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Published on November 11, 2007

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We gave This presentation on Stichting Marketing's student conference in a full BOZAR. The conference's theme was User Generated Content and with our provocative title we tried to make a point about the limited scope when UGC is mentioned in the marketing sphere.

Looking back on a year off typical (ie "ask the consumer to make a commercial') UGC, it's sriking to the unpredictable level of quality.

8. Tom Coates of Plasticbag currently leads the revolt against marketeers who are determined to exploit the online creative class. His movement signal the flaws of the mainstream definition of UGC. UGC that exploits the 1% creators is bound to hit the bottom soon and to experience a backlash (which is happening as we speak).

20. "pervasiveness of the web" is about how digital communication isn't any longer limited to the computer screen. with applications like dodgeball or twitter, we see the emergence of "interreality" a new space that originates on the edge of the virtual and real world. through twitter's mobile and web interface i get a sense of belonging to my group of peers, independent from my physical location.

23. The Dutch association of advertising agencies organised this year a poll to elect the best Dutch ad slogan ever. Everybody expected Heineken's "Biertje" or Centraal Beheer's "Even Apeldoorn bellen" to win the evergreen award. But then one of Holland's most popular blogs decided to propose the equally well known but totally absurd "we from WC eend recommend WC eend" and mobilised their readers to vote for it.

24. "Begonia" is our inhouse conversation tracker tool that aggregates the data from 20 conversation platforms (youtube, flickr, technorati and the like). This gives us an ideo of the metadata (or associations people give) to a given search term. Quite predictably online conversations about hotel brand "Hilton" aren't necessarily about hotels.

27. We concluded our presentation with 4 routes that go beyond the conventional definition of user generated content (being : "ask the consumer to make an ad"). We plotted these 4 strategies on 2 axes. The vertical one is about the focus of your strategy. Do you want to invite people to do "something" with your brand, or do you want your brand do "something" inspiring with what consumers were already doing before your brand came in. The horizontal axis is more straightforward and determines whether you engage with a niche or mainstream audience.

28. This strategy is about collaborating with consumers on a deeper level than advertising. It can be business or marketing, but most of the time you invite people to co-create new products. This typically attracts a small audience of vocal consumers, but because the collaboration goes deeper, chances are that you attract people that are after more than only 5 minutes of fame.

31. Here the brand will create a powerful statement, which strikes an emotional chord, which will lead consumers to talk about the brand. The conventional approach is to create a shocking viral but the two examples given here illustrate that a well designed branded conversation starter can start a chain reaction of conversations that goes deeper than "have you seen that commercial"

32. The first case is Stormhoek who sent personalised samples of its wines to influential bloggers. The difference with conventional blog marketing is that wine is a conversation starter on its own. Most of the time it sits on a table along with food and people.

34. Dove "evolution" is an example of "customer fortified content" where the conversations add meaning to the original piece of content. Read Pete Blackshaw's article here :

38. "Brand your consumers' content" is the other way round of UGC. Observe what consumers are already doing and try to enhance one of their current activities through your brand's offering.

39. There are hundreds of printing services for digital pict

UGC is so 2007 SM Studentencongres 5/11/2007

an overview of UGC in 2007

the good doritos super bowl ad

the bad heinz - the kissable ketchup

the ugly chevy tahoe adbusts

traditional UGC • focus on the 30” commercial-format • brand remains untouchable • only involves “creative” consumers

TRUTH the best content is created when the hand isn’t forced

most branded content is made without (the help of) brands

People talk back to brands

People criticise brands

People organise around brands

People organise around brands

People get creative with brands

People get creative with brands cillit bang techno mix

TRUTH without asking for it, brands already are conversation topics among people

today’s web amplifies conversations about brands

reason #1 : the ubiquity of reporting tools

reason #2 : the pervasiveness of the web

reason #3 : the knowledge of networked people

reason #3 : the knowledge of networked people

reason #4 : the mobilising force of networked people WC eend slogan elected as best dutch ad-slogan ever

reason #5 : conversations become tangible

TRUTH “people” have become a medium for brands

smart ways to leverage people as a medium

brand focus many few consumer focus

brand focus skip the commercial break many few consumer focus

Dell Idea Storm

Haägen Dazs Flavor Seach

brand focus the brand as a conversation starter many few consumer focus


Dove dove evolution

success by numbers

success by engagement

parody : slob evolution

brand focus many few brand your consumers’ content consumer focus



Person of the year

brand focus many few mix offline context with online content consumer focus

Bemin je SysAdmin

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nike+ demo

about us

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