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Published on June 28, 2009

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Ultimate Spider-Man #133 Marvel Comic Book Review

REVIEW: Ultimate Spider-Man #133Reviewer: Don ChiavonWebsite: MarvelComicBooks.orgReview Permalink: http://marvelcomicbooks.org/review-ultimate-spider-man-133/Date: June 27, 2009What started Marvels Ultimate line off with a bang has now ended with nary a whimper.The final issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, #133, ties in with the Ultimate Universechanging event Ultimatum, and you basically have to have read that series to understandwhats going on in this issue. As confusing as that is, the writer, Brian Michael Bendis,makes things worse by making this a silent issue. That is, not a single word of dialogue isspoken in the entire book. Now, there have been silent issues in the best that have been done right... G.I. Joe # 21, (Marvel, 1983), comes to mind...but this is the total OPPOSITE of doing it right. After a stellar run of 132 issues, all written by Bendis and all a cut above most other books on the shelves today, to have this be the finale is truly a massive blunder. Theres no closure, no hint of the continuity that came before to reward long-time fans of the series. Spider-Man himself doesnt even appear in the book!I understand that Marvel wants to leave you guessing about the status quo for theimpending re-launch of this title, but this not only felt like a cheat, but also seemedinexcusably... lazy. Ive been onboard for Ultimate Spider-Mans run from the very firstissue, but this doesnt feel like a worthy closing to a long-running saga of high caliberstories. It feels like a cash-grab, pure and simple. 1.5 out of 5 stars.

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