Ubud Yoga Mobile_Health Benefits Of Practicing Yoga.

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Published on November 13, 2018

Author: mobileyogaubud07

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slide 1: MOBILE YOGA UBUD Enjoy life with Mobile Yoga Ubud Click here: http://www.mobileyogaubud.com Yoga is indeed a powerful method of exercise that stretches and lengthens all the major muscles in the body in a balanced approach. HEALTH BENEFITS OF PRACTICING YOGA With the demanding poses stretching your joints and ligaments you would have a wider range of motion using your back hamstrings shoulders and hips. INCREASES FLEXIBILITY INCREASE IN STRENGTH IMPROVE RESPIRATORY HEALTH Some yoga poses would require you to lift your body’s weight increasing strength in your arms and your legs. Pranayama is a branch of yoga where in it focuses on breathing. If there is improvement in breathing more oxygen is passed on to the blood making your body more efficient.

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