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Published on December 10, 2007

Author: Samantha


Exploiting VLEs: Bringing the Library Into the Classroom:  Exploiting VLEs: Bringing the Library Into the Classroom Sue Blood and John Partis Hurstpierpoint College What is a VLE?:  What is a VLE? VLE stands for Virtual Learning Environment A VLE is a software system which offers learning activities based on the use of computers and internet Courses can be created on the VLE for teaching purposes - however courses are also useful for promoting events in the library eg, World Book Day Moodle:  Moodle Moodle is a VLE software package. Introduced at Hurstpierpoint in April 2004 by Richard Cooke (IT department) Also known as ‘E-learning facility’ Moodle Facts:  Moodle Facts Free ‘Open Source’ software package. Can be downloaded from Once installed it can be accessed via the internet Richard Cooke from Hurstpierpoint College is our ‘Moodle Master’ and can be contacted via e-mail at Moodle Features:  Moodle Features Have a look at demonstration on Features being added all the time. Very flexible; courses can be created, edited, hidden and deleted very easily. Once pupils are registered, their participation can be tracked. Moodle Features:  Moodle Features Assignments Chat Choices Database Forum Glossary Hotpot Lessons Podcast Quizzes Resources Surveys Wiki Moodle Applications in the LRC:  Moodle Applications in the LRC Assignment Allows pupils to upload files for feedback/grading by staff. Moodle Applications in the LRC:  Moodle Applications in the LRC Chat Allows pupils to communicate via a live chatroom facility. Pupils have used the chatroom to discuss books e.g. for the Southern School Book Awards. Moodle Applications in the LRC:  Moodle Applications in the LRC Choices Allows pupils to vote on an issue. Pupils have used this to vote whether Alex Rider was dead or alive at the end of ‘Scorpia’. This served as a useful means to promote the follow up book, ‘Ark Angel’. Moodle Applications in the LRC:  Moodle Applications in the LRC Forum Allows pupils to put their views onto a messageboard. Pupils have used the messageboard to record their book reviews. Also useful for advertising LRC news. Moodle Applications in the LRC:  Moodle Applications in the LRC Hotpot and Quizzes Allow different quiz formats e.g. interactive crosswords, multiple choice quizzes and one word answers to be created. Very useful for book quizzes to celebrate World Book Day, library skills quizzes. Moodle marks the quizzes for you and pupils with high scores can be displayed. Moodle Applications in the LRC:  Moodle Applications in the LRC Lessons Lessons are often in the form of text followed by questions for pupils to answer. Can create branches for more able or less able pupils Can be used to teach library and information skills. Also allows for differentiated learning Moodle Applications in the LRC:  Moodle Applications in the LRC Resources Allows links to files (Word, Powerpoint, e-books etc) and web sites. You can use Moodle as a ‘filing cabinet’ for your files. Have used this feature extensively to link to LRC leaflets, e-books, writing frames for research, reading lists, revision web sites, book review web sites. Future applications:  Future applications Database Allows the building, display and search of a bank of record entries about any topic. (Database of reading suggestions by genre) Glossary Can create a list of definitions, like a dictionary. Podcast Allows the addition of video and audio podcasts (author talks) Surveys Provides a means of evaluation (e.g. use to survey what pupils think of the LRC). Wiki Web page that anyone can add to or edit (e.g.Wikipedia). Useful for contact with other librarians. Moodle Advantages:  Moodle Advantages Free Flexible Allows for modern teaching requirements (e.g. differentiated learning and collaborative learning) Makes provision for disabled pupils Improved tracking of pupil work Pupils like using Moodle Moodle Disadvantages:  Moodle Disadvantages Takes time to play with its features and think of applications Need a bank of copyright-free resources to use Pupils need to remember a password to access Moodle Staff may not be comfortable with using IT and creating courses Moodle Support Group?:  Moodle Support Group? If any schools have Moodle (or will be using Moodle in the future) and their Librarians would be interested in forming a support group to develop library applications for Moodle, please contact me at

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