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Information about UBER IS HIRING!

Published on January 19, 2016

Author: IrisMa1

Source: slideshare.net

1. IIIIIBEIJING : ::: :" BAI-IAN TIANJIN I YANTA| OPERATIONS i? : LOGISTICS IviAII. ~'-GER LOCATION! BEIJING/ XI'AN/ XIAMEN/ GUIYANG/ JINAN/ QINGDAO/ DALIAN/ YANTAI/ TIANJIN/ CHENGDU/ CHONGQING/ HEFEI ETC. WHAR YOU'LL DO 1. Develop & Optimize Processes. Scale new and existing processes to ensure operation- al efficiency and growth. 2. Analytics. Analyze both driver and rider-side metrics to determine city health. 3. Strategy. Decide which projects the team should focus on and set an aggressive time line to reach those goals. 4. Product Improvement. Proactively search for bugs/ new features that could improve the driver and/ or rider experience. 5. Partner Relations. Manage driver development; identify and attack problem areas for drivers; and negotiate with partners to deliver driver perks. 6. Expansion Planning. Evaluate the economic and strategic costs and benefits of ex- pansion and work with management to execute on those strategies. 7. Driver Support. Manage the day-to-day issues of thousands of drivers on our system. 8. Hustle. Take ownership of Uber's growth in your city and do whatever it takes to get the job done. WHAT YOU NEED 1. 2-3 years working experiences in international/ 'I' op Branding/ Star-up company. 2. Analytical ability - We take an intensely data-driven approach to running our busi- ness. ln order to efficiently manage the supply of cars we have on the road, you need to be able to constantly monitor and understand trends in supply and demand, and use our data to make the right, data-driven operational decisions. 3. Business instincts - lnherently curious by nature, you enjoy thinking about what makes different businesses tick. You'd be excited to master Uber's business model, and would doggedly pursue making that model flourish in your city. 4. People skills - You'll need truly world-class people skills to be able to influence part- ners to drive at times, in places, and in ways that ensure a world-class experience for our users. Depending on the conversation, you'll need to be able to charm or cajole our partners accordingly. 5. Language - The ability to speak, read and write Mandarin fluently is a must. APPLY HERE Send updated CV to joinchina@uber. com. Or go to https: //www. uber. com/ jobs/ , find the position and apply online. Your Dream Job "w iS ARRIVING Now

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