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Published on April 6, 2013

Author: wdk

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A brief introduction to the Udaipur Shakti Works project and our invitation to collaborators. Also see our webpage: http://udaipurshaktiworks.com and blogspot: http://udaipurshakti.blogspot.in/

IntroducingIntroducing UdaipurUdaipur ShaktiShakti WorksWorks A Gypsy-inspired Dance Academy, Circus Arts Centre, Healing Retreat and Eco-Sanctuary in India’s Most Romantic Resort What: A replicable, self-sustaining education/entertainment project to help talented at-risk youth and raise the public’s eco-sensuous awareness with perceptible healing energies and spectacular performing arts. Who: A small community of artists, healers, naturalists & social entrepreneurs working to dramatize and deepen our connections to the living world. Why: Udaipur has beauty but very little excitement; many gifted youth but few creative schools or outlets for their talents; and millions of short-term visitors with little motivation to extend their stay. We believe this project can help the fabled City of Lakes become an incubator of world class performing arts, healing magic & ecological intelligence, all linked together synergistically.

Udaipur is world famous for its superb architecture, traditional arts, and noble reputation as capitol of old Mewar, India’s most respected princely state. Historically Revered Mewar is honored as the only state that resolutely defied both Mogul and British conquest, with an egalitarian force of tribals, warriors and citizens of every caste & creed. Artistically Blessed Udaipur is home to over 3000 artists, six universities, and dozens of small schools for traditional dance, music and art. Romantically Beautiful Udaipur’s sensual splendor attracts over one million international visitors each year, as well as 9 million Indians and some of the world’s most spectacular weddings. UdaipurUdaipur Medieval Silk Road OasisMedieval Silk Road Oasis

UdaipurUdaipur Legendary City of Lakes, Art & HistoryLegendary City of Lakes, Art & History Illustrious – Accessible – Affluent Voted “World’s Best City 2009” by the international travel community 600,000 citizens, hundreds of hotels Nine international 5-star resorts Over 10 million visitors annually (1.2 million foreign, 9 million domestic) 15% growth in tourism each year Halfway between Delhi & Bombay New ’08 airport, highway, train line Six major colleges and universities India’s top per capita car ownership A High Visibility Venue to Spread New Values and IdeasA High Visibility Venue to Spread New Values and Ideas

Udaipur’sUdaipur’s ““Empty Evening” OpportunityEmpty Evening” Opportunity Udaipur is Asia’s 2nd most popular tourist destination but still has NO venues devoted to presenting, developing or teaching innovative music or performing arts. India Hundreds of Hotels – Countless Artists – Millions of VisitorsHundreds of Hotels – Countless Artists – Millions of Visitors Yet No Public Clubs, Live Theaters or Event SpacesYet No Public Clubs, Live Theaters or Event Spaces

Udaipur Shakti WorksUdaipur Shakti Works LocationLocation Two Acres of Fertile Land Surrounded by History, Beauty and 5-star Resort LuxuryTwo Acres of Fertile Land Surrounded by History, Beauty and 5-star Resort Luxury

The opulent Shiv Niwas Palace, The legendary Taj Lake Palace, The Leela Udaipur Palace Kempinski, And the sumptuous Oberoi Udaivilas, voted "world’s best resort hotel" in 2006 Udaipur Shakti WorksUdaipur Shakti Works The Palatial NeighborhoodThe Palatial Neighborhood City Palace Hundreds of 5-star ($600+/day) rooms within a 500m radius

Stunning Color,Stunning Color, Traditions & EnergyTraditions & Energy Udaipur’sUdaipur’s Indigenous ArtistryIndigenous Artistry

Udaipur artists can evoke mythic magic, but their only outlets are hotel shows and special events. With a permanent base they could do so much more and co-create with global artists. Udaipur’sUdaipur’s Indigenous ArtistryIndigenous Artistry

STARTING THE TALENT NURSERY A Simple Local/Global Classroom Tent to Train and Introduce Young Adepts in the Performing, Martial & Meditative Arts INITIAL FACILITY A large instruction/performance tent to train local talent by day and showcase its promise at night. OPERATIONAL CONCEPT - Offer dance, acrobatic and yogic classes led by local & overseas teachers (live via internet). - Allow local youth to interact & collaborate with masters and students around the world. - Present evening dances/shows/movies for tourist community to subsidize teaching program. Closed during day for classes USW PUSW Projectroject Land DevelopmentLand Development Stage I – 2013-2014 - Dance, Acrobatic, Yogic Arts Training & Performance Tent Opened for shows at night

