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Published on June 28, 2008

Author: CMP

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Disfruta de estos bellos gatitos.
Autor C.M.Pérez


I just didn’t want to get out of bed this morning

I woke up with stiff neck

I washed my hair but couldn’t do a thing with it.

Made breakfast for the cranky youngsters.

And fed the baby a bottle

She dribbled milk all over herself and my new blouse

I loaded up the kids in the carseat and took them to daycare & school.

I was late for work, and traffic was a nightmare.

My husband called my cell phone to tell me he got laid off from his construction job.

I got to the office (I’m a tech analyst).

My supervisor chewed me out.

For misplacing things

I went out for lunch and got caught in the rain

I left work early to pick up my new glasses (wrong size)

I them pick up the kids from school & daycare.

Fed them all a quick meal.

Drove the boys to Karate Lessons

And, them the girls to tap & ballet.

When we got back home, all they wanted to do was watch TV.

And, sing Karaoke instead of doing their homework.

After much chaos, they took their baths & got ready for bed.

After much hounding they brushed their teeth.

Then I read them their nightly bedtime stories.

They finally went to sleep

All of this daily stress is causing me gain weight

So, I thought tried doing some aerobics in the living room

Now, I think I’m getting a migraine

And, a runny nose.

I’m pretty certain it’s the flu.

After a long and grueling day, I crawled into bed and was just driffing off.

Next week I’m off to the spa and pool for some much needed rest and relaxtion with my girlfriend. C.M.Pérez 26/6/08 Http://www.slideshare.net/CMP ¡ MIAU !

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