Types of Production Planning and Control

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Information about Types of Production Planning and Control

Published on February 16, 2011

Author: Eaman

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Types of Production Planning and Control: Types of Production Planning and Control Aishath Eaman Contents : Contents What is Production Planning & Control? Objectives of Production Planning &Control Types of Production Plan Relating the Qualities Relating to the Method Relating to the Time Types of Production Control Centralized Production Control Decentralized Production Control What is Production Planning and Control?: What is Production Planning and Control? Production Planning and Control System consist of planning, routing, scheduling, dispatching and progressing the production process. Objectives of Production Planning and Control: Objectives of Production Planning and Control Timely supply of finished goods. Maximum utilization of material and human resources. Effective control of production process. Helps to produce the goods on the basis of sale. Types of Production Plan: Types of Production Plan Production plan relating the qualities of sale. Production plans are always taking according to the qualities of sale. These plans can achieve balance relationship among sales rate, production rate and inventory rate. Slide 6: 2. Production Plan relating to the method These types of plans are used in custom manufacturing products, only after receiving the orders from the customers. Slide 7: 3. Production plan relating to the time. Every process is completed according to the schedule, so we need a proper plan on the basis of time for managing the production. Types of Production Control: Types of Production Control Centralized production control In this method, all the production process are controlling by a separate production control department. It is a good method in case of continuous production system Advantages of centralized production control: Advantages of centralized production control Accurate determination of production control. Decision making process is very fast. Centralized coordination of all works. Disadvantages of centralized production control: Disadvantages of centralized production control There maybe a clash between the line authority. Don’t have direct knowledge about each production team. Slide 11: 2. Decentralized Production Control Under this method the authority and responsibility of production controls are dividing to the different departments. This method is more suitable incase of intermittent production system. Advantages of decentralized production control: Advantages of decentralized production control No additional work-loads. Smooth running of the production. Better utilization of available resources. Disadvantages of decentralized production control: Disadvantages of decentralized production control Overall control is very difficult. It is not suitable in case of continuous production. Thank you!: Thank you!

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