Global Telepresence Dance Teaching and Co-creation CONCEPT & PROGRAM DESIGN Live internet lectures/discussions now link universities worldwide. With the same simple tech we can launch India’s first global interactive yoga/dance/performance workshops to teach more physical and sensuous arts. Teachers in the US, Brazil & Japan have already agreed to cooperate. Sample video: youtube.com/watch?v=xpL9bHGYOuI TECHNOLOGY - Requires only video projector, screen, camera & computer connection to link partner studios around the world. COORDINATED CLASS TIMINGS - 8:30 AM Udaipur = 11:00 AM Shanghai/ Manila; 12:00 AM Tokyo; 10:00 AM Ho Chi Minh; 2:00 PM Sydney… - 9:30 PM Udaipur = 5:00 PM London; 6:00 PM Cape Town; 12:00 PM New York; 11:00 AM Buenos Aries… Widely dispersed teachers, students & collaborating groups interacting in real time via the internet USW PUSW Projectroject Program DevelopmentProgram Development Stage I – 2013-2014 -Distance Learning & Collaboration Program via Live Internet Sessions

OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED VISUAL RESOURCES Intro for Online Viewers The next two slides present the following videos: 1) Dance & Distance Learning - a five-minute demo of telepresence dance teaching and collaboration by the pioneering Cowle Center. 2) Helping Shakti Rise - a ten-minute intro to a Shakti Dance Academy film project, its Vanaver Caravan co-creators & the dance riches of Rajasthan. Links for Powerpoint & PDF Viewers 1) Dance & Distance Learning – http://youtube.com/watch?v=xpL9bHGYOuI 2) Helping Shakti Rise - http://youtube.com/watch?v=t2qWxXJZvK8 3) Shakti Arising Youtube channel - http://youtube.com/user/ShaktiArising 4) Shakti Rising Blogspot - http://udaipurshakti.blogspot.in/ USW PUSW Projectroject Program DevelopmentProgram Development

Big Top “Gypsy Tent” Main performance tent will seat 150 luxuriously for aerial/stage acts, movies and concerts. Presentations will vary every night each week to extend patronage and tourist stays. Will also serve as daytime studio for circus art workshops, tourist lessons & resident classes. Sample Design & Layout for Big Top “Gypsy Tent” USW PUSW Projectroject Land DevelopmentLand Development Stage II – 2014-2015 - Big Top Performance Tent

The USW Healing Centre will offer: • a variety of Asian & holistic therapies • a research lab for energy medicine • yoga, bodywork and meditation classes • training courses for aspiring healers Stage II – 2014-2015 - Healing Spa Centre - Eco-Somatic Energy Lab - Meditative Bodywork Dojo USW PUSW Projectroject Healing CentreHealing Centre

• The USW site is now being prepared to become a certified organic eco-park by 2015 featuring medicinal plants, permaculture design and Asian landscaping • The entire complex will be designed to dramatize renewable solar/wind energy, water purification/recycling, zero waste operation and organic agriculture. • The site will also introduce visitors to the most promising green technologies via sustainability demo projects on the land in association with “Greening India”. • A primary goal of the entire project is to help visitors/students understand that creative, healing and natural energies are all intimately interconnected and indeed indivisible. • The complex will also create its own A/V recording studio to document USW events, introduce/support new artists and generate saleable media. Stage III – 2014~2015 - Landscaped Medicinal Plant Gardens - Eco-tech/Permaculture Demo Park - Office/AV Recording Studio USW PUSW Projectroject Land DevelopmentLand Development Stage II: Before LandscapingStage II: Before Landscaping

The USW project will gradually add 8~10 village style cottage lodgings for visiting teachers, artists and paying guests. Cottages will offer double rooms for multiple occupancy or live-in studio arrangements. Besides work/sleeping facilities, each will contain a shower and tiny kitchenette, but also be jointly served by a common kitchen, library and community room. The design concept is sensuous simplicity and low tech luxury using beautiful local materials, traditional craft-intensive interiors and Balinese style garden toilets. Stage III - 2014~2015 - Village-style Cottages for Rental & Artist Residency USW PUSW Projectroject Land DevelopmentLand Development Balinese composting toiletArtist Residence Cottage Sample Village Complex Shaktipur Village - Lush Low-end Accommodations -

Key AdvisorsKey Advisors - Music -- Music - Zakir Hussain is recognized worldwide as the undisputed king of Indian percussion. He has not only performed with Ravi Shankar and every major Indian classical virtuoso, his co-creation of the legendary Shakti group with guitar master John McLaughlin and his Grammy Award-winning work with the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart virtually birthed the new global fusion genre now known as “world music“ . Leonard Eto is Japan’s most creative and prolific master of taiko drumming. His early work with the celebrated Kodo taiko ensemble helped bring the group to international attention and involve it with percussion prodigies around the world. His extraordinary performances and compositions have both won major awards and been featured in such films as JFK, The Lion King, The Thin Red Line, etc. USW’s Muladhara Project AdvisersUSW’s Muladhara Project Advisers to generate creative intra-Asian workshop tours and a graduate music school that teaches improvisation and trans-genre collaboration

