear...helmet, headphones, life preserver, and a four foot hook (to grab the mail off the buoy as we pulled into port). Within minutes, the bridge was completely full of people wanting to see the mail buoy be drawn in. But, here’s the catch....the is no mail buoy.

The thought that mail would be sitting in the ocean (or that Dave could reach it with a four foot hook) was ludicrous. The entire bridge erupted with laughter as they watched Dave diligently stand his post and be ready to grab the mail. Eventually, after thirty minutes, the Captain said, “Okay, that’s enough” and the call was made to secure the watch. Dave returned to the office and received the same welcome I had with the “chow line.” He hung is head quickly when the Boatswain said in a snarky tone, “I guess Common Sense isn’t all that common, is it?” Dave knew (much like I knew with when getting the chow line) that this task defied all logic and was too stupid to be a joke. He failed (again, like me) to employ his common sense. How often has this been true for you? I know it has happened numerous times to me over the years. I fail to use what I know and employ my common sense. If common sense isn’t used, isn’t it really uncommon sense? Common sense becomes uncommon when we fail to use what we know. Want to connect better with those around you? Here are some uncommon sense ways you can easily employ. You can read them all at once, one day at a time or whenever you need to re-calibrate your leadership focus. ENJOY!

Me Telling That Whole Story (if you didn’t want to read it) Click on picture to watch me tell it (it’s worth the click)

CHAPTER TWO Uncommon Sense Leadership Tips

It's never too late to switch paths in order to be who you need to be. The heart of leadership is what is in yours. The question isn't "what can you do?" The question is "What Will You Do?" Be a student of your people. Know them, their values, and what they care about. Don't be afraid to get dirty. Roll your sleeves up and work alongside your team. Show, don't tell. The more you communicate the positive the more you'll need to.

It sounds simple but being aware brings an awareness...of self, of team, and of mission. You won't know unless you try or ask. You can't control others' responses but you can control your own. Be in control! Say what you mean and mean what you say. Subtle clues only lead to clueless team mates. Being pushy pushes morale down. Being driven drives morale up. Shut up and drive! Saying you want something means you are taking steps to get it. If you're not, you don't. Give team members more freedom and they'll give you more creativity.

Nothing great is ever accomplished without an element of risk. There are no guarantees...LEAD BOLDLY! Setting the expectation sets the path. Be ALL the way in or ALL the way out! Commit to the course of action! Encourage criticism but ask for solutions. An object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by another force. BE THAT FORCE! Motivate your team by motivating yourself! Learn from yesterday, focus on tomorrow but make it happen today! The first step in effective listening is to shut up. Be ALL the way in or ALL the way out! Commit to the course of action!

Treating people right has a ripple effect. Plunge in and start the wave! How you say it matters...start with how YOU'D want to hear it and go from there. Laughing together is FUNctional! It gels the team! Make time for it today! When giving feedback, stay on point and stick to the facts. Give praise quickly and make it relevant. Find solutions, not problems!

Want to know? ASK! Your team has the answers! Quality questions give quality results! Sell it, don't tell it. Give your vision the "why!" Set your people up for success! Push them but know what they can handle. There is no service without sacrifice. You have to give it up in order for the team to get ahead. Keep your word in all circumstances. It could seem small to you but it's large to someone else.

Clarity and purpose: The light and path for our team to follow. Communicate them! Celebrate it! Milestones don't matter unless you make them matter! There is no right or wrong in imagining what can be. It makes the improbable possible. Leading others begins with leading yourself. Recognize people publicly! It motivates EVERYONE! Teach team members to teach themselves. Power through the rough patches and you'll power up the team. If it's easy, it's not worth doing.

Tomorrow is always less busy than today. Doing what you know is easy. Doing what you don't know knows no bounds. Never negate the power of one. One person, one thought, one more try... Ask who's interested! Interest in the project results in a better product. Face it head on! Say it! The opportunity may come again but this is the moment. Attack the problem, not the person.

The intent of org politics should be for the good of the whole, not the one. If the whole succeeds, so will the one. You can't change the person but you can change the dynamics of the situation. Meet THEM where THEY are! Charisma isn't needed to lead others, only character. Consistency counts! Consistency of attitude and action! It's rarely about what you want...but what you NEED to do. One kind word can be the one thing that makes a difference. Speak up! Not everything is an "either or" situation...some things can be an "either and" if you're willing to compromise.

