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Published on April 26, 2014

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Types of Tourist



THE ORGANISED MASS TOURIST . The organised mass tourist are the least adventurous and spend most of their time in their comfortable “environmental bubble” throughout their trip.

• EXAMPLE: A guided tour in an air- conditioned bus travelling through the country side, the itineraries decided in advance, and all the attractions and stopping points are well fixed and guided. Tourist have almost no decisions on the trip.

THE INDIVIDUAL MASS TOURIST • This type of tourist is similar to the organised mass tourist, except that the tour is not entirely fixed. The tourist have certain amount of control over his/her time and itinerary ,and is not bound to a group.

EXAMPLE : • An independent package to a resort in kasauli for a week. flights, hotel, transfers areare all booked ahead of time.

THE EXPLORER • This type of tourist arranges their trips alone. • They try to go somewhere unusual, but still look for comfortable sleeping places and reliable means of transportation. • They retain some of the basic routines and comforts of their. • They always try to explore new destinations.

EXAMPLE: • A self-organised self-drive tour to rohtang. Tourist plan their own itinerary and stay in locally recommended bed & breakfast establishments like tourist lodges, or new establishments.

THE DRIFTER • This type of tourist go further away from the “environmental bubble” and from their day to day life in their home countries. They keep away from any kind of connection with the tourism establishments. They are happy to live with locals and try to live the way the locals live and speak their language. Drifters have no fixed itinerary or time tables.

EXAMPLE : • A back-packer who tours around unknown destinations. • Stays at new place. • Picks up jobs to earn some money.


ALLOCATION TYPE • An allocentric tourist is a person who seeks new experiences and adventure in a variety of activities. This person is outgoing and self- confident in behavior. An allocentric person prefers to fly and to explore new and unusual areas before others do so. Allocentrics enjoy meeting people from foreign or different cultures. They prefer good hotels and food, but not necessarily modern or chain-type hotels.

• For a tour package, an allocentric would like to have the basics such as transportation and hotels, but not be committed to a structured itinerary. They would rather have the freedom to explore an area, make their own arrangements and choose a variety of activities and tourist attractions.

PSYCHOCENTRIC TYPE • Psychocentrics are more conservatively oriented. They tend to be inhibited and non-adventuresome. They prefer to return to familiar travel destinations where they can relax and know what types of food and activity to expect.

• Psychocentrics prefer to drive to destinations, stay in typical tourist accommodations, and eat at family-type restaurants. When arranging a package tour, psychocentrics would prefer a heavily structured itinerary so that they know what to expect. Safety and security are very important to this group.

MID-CENTRIC TYPE • There is a large number of people falling between the allocentric and the psychocentric types of tourists. This type of tourists is called mid-centrics. Mid-centric tourists are not particularly adventurous, but they are receptive to new experience.

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