U.S. Mining Industry Overview

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Information about U.S. Mining Industry Overview

Published on January 23, 2019

Author: BalboaCapitalCorp

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1. EXPLORATION An INTO THE UNITED STATES MINING INDUSTRY $300 Billion Amount of Gross Domestic Product Generated By The US Mining Industry In 2012 3 Million Number Of US Workers In Industries That Support Mining 325,000 Number Of People Directly Working In The US Mining Industry 12%Projected Increase In Mining and Geological Engineer Employment From 2012 to 2022 US MINING OUTPUT 55,000 Number Of New Mining Employees Needed To Meet Production Demands Over Next 5-10 Years 42% 37% 21% Coal Nonmetallic Minerals Metal Ore US MINING HISTORY 1,000 AD - Hopi Indians Used Coal To Bake Pottery In What Is Now Arizona 1705 - The First US Copper Mine Opened In Branby, Connecticut 1844 - Iron Ore Was Discovered In Negaunee, Michigan 1848 - The California Gold Rush Begins; People Arrive In Droves 100Number Of Metal Mines In The US 900Number Of Industrial Minerals Mines The US 3,500Number Of US Mines Producing Crushed Rock 78Number Of Major Commodities Produced In The US US MINING TODAY STRENGTH IN NUMBERS #1The US Is The World's Largest Producer Of: Clay Lithium Magnesium Phosphate Salt Silica Sulfer The US Has The Largest Coal Reserve In The World The US Is The Second- Largest Producer Of Gold And Copper In The World $27 Billion Amount Of Minerals And Materials Exported By The US Each Year Sources: National Mining Association; Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration; Minnesota Department of Natural Resources; US Bureau of Labor Statistics; Colorado Mining Association �� This infographic was produced by Balboa Capital, a leading independent financing company since 1988. Balboa Capital offers equipment financing, business loan products, franchise financing, and equipment vendor financing to companies throughout the United States. Visit www.balboacapital.com today

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