What is heard is not always what has been said...ask for clarification. Getting mired in probabilities breeds mediocrity. Push to possibility. Personally knowing everything is not as important as trusting that your people do. A deep breath before action can bring clarity. Address the "ME" in TEAM - Inspire ME, Reward ME, Motivate ME, Tell ME! Without risk, there is no reward...just regrets. If you want to see it again, make a big deal about it. If you don't, you won't.

It sounds simple but being aware brings an awareness...of self, of team, and of mission. You won't know unless you try or ask. You can't control others' responses but you can control your own. Be in control! Say what you mean and mean what you say. Subtle clues only lead to clueless team mates. Being pushy pushes morale down. Being driven drives morale up. Shut up and drive! Saying you want something means you are taking steps to get it. If you're not, you don't. Give team members more freedom and they'll give you more creativity.

Thank you's are free and are in endless supply....just try to use 'em up! Action steps are the difference between controlling a situation or it controlling you. Step up! If it matters to your team, it SHOULD matter to you. Be involved! Show interest in others by asking questions. Less talk, more listen. You can if you really want to. Many brains make bright work. The best ideas come from collaboration. Beware of distractions disguised as opportunities. Stay focused on where you're leading the team! Everyone has SOMETHING in common. Break it down to the core, connect, and move forward with teammates!

As a leader thinks and acts, so is he. As he is, so he thinks and acts. The ability to laugh at it gives us the ability to overcome it. All service is good service. There is no substitute for initiative. Take risks and assume responsibility - with insight but without fear! A leader's character is seen through actions, not words. Integrity is about action, not intent. How high you fly depends on how hard you try! How well we live is determined by how well we serve. It can't be changed if it hasn't been defined.

Give it all, give it big, give yourself! Laughing first (as a leader) sets the tone and paves the way for others to let go and do the same. "Can" and "Will" - two words that can change an outlook and open up possibilities! Serious situations don't require a serious disposition, a simple smile can go a mile toward easing team tensions. You can push your range if you're willing to change! Teams that play together stay together! The big "BUT" bolsters bureaucracy! BUT we've always done it that way...but we can't...but....

The improbable becomes possible when we shift from me to we. Push forward! It's the only way to get there! The question isn't "what can you do?" The question is "What Will You Do?" Adversity makes us better! Generalities breed ambiguity. People only know what you know when you let them know. Shift perspective, approach mistakes as "gifts"....new ventures in possibility!

Investing in others brings great returns! Laughing with learning should be the rule and NOT the exception! Core decisions should come from the core of my beliefs. Policies and plans are great but taking care of people should be the mission! Lead from a position of support. Ask, "What can I do to help you succeed?" Don't surround yourself with "yes" men (and women). You need to hear if YOUR idea is stupid. A partial plan that is acted upon is better than a great plan that never is. Keep in motion! There is no "they"...there is only "we!". Be inclusive! Integrity is non-negotiable. What you do trumps what you say. Changing requires engaging! It takes people to make the plan work.

When EVERYTHING is a priority, NOTHING is THE priority. Keep the main thing the main thing. Collaboration builds momentum - there is no "me"...there is only "we" Being in Command REQUIRES being in the moment in order to connect, decide, and lead Micro-managing people or the process only makes YOU feel good. Loyalty isn't measured by long hours but by how honest your team is with you (trust me, you want to know if you have a booger hanging). Personal witness is the best testimony. Help your team through tough times by sharing your story. People will rise to the expectations of them. Want greatness? Expect it!

Have devoted time each day to meet with team members one on one. If you're really busy and your people aren't, you aren't delegating effectively. Delegating develops! Serve until it hurts and then serve some more There is no substitute for personal integrity. Do what you say and say what you mean. Problems are like weeds, if you don't get the root they'll grow back. Keep digging until you get it all! Keep targets challenging but realistic. No one likes to look the fool. If it can be, ignore the mistake (or correct it private).

Multiple small steps will take you just as far as one large. Celebrate all contributions to the goal! Remember to not act in haste, sure and steady wins the race! Be your real self at all times. Authenticity counts! Have a code and live by it. Have a set! Being bold makes things happen! If you're the last to know...why? Be accessible..an open door policy means just that. Decide! The difference between good and great can be measured in the moments it takes to make a needed decision. Emotions are contagious. Depth of conviction and enthusiasm count more than height of logic and procedure. Want excitement? Be excited!

