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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: codeblock

Source: slideshare.net


Slides presented during the Community LAB (Typescript in the real world)

Andrea Boschin http://1drv.ms/1flJCDT Typescript overview

Javascript why?

Javascript any browser any host any os

Javascript hard to learn hard to read hard to maintain

Javascript type unsafe prone to tricks non-scoped

Typescript starts with Javascript, ends with Javascript è un superset tipizzato di Javascript quindi il codice Javascript è già Typescript (on steroids)

Typescript starts with Javascript, ends with Javascript produce Javascript quindi any browser, any host, any os!

Typescript static type checking var a: string = 'Andrea'; var b: number = 10; var c: number = a + b; Cannot convert ‘string’ to ‘number’

Typescript structural typing var speaker: { firstName: string; lastName: string; }; speaker = { firstName: 'Andrea', lastName: 'Boschin' }; Declares a type inline

Typescript interfaces interface IPerson { firstName: string; lastName: string; birthDate: Date; } var developer: IPerson = { firstName: 'Andrea', lastName: 'Boschin', birthDate: new Date(1968, 10, 27) }; Declares an interface

Javascript Interface output var developer = { firstName: 'Andrea', lastName: 'Boschin', birthDate: new Date(1968, 10, 27) };

Typescript classes class Person { firstName: string; lastName: string; birthDate: Date; getAge(): number { return new Date().getFullYear() - this.birthDate.getFullYear(); } } var speaker: Person = new Person(); speaker.firstName = 'Andrea'; speaker.lastName = 'Boschin'; speaker.birthDate = new Date(1968, 10, 27); console.log(speaker.getAge());

Javascript class output var Person = (function () { function Person() { } Person.prototype.getAge = function () { return new Date().getFullYear() - this.birthDate.getFullYear(); }; return Person; })(); var speaker = new Person(); speaker.firstName = 'Andrea'; speaker.lastName = 'Boschin'; speaker.birthDate = new Date(1968, 10, 27); console.log(speaker.getAge());

Typescript modules module model { export class Person { /* person implementation */ } export module collections { export class PersonList { /* collection implementation */ } } } var me: model.Person = new model.Person(); var people: model.collections.PersonList = new model.collections.PersonList();

Typescript callbacks class Service { public getItems(success: (result: any[]) => void): void { success(["a", "b", "c"]); } } function(result: any[]): void {}

Typescript external libs definition files https://github.com/borisyankov/DefinitelyTyped jquery angular knockout .d.ts .d.ts .d.ts

Typescript memo VS debugger works! (thanks to «sourcemaps») Typescript compiler is developed with Typescript Compiler can be hosted in ECMASCRIPT 3 browsers

Typescript why  support for ECMAScript 6 in ECMAScript 3 browsers  open Source and available to download on codeplex  tooling support, for type safety, inference and refactoring  static types and compilation catches mistakes earlier  structural interfaces & typing  works well with existing projects Anders Hejlsberg is involved. enables programming in the large

Typescript toolset http://www.typescriptlang.org visual studio 2012/2013 plugin available visual studio 2013 - update 2 - Feb 25 integrated other IDE? Sublime Text, EMACS, Vim


feedback 10 o feedback su: • http://xedotnet.org/feedback • MAIL andrea@boschin.it • TWITTER http://twitter.com/aboschin • FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/thesmallgrove ANDREA BOSCHIN Most Valuable Professional

Prossimo Meeting 11 aprile 2014 – Virtual Meeting 21:00 – Pragmatic Javascript Speaker: D.Morosinotto Un viaggio nel "mondo Javascript": partendo dalle basi (tipi di dati, oggetti literal, array associativi, prototype e this...) vedremo come sia possibile implementare dei Pattern OOP (Closure, Revealing Modulo, Mixin...) Forse scopriremo che JS può fare qualcosa di più che gestire qualche click e modificare degli elementi del DOM con JQuery, a voi l'ardua sentenza...

Prossimo Meeting 4 aprile 2014 – Community Meeting: Visual Studio20:00 - Sviluppare applicazioni web (completamente) on-line con Visual Studio «Monaco» Speaker: M.Parenzan Windows Azure e Team Foundation Server hanno cominciato a cambiare in una maniera incredibile il modo di gestire i progetti software e tutta l'attività professionale dello sviluppatore. Ora il passaggio ulteriore: un Visual Studio che gira nel browser... 21:30 - Utilizzare Git con TFS Speaker: D.Vernole In questa sessione vedremo come sia possibile utilizzare GIT come repository dei sorgenti in TFS 2013 in alternativa a Visual Source Control

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