Key AdvisorsKey Advisors - Arts Production -- Arts Production - Bhanu Barti has directed more than 70 plays in his eventful 40-year theatrical journey, most with themes and casts from India’s inspiring tribal communities. He has also served as Drama Department Head, Rajasthan University, Director of the Delhi Shri Ram Centre for Art and Culture, and chairman of Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Akademi. See more about his extraordinary achievements at http://bhanubharti.com/ Pepe Ozan – R.I.P. – was a renowned sculptor, designer, ethno-videographer & originator of the Burning Man Operas Pepe also co-founded Artnetwork Prods, an award winning independent film company, and personally filmed/directed "Ganga Ma: A Pilgrimage to the Source", a haunting study of India's most sacred river, and "Jaisalmer Ayo - Gateway of the Gypsies," a critically acclaimed study of Rajasthan's rich nomadic cultures. Pepe’s now passed on to new dimensions, but his wild eco-erotic imaginings remain fresh in our hearts.

Asa Sokol-Kubiak is a Junior Olympics diving champion, Cirque du Soleil star and innovative aerial performer/choreographer. After years of training in ballet, music, gymnastics and water sports, Asa joined Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam as a headline hand-to- hand artist and toured with the troop for 4 years. In 2008 she developed her own unique aerial tissu acts and starred in original productions in Kyoto, Quebec, New York and the Dubai Film Festival. In 2010 she was invited to return to Cirque and is now performing with their Corteo show as a featured aerialist. Key AdvisorsKey Advisors - Arts Production -- Arts Production -

Key AdvisorsKey Advisors - Healing -- Healing - Duncan Wong is a Kung Fu and Astanga Vinyasa yoga master who has studied martial arts and body-mind disciplines for 20 years to create a flowing holistic new form which he calls Yogic Arts. He has shared his unique multi-disciplinary yoga with celebrities like Sting, Madonna & Bjork, and as well as Balinese orphans and the street kids of L.A. Julio Peralta, a healer skilled in many disciplines, has lived in India for over 30 years and mastered Fantan Chi Gung, Reiki, Acupressure, Pranic Healing, and Reflexology. Julio finally integrated his rich repertoire into Pranergia, his own unique healing system that also embodies insights he absorbed from personal study with J. Krishnamurti, Osho Rajneesh, Punjaji, Dhirendra Brahmachari, and the great Mongolian master Tsa Gaadai.

Key AdvisorsKey Advisors - Healing -- Healing - David Crow is an accredited master in clinical herbology, acupuncture, Ayurvedic & Tibetan medicine and Vipassana meditation. Through writing, teaching, and activism, David promotes grassroots healthcare systems based on community herbal gardens. He also founded the aromatic essence firm Floracopeia as an international fair trade enterprise and educational knowledge base to promote botanical medicines as solutions to the interrelated global problems of poverty, healthcare scarcity, and environmental destruction. He will be helping USW develop performing arts & aromatic education tours, organic medicinal farming curricula, and herbal essence production skills. Swami Rajneesh received his name and calling from his philosopher/mystic guru Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh. After 30 years of rigorous practice in taichi, vipassana, silent satsang and euphoric dance, he began writing, teaching and finally stepped out onto the world stage to spread this healing wisdom across Europe, Asia and his own native India. He now attracts millions of visitors to his website and ever expanding audiences on the ground, and he will be helping USW integrate our spiritual and healing elements with regular workshops and camps. For more on his global activities, visit his website here.

Key AdvisorsKey Advisors - Design -- Design - Mariyo Yagi has given bold new dimensions and a fresh philosophy to the concept of public art through her writings, designs and spectacular environmental monuments, which she contracts and builds herself. See more of her magic at www.mariyoyagi.net. Masaki Ueshima is a master of many Japanese arts, but of late most renowned for his genius with rocks and exquisite garden designs. He has created marvelous havens on three continents, but USW will be his first endeavor in India.

