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Published on December 2, 2009

Author: jesudass

Source: authorstream.com

UFO : UFO CONTENTS : INTRODUCTION DESCRIPTION OF UFOs PROJECT BLUE BOOK MAIN GOALS OF PROJECT BLUE BOOK A SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF UFOs CONDON REPORT RECORDS OF UFOs JOURNAL OF HISPANIC UFOLOGY CONCLUSION CONTENTS INTRODUCTION : It is an acronym of Unidentified Flying Object. The term UFO was coined in 1952. They are often attributed to extraterrestrial life or technology. It refers to “flying saucer” or “flying disk” . INTRODUCTION DESCRIPTION OF UFOs : They are crescent shaped objects. They are ranged from glowing wheels to colored balls of light to cigar-,disk-,or crescent –shaped objects. The term flying saucer was coined in 1947. A businessman named Kenneth Arnold told reporters that while flying a private plane he saw nine objects flying over the mountain in formation at a speed of more than 1600 miles(2500 kilometers) per hour. He described that like “a saucer skipping across the water” and it soon become popular to call all UFOs flying saucers. DESCRIPTION OF UFOs PROJECT BLUE BOOK : UFO was coined as part of project BLUE BOOK. It is an attempt to categorize and investigate a surge in sightings of unusual , unidentified objects flying across North American skies in the late 1940s. A few scientists publicly disagreed with the panels conclusions. It included James E.McDonald, a meteorologist at the university of Arizona , and J.Allen Hynek , an astronomer at northwestern university, maintained that the reports are not clearly mentioned. PROJECT BLUE BOOK MAIN GOALS OF PROJECT BLUE BOOK : The three main goals of project blue book are To explain all reported sightings of UFOs. To decide if UFOs posed a threat to the national security of the united states. To determine whether UFOs were using any advanced technology that the united states could use . MAIN GOALS OF PROJECT BLUE BOOK A SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF UFOs' : In 1968 the united states Air force asked Edward U.Condon , a physicist at university of colorado ,to head a panel studying extraterrestrial hypothesis. The 37 scientists who contributed to the report interviewed UFO witnesses and studied physical and photographic evidence. A SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF UFOs' CONDON REPORT : The study is also known as Condon report. It concluded that there is no evidence of extraterrestrial control of UFOs but also that no further UFO studies were needed. Based on the Condon reports , project BLUE BOOK was closed in 1969. By the time the project was disbanded , it had amassed 80,000 pages of information on 12,618 reported UFO sightings and events , classified either as “identified” with a known astronomical , atmospheric or artificial phenomenon or “unidentified”. CONDON REPORT RECORDS OF UFOs : The United States government has records of thousands of UFO sightings , including photos of alleged UFOs and interviews with people who claim to have seen them. Since UFOs were considered a potential security risk , the report on these sightings was originally classified as secret. RECORDS OF UFOs Slide 10: By mid 1960s UFO reports were numerous than ever. They were coming regularly from places outside the united states , including Canada , Sweden, the Soviet Union, and Australia . In February 1966 another UFO panel was convened. It determined the vast majority of UFO reports were either natural phenomena or outright hoaxes. JOURNAL OF HISPANIC UFOLOGY : It provide with many images of UFO activities. It also provided the information about the flying saucers with detailed representation. This was presented by Professor Ana Luisa Cid on March 10,2006. It is still continuing the research about the UFO and provides detailed information. JOURNAL OF HISPANIC UFOLOGY CONCLUSION : People have a natural desire to explain and understand everything they see. This is why Visual sightings of UFOs are the least reliable. The unaided human eye can be tricked to the point of hallucination. Such optical illusions coupled with a desire to interpret visual images account for many UFO reports. CONCLUSION PRESENTATION BY : PRESENTATION BY T.PAARI

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