Types of mobile app updates & why you should install the new versions?

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Information about Types of mobile app updates & why you should install the new versions?

Published on June 8, 2016

Author: imobdevtech

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: MOBILE APP UPDATES TYPES OF NEW VERSIONS AND EFFECTIVENESS slide 2: Types of mobile app updates why you should install the new versions The notifications of App updates nag us every time. The app updates aim to improve the app performance. Learn the type of updates how they are beneficial to you. After a release of a first version developers of any app become busy to release an update. The users install the first version after sometime see the update. The technology sector gets affected with the roll outs often. And each updated version is aimed to improve the app performance serves users with the added features. Never ignore the updates as they are important. App updates matter as they can help in building the loyal following. The Mobile app updates generally are dependent upon the feedback and land up with the relevant bug fixes. Committed professionals with the apps give their best to integrate the features which users are requesting. Why are the updates effective Depending upon the strategies different apps release updates by following distinctive time intervals. Even the clients have hired proficient mobile app development company new slide 3: versions are fair always. Updates allow the users believe that they can enhance the experience of browsing through the apps and for getting the best service. Additionally the updates are the testaments of continuous maintenance. Updated versions of apps are obviously meant for delivering smart service. Users even suggest the up-to-date apps if someone asks them about the alternatives of the apps they are using now. Types of Updates: With a little leeway Play Store gives us a chance to choose when and how to update the app which is already available in the mobile device. Sometimes the apps nag users to install the updated package. Users can set the updates to happen manually or automatically. Some app updates require new permission they are never updated automatically. Auto Updates: Set in the play store for an auto update when any of the installed apps in your device is affected with the new version. In this setting user will not be nagged with the notifications to update a new version. Only slide 4: in the case of app update which requires new permissions will ask for the permission. Follow this to ensure that you are using all the apps with latest versions. Manual Updates: Some of the users are too concious about what is going to install in their devices. Manual updates are there for them. Users get a notification each time the installed apps need up-gradation. Tap on the notification users will be taken to the app store can update an app from there. The positive side for app updates: Do not get irritated when you get notification of the update. The updates are always intend to magnify the app performance. And here are the benefits of app updates: Security Concern: If there are any security holes left in the older versions and anybody draws an attention of the mobile app development company or a developer then the new versions come up by fixing those security vulnerabilities. In the case the update of newer version has arrived you are still using the old version then you may be using an insecure version your data may be at a big risk. For ex. without seeking a permission any malicious software can be installed in your system you might not have any idea about the unauthorized access of your confidential information. slide 5: Stability: Sometimes it happens that users are habituated of using a current version of the app they are even satisfied with the performance features. In this case they omit the update. But they never know that they may have the amazing features added with more interactive mobile app designs. Newer versions could solve the crashes and other complaints received from the actual users. Features: Most major Mobile app updates have been appended or added new features to serve better. Some out of the box functionalities ease the work of users. Hence this is the most crucial reason for which you must download the new version of the app you are using currently. If the user does not download the newly released app version he/she cant access the trendy functionalities. In the world of internet continuously changing technology era staying updated is beneficial. Image credit: testinsane.com slide 6: Using out-of-the date versions means you may be left behind. Performance: Speed matters When any tester is testing the performance of an app he considers many aspects. In which they mostly focus on the flawless performance. Quick response time of app means increased speed. In the most recent updated app version you may experience far better browsing speed. There is not a fix time span after which the new versions are introduced. But depending on the app popularity a number of developers and the type upcoming concepts the versions are affected. Some minor bugs can be fixed within 2-3 days or a week. So this kind of new release will not consume a much time the users will be notified of the new update soon. Some features are challenging and comprehensive which consumes a good time. Larger teams work on it still due to the challenging aspect the new updates release after months. We can differentiate the bugs in diverse types which are as follows: 1. Bug Fixing Updates: Some minor or unexpected bugs are faced after a final release of the app. Bug fixing release makes the it more stable. For the Apps which are used widely have a frequent bug fixing updates. These mobile app updates may have some minor changes when we consider other aspects excluding bug fixing. But the focus will definitely on bug fixing. slide 7: 2. Feature Release Updates: Depending on the type size of new features the app release will take a time. App publishers expecting the trendy or exclusively new features will surely take a good time. Figuring out the scope implementation of smart coding may swallow many months. And do not forget to count the time that the app stores take for the approval. 3. Major Minor Updates: Feature release updates are considered as the major updates bug fixing updates are considered as the minor updates. Users must focus slide 8: on the version numbers. Through which they can understand that the update is major or minor. Minor updates will have three digit sequence major will have two digit sequence. When a major update will come the current version number will be bumped. Concluding Note: Generally the updates fall in the range of 1-4 per month. It is always beneficial to update the app with the most recent version. Experience the exclusive features new mobile app designs flawless performance with the new release.

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