It's only a risk if you have something to lose. Empower others by letting go of the reigns. Be ready and willing to hear problems from your team – it’s the only way to make improvements. Team members should know where they stand how well they're doing. Team members don't know what you know unless you tell them. There is no substitute for initiative. Without risk, there is no progress. Step out! Good morale is not an accident. Don't just show up, show up prepared (and with a little bit of swagger).

Forewarned is forearmed! Encourage open dialogue with team members about change initiatives. Set training and development targets for everyone...including yourself! You can delegate authority but not responsibility. As leader, the buck stops with you. Leaders need good followers, not lemmings. Encourage open dialogue (because you need to hear if it's a bad idea). Motivating another comes from appealing to what he or she values (not what you value). If it's gonna hurt, pull the band aid off quick. One lie can cause question to 1000 truths. Take some time for rest and relaxation. Your weekend shouldn't be an extension of the work week!

Giving directions is counter productive if you don't know where you're going. Constant correction erodes confidence! Feeling important motivates - build team members up! Change is opportunity - embrace it, promote it, and communicate it. Take care of your people and they'll take care of you. Investigate silence....it is RARELY golden! Desperate times call for disparate leadership. Unthink what you think you know and serve from the heart. Perfection is the enemy of production. Sometimes, just getting it done is good enough. Leaders need followers. Be worthy of the follow through value and trust.

Balance is important. Don't forget the "me" candy. Enjoy yourself! Mistakes are part of the learning process when spun positively. Allow for them. Give it up once in a while - having to be right all the time breeds contempt. Be easy to follow - have a clear message and consistent actions. Unresolved conflict is like an aggressive cancer - treat it with open dialogue. Listen first. Consider people first, then manage the numbers. Communicate the expectation - don't assume they know. Thank Someone Today - be specific on what and impact There is no dress rehearsal! This is it! Take charge and carry out the plan of the day!

Being in the now is more important than being in the know. Keep the right perspective...mountains are mountains and molehills are molehills... No momentum can be gained without taking the first step. Sometimes done is good enough. Don't be ashamed to ask for help (even Superman got a hand once in a while). Being present and connecting with your team is a present. Get over yourself. Team members should be stirred to action and not shaken. Loyalty matters (only you can call your sister fat)! Hard work is the flour in the cake. Without it, all you have is a bowl of goo.

Walk your talk and your team will forgive an occasional misstep. Surround yourself with people that up your game. I usually find what I'm looking for. You can't win if you don't play (jump in the game)! Control yourself and you control your world. People fight alongside, for, and are loyal to people. Small and good is better than large and crappy. Persistence breaks down resistance. Words don't have meaning, people do. If you don't like the conversation, change it. Give plans time to take root.

You can't bake more bread with less flour unless you change the recipe. Courage is stepping into fear. Keep people challenged and they'll motivate themselves. Giving people a say in what they do says what kind of leader you are. Focusing on today clarifies tomorrow. Worry on your back, slows you on the track. You can talk as loud as you want but people won't hear you if you're not speaking the same language. Go BIG or GO HOME! Schedule time for team members to be social and make sure EVERYONE participates. Mandatory fun can be functional.

If you won’t do it, neither will anyone else. Set the example. Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance. What gets paid attention to gets done. You can’t be everything to everybody but you can be someone to somebody. How well you lead determines how well they will follow. Don’t attack, ask questions. Perception is not reality. Reality is reality. All anyone need is one person to believe in them. Be the one! Commit to providing value as a leader and you’ll get valued commitment from the team. Changing the behavior begins with changing the thought. Winning is addictive! If you don’t believe, why should anyone else.

It's nice to know if you've made a difference. Share your gratitude with those who have. Everyone likes to be on a winning team! Take the reigns! What you say is as important than how you say it. Embrace the diversity of new thought and new ideas! If you don’t know why…ask Why? Giving in does not mean giving up. Whoever is the most loud IS NOT the most right. Be steady at the helm. Don’t dream it, be it! Don’t count the day, make the day count. Mistakes are a part of the learning process.

