Types of Fracture

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Information about Types of Fracture

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: kawaljeetkang

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Types of Fracture: Types of Fracture Open fracture: Open fracture In which the broken bone is exposed out of the skin Closed fracture: Closed fracture In which bone is broken but the skin is intact Complete fracture: Complete fracture Two pieces of the bone completely separates from each other Incomplete Fracture: Incomplete Fracture In which bone ends are not separated completely Compression Fracture: Compression Fracture occurs when two or more bones are forced against each other. Avulsion fracture: Avulsion fracture fracture where a piece of bone is broken off by a sudden, forceful contraction of a muscle . Stress fracture: Stress fracture It is a common overuse injury, occurs due to excessive stress Linear fracture: Linear fracture In this the fracture is parallel to the bone's long axis. Transeverse fracture: Transeverse fracture fracture is at a right angle to the bone's long axis. Oblique fracture: Oblique fracture In this the fracture is diagonal to a bone's long axis. Spiral fracture: Spiral fracture In this at least one part of the bone has been twisted. Comminuted fracture: : Comminuted fracture : In this the fracture results in several fragments. Compacted fracture: Compacted fracture In this the fracture is caused when bone fragments are driven into each other. Greenstick  fracture : Greenstick  fracture the bone has not snapped, it's been stretched or crumpled like soft chalk. Hairline fracture: Hairline fracture this is a small crack in the bone Pathologiccal fracture: Pathologiccal fracture A pathological fracture is a fracture that occurs at a site where the bone is weakened by a pathological process.

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