Key AdvisorsKey Advisors - Design -- Design - Günter Nistchke is a renowned architect, scholar and landscape designer. He has taught at MIT, Princeton, and UCLA and written scores of monographs and books on historical, aesthetic and spiritual aspects of Asian architecture and design. In addition to ongoing work at his Institute for East Asian Architecture & Urbanism in Kyoto, Günter has started a new initiative to open sustainable architecture departments in universities around the world and will be beginning pilot projects shortly in Bali and Nepal. He will be helping us apply those same green principles to our Udaipur constructions. Piki Chappell has been a volcanic Theater 3.0 creative force for two decades with a career stretching from San Francisco's rich underground art/music scene and Burning Man culture to the "cirque nouveau" renaissance of Montreal, Quebec. He has created new instruments and musical interludes for Cirque du Soleil shows, performed in many Cirque galas & premiers, and served for years as musical director of Circo de Bakuza. He has sung, DJed, and jammed with music greats around the world, and is currently turning his imaginative focus to Japan and India. He will be helping USW design collaborative soundscapes and magical stage sets for our Udaipur performances

Entertain and Inspire Wealthy Tourists at Night Educate and Empower at-risk Youth by Day

Udaipur Shakti WorksUdaipur Shakti Works Business ProjectionsBusiness Projections Initial start-up costs (2013-2015) Rs 23 crore (≈ US$460,000@Rs 50/US$) (school tent, performance tent, healing centre, eco-park facilities, artist village & AV studio) Projected annual operating costs (3rd year) Rs 13,950,500 (≈US$280,000) Projected annual gross income (3rd year) Rs 27,471,500 (≈US$550,000) Projected annual net income (3rd year) Rs 13,521,000 (≈US$270,000) Estimated period of initial cost recoupment from operating profits: 4~5 years Detailed breakdown of budget projections available online here: http://udaipurshaktiworks.com/docs/USWbudget1.xls Untallied potential profit centers: Creative studio/media projects; dance/music classes; external show/tour organizing; yoga, bodywork, meditation classes; herbal medicine sales; gallery & costume sales; special dinners, parties & events Chief risk areas: unabated global economic meltdown, tourism-depressing Indo-Pak hostilities and/or Islamic/Hindu extremist conflicts, return of drought conditions... Basic Financial Parameters

Organization: Udaipur Shakti Works is now a collaborative project between Big Medicine, a US/Japan green think tank/project developer and Catalyst Mewar Pvt. Ltd, proprietor of the project land and infrastructure. Together we are creating a new so-called "Section 25" non-profit corporation to manage USW cultural, educational and environmental activities from 2014 on. Donors: India’s Section 25 non-profit companies can offer tax exemption certificates for those who wish to donate to this cause as well as attractive rates for long term loans. Investors: Those wishing to invest are invited to participate in the management company, which will lease the land and infrastructure for the project, manage its media enterprises, and develop satellite centers, artist residency programs, and other related projects. InvestmentInvestment from the Heartfrom the Heart In sum we would like potential supporters to note that given: • Udaipur's 1.2 million foreign visitor and 9 million Indian tourists each year, • and the total absence of any other creative entertainment venues, this project can and will make money, enough to support both its growth and ecological work and even contagious replication in other lands. However, rather than conventional investors, we seek engaged likeminded partners with ideas and creative energies to contribute as well as needed funds. Inviting your Participation

W. David Kubiak, USW Development Director • taught PR & mass communications for 10 years at Kyoto’s Ritsumeikan University, • is an international award-winning journalist on social trends and the environment, • co-founded Jittoku, Japan’s first live house, and other successful event spaces • organized Chikyu Saisozo, Asia’s largest international environmental media conference • has worked as communications director for US environmental firms and NGOs • is currently co-organizing “Greening India,” India’s first series of grassroots green festivals Rita Dixit-Kubiak, USW Health & Environment Director • founded the Indo-Japanese Shimin Gaiko Kyokai (Citizen Diplomacy Association) that sponsored 10 years of cultural, educational and environmental exchanges between Kyoto and Udaipur • organized Kyoto’s Metamedical Forum, a long running series of seminars for Japanese environmentalists, physicians and alternative health professionals • led a series of international health/environment study tours with leading Indian NGOs • has written on health & ecology for journals in the US, India and Japan Kathy Arlyn Sokol, USW Performance & Event Director • is an Emmy Award-winning narrator, journalist & author (Rasta Time, Japanese Living…) • has interviewed scores of music legends from Ravi and Mamata Shankar to Bob Marley and Sting • co-organized major international conferences & concerts for peace and the environment • coordinated 2006 Pakistan earthquake relief for Japan’s Peace Boat NGO • co-produced documentary film projects on conflict resolution in South Asia Banwar Lal Kabra, USW Financial Director • is an experienced Udaipur legal expert, businessman and land developer • co-founded the Indo-Japan Citizen Diplomacy Association, Indian partner to Kyoto’s Shimin Gaiko Kyokai and has visited Japan to promote its environmental projects • has helped launch many successful trade relationships between Indian & western firms • serves as pro bono legal and tax advisor to Udaipur’s growing foreign community. USW Key Staff

Contact Udaipur Shakti Works India Office #1 Sajjangarh Road, Azad Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India 303001 Tel: (+91-294) 243-4721 Mobile: (+91) 869-684-0315 Internet: www.udaipurshaktiworks.com Email: info@udaipurshaktiworks.com

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