Lead from the heart but try not to wear it on your sleeve. Conforming has little reward. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Power through! Mountains are mountains and molehills are molehills…keep ‘em straight! Confusing them confuses everyone! Covering it up, doesn’t cover you. We don’t want to wonder, we want to know. Your own emotions can be the biggest enemy you’ll face in getting the job done. If the situation is NOT under YOUR control: Get used to it, get over it or get out! Pain is weakness leaving the body (Attributed: USMC)

Take risks and make mistakes! Don’t make policies, make investments in your team. Step up, take charge, and LEAD! Valued team members are productive and productive team members are valued. If you want others to follow, GO FIRST! Show them but don’t let your emotions rule. Attitude begets attitude…positive and negative! Be aware – there’s what’s said, what’s heard, and what’s meant…they are RARELY the same thing. Make a decision! Unresolved anger acts like an anchor and keeps you from setting sail. Let it go!

If it supports the goal, do it. If not, don’t! Don’t forget to enjoy the process. Want a specific result? Ask for it! Say what you mean and mean what you say. Keeping your cool in a tight situation helps others do the same. If your team looks good, you look good. When saying thanks, be specific on what. Never underestimate the power of a smile. It will stay impossible until someone tries. If you don't ask the question, you won't get the answer. Ask, clarify, ask again...

Your attitude in compelling others towards a goal trumps reason and logic every time! This isn’t a dress rehearsal…THIS IS IT! Loving yesterday is okay. Living in yesterday keeps you from moving on to tomorrow (and enjoying today). Listening is a full body event. Be aware, be silent and give the present of your presence. Action defines the leader! Two wrongs CAN make a right if you CHOOSE to learn something from them. If there's an issue, go direct. People can't change it if they don't know about it.

When something looks absolute, just "suppose" it isn't for a new perspective. Practice saying YES! Leave everything better than when you got it. It's not what you have...it's what you do with it that matters! You manage things, you lead people. It's what we DO that says who we are. Don’t ask your people to do something you’re not willing to do yourself. It’s better to say no than to not come through. How you see yourself is rarely the same as others do. All problems are either solvable or unsolvable. If unsolvable, what's workable?

People will do their best when given the means and opportunity. If YOU think it can't be done, YOU'RE right! Nothing great is EVER accomplished without RISK! Step up, step out and LEAD! When disciplining, measure twice and cut once. No one is too important for details. Just because a job isn't enjoyable doesn't mean you can't find joy in doing it well. There is no “one size fits all” in leading people. Different things motivate different people. Failing to learn from a misstep will usually result in tripping over it again. Being First isn't easy but is IS rewarding! Try it!

Helping others helps you. Get your hands dirty. Don't worry, be happy. It affects everything. If you don't play the game, you can't make the rules. When others have as much to lose as you do in a venture, you know you can trust them. Do what you can with what you've got. Enjoying team mates makes for smoother work and double fun. Acknowledge and act...don't ignore. Get ahead of the storm. Talk without action is just hot air.

Have a plan "B" - it helps plan "A" go smoother. Invite first, direct second. An apology means more when it's followed by corrective action. Whatever it is or you're doing, act like it's the BEST THING in the world! If it's not good for everyone, it's not good for anyone. Pushing forward will normally get push back unless people know the payoff. Communicate it! People are messy. Workplaces are full of people. Ergo, workplaces are messy places.

The question won't get answered unless it gets asked. Pause. Not everything requires an immediate response. How would you handle it if you were King or Queen of the world? Take the HIGH LEVEL view on issues! The compass that should guide our leadership decision is that of moral principle.

BE YOU!! Unless You’re An Ass...Then Be A Slightly Nicer Version Of You

CHAPTER THREE A Message From Chip Lutz

Want To Get The REAL Hot Skinny? Watch This!

CHAPTER FOUR Information On Unconventional Leader

The only real test of a leader is that if, in the end, others can say they were better off because YOU were there. Thank you for investing in the success of your team members and, in turn, your own success! Lieutenant Commander Chip Lutz United States Navy, Retired

Set your leaders up for success today! Save time, money, and effort by bringing Chip in to share his 27 years of solid leadership experience with your tam so they can lead better, get more done, and leave a legacy. CLICK HERE TO GET MORE INFORMATION h"p://bit.ly/unleader Or Call: 262-960-2034

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