UAV UAS Drone Insurance - Telematics From Dromatics and Unmanned Risk

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Information about UAV UAS Drone Insurance - Telematics From Dromatics and Unmanned Risk

Published on November 6, 2016

Author: Tabasco11



2. DROMATICS TELEMATICS CGL Included Coverage All The Time Any Aircraft Any Pilot Any Use Anywhere In The World Coverage Follows Coverage Flexible

3. FOR INSURERS • Reduce Customer acquisition costs • Reduce claim costs and fraud • Increase customer life-time-value THE BENEFITS • Better rates for safe operators • Reduced risk and better service • Fringe benefits and added value FOR CUSTOMERS FOR BOTH ENHANCED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

4. CUSTOMER ACQUISITION INSURERS Insurers get early access to potential clients and learn more about their actual exposure. This helps to reduce customer acquisition costs and to select better operators. Insurers have the ability to offer feedback tools for potential customers to measure their operational behavior and voluntarily share their score with the insurer. Good scoring gets customers better rates. Operational information can contain uses, locations, days and times, altitude, numbers of flights and more. Operators receive feedback on their smartphone or online. OPERATORS Operators have the opportunity to learn about their operating style and how to improve in order to qualify for better pricing.

5. PROPOSITION AND SERVICES INSURERS Insurers benefit from preferred selection, reduced fraud, improved claims management and differentiation from their competitors. They also establish ongoing interaction with their clients. OPERATORS Operators get a better deal and additional services. They receive an individual premium based on their operational behavior and benefit from the tailored services provided by an insurer who values their business.

6. PROPOSITION AND SERVICES USAGE BASED PAY HOW AND WHERE YOU FLY • Insurers can use telematic tools to measure the operational behavior of their clients. Parameters like geographical location, days and times of day, time-to-climb, evasive maneuvers, and number of flights can be used to calculate premium. • Operators receive immediate feedback and reporting on their smartphone or online. • Operators have the opportunity to determine the exposure they represent to an insurer and adjust prior to incurring premium. •Operators can control cash flow and allow for proper billing to customers based upon actual cost .

7. PROPOSITION AND SERVICES AUTOMATIC CRASH NOTIFICATION • In case of an accident, a call center can be notified automatically and can put a claims adjuster in contact with the operator immediately or respond to the scene. This reduces the potential for subsequent or consequential loss resulting from delayed reporting. • An accident report and tracking can help in the defense of a client with concrete evidence of the actual facts leading to the accident. • Insurers can make better decisions whether to defend a claim or minimize costs by settling earlier.

8. PROPOSITION AND SERVICES SMART ASSISTANCE AND CONCIERGE SERVICES • When a client needs to talk to their agent or their insurance company for assistance for things like increasing limits or issuing a certificate of insurance, they will not need to look for policy numbers and contact information. They can simply press a button on the telematic unit or access the information through their smartphone app or online. Their location and needs are transmitted as well to enhance services. • SOS or help notifications can be sent separately from standard assistance notifications. Even vehicle breakdowns or other emergencies, the UAS telematic system can be used for assistance.

9. PROPOSITION AND SERVICES LOST OR STOLEN UAS TRACKING AND TAMPERING • Flyaway UAS incidents can be easily recorded and the location of the UAS pinpointed and the UAS easily and quickly recovered. • Authorities can be led to the location of stolen UAS. Not only can the UAS be recovered but also data contained onboard the vehicle can be saved. • Light sensing telematic units can be used in closed cases and set to notify the customer and insurer if the case is opened while in transit and pinpoint the location of the tampering.

10. PROPOSITION AND SERVICES INSURANCE ON DEMAND Instead of paying for comprehensive all-risk of ground and flight coverage 365 days a year, operators Only pay a basic ground-only flat-fully-earned fee to bind the annual policy. They can then activate the all-risk coverage on demand via their smartphone or online as and when needed.

11. RETENTION INSURERS Insurers increase customer retention by creating engagement vi unique technology solutions, improved customer experience, and lower total cost of UAS ownership and operation. OPERATORS Operators get a better deal and additional services. The insurance company becomes an operational business partner instead of an opponent or vendor.

12. SMART WARNINGS VARIABLE WEATHER, TFR AND NOTAM DATA The telematic insurance system can incorporate variable operational warning data such as notices to airman, TFR’s and weather conditions based upon open source data providers. The warning can be issued to customers based upon geographic location and activation of coverage.

13. CUSTOMER REPORTING / BILLING CUSTOMER VIEWING, REPORTING AND BILLING Operators can allow access and real-time viewing of their flight operations to the customers they are operating for. Immediately upon completion of the flight, operators can run a report showing the flight track, time, date, location and cost of the flight for customer billing and job verification.

14. ADDITIONAL INSURED / COI OPERATOR’S CUSTOMER SUPPORT Operators can extend an exceptional level of service and support to their customers through the automatic issuance of certificates of insurance and additional insured additions through their smartphone or online at the time of coverage activation.

15. DROMATICS TELEMATICS Dromatics Screen Shot – It’s Here Today

16. DROMATICS TELEMATICS Dromatics Screen Shot – It’s Here Today

17. DROMATICS TELEMATICS Dromatics Screen Shot – It’s Here Today

18. DROMATICS TELEMATICS Dromatics Screen Shot – It’s Here Today

19. THE TECHNOLOGY • Smartphones can be used to insurance telematics. No hardware is needed but service is limited SMARTPHONE • Such devices are installed by the operator and provide enhanced services. The device is portable and can be moved from UAS-to- UAS. SELF INSTALLED DEVICE • These devises are installed at the point of manufacture and activated by the operator or end user. The installation is not visible to the user and is not portable. OEM INSTALLED DEVICE





24. CONTACT – Terry Miller UNMANNED RISK MANAGEMENT – DROMATICS™ Transport Risk Management, Inc. 12424 Big Timber Drive Conifer, CO 80433

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