Types of vinegars for making flavored (inflused) vinegars

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Information about Types of vinegars for making flavored (inflused) vinegars

Published on January 27, 2014

Author: cvadheim

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Table with attributes of the different types of vinegars commonly used for making home-made flavored (infused) vinegars.

Types of Vinegars (Used as Base for Flavored Vinegars) Type Strength Champagne Mild Description Delicate, smooth Native flavors Berry fruits (Ribes, Lonicera) Lepechinia fragrans Rosa californica All under Champagne White Wine White Rice Apple Cider Mild Milder than cider; light color – good for showing off colors, inclusions like sprigs; made from white wines Mild Japanese milder than Chinese; light colored; sweeter than cider vinegar medium Tangy, fruity (apple) flavor light to yellow color Arctostaphylos Artemisia douglasii Artemisia dracunculus Clinopodia chandleri Fragaria Juglans californica Monardella Salvia spathacea All under White Wine Artemisia californica Salvias Arctostaphylos Berberis/Mahonia Fragaria Prunus Rhus trilobata Rubus ursinius Sambucus Vitis All under Apple Cider Red Wine Robust Tangy taste; red color Balsamic Robust Intense, fruity sweet-sour taste; brown color Sherry Robust Malt Robust Red & Black Rice Robust Distilled (White) Acidic Smooth, mellow but strong (like balsamic); distinctive flavors Pungent, lemony flavor; made from malted barley Dark colors; robust, distinctive flavors No distinctive flavor except acidic; no color Artemisia californica Cleome isomeris Fragaria Salvia species All under Red Wine Lycium species Non-native flavors Mild herbs/spices Fruits Mild herbs/spices (basil, marjoram, thyme, tarragon, chives) Fruits (many including berries, plum, citrus) Walnuts All under White Wine medium or strong flavored herbs and spices & fruits: hot pepper, dill, garlic, shallots, nasturtium flowers/leaves, garlic chives, rosemary, spices, plum, grape, citrus All under Cider Oregono Berry fruits: raspberry, strawberry, etc. Strong flavored herbs & spices All under Red Wine Hot peppers Pomegranate Peach All under Red Wine All under Balsamic All under Red Wine All under Balsamic All under Red Wine strongly flavored fruits such as Elderberry, Strawberry, Blackberry Strong flavored herbs & spices Hot peppers;Other spicy herb & spices, citrus

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