Tyre Maintenance

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Information about Tyre Maintenance

Published on April 13, 2008

Author: phildavi

Source: authorstream.com

CALENDAR:  CALENDAR Il 2008 With TOP MODELS Reminding you about Tyre Safety Do Not under inflate your tyres:  Do Not under inflate your tyres January Slide3:  February Do Not over inflate your tyres Slide4:  March Ensure tyres are fitted correctly Slide5:  A P R I L Ensure tyres have equal pressures Slide6:  May Worn tyres can Kill Slide7:  June Look for unusual wear or scuffs Slide8:  July Replace tyres that have bulges Slide9:  A U G UST Check your tyre pressures regularly Slide10:  September Look after your tyres like your body Slide11:  October Watch out for sudden deflation Slide12:  N O V E M B E R Do Not overload your tyres Slide13:  DECEMBER Replace old tyres beyond their life

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