Type Of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

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Information about Type Of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Published on April 5, 2019

Author: 9gemeu

Source: authorstream.com

Slide2: Indian Blue sapphire India is known as one of the largest sellers of blue sapphire. In India Natural blue sapphire stone. Slide3: Kashmiri Blue Sapphire Stone The finest quality blue sapphire is found in Kashmir. Kashmir is the best producer of Neelam stone. Kashmiri blue sapphire price is very high as compare to other types of Neelam because it is the finest variety of the Neelam stone. Kashmiri Neelam is highly popular due to its blue hue and velvety texture. Slide4:  Kashmiri blue sapphire is also known as Mayur Neelam because this stone color is like peacock neck. In Kashmir, blue sapphire is excavated from the khoomnaan mines. Kashmiri Neelam is also found in the district of south India salem . Slide5: Russian Blue Sapphire Stone Neelam is found in Russia also but the quality of Russian Neelam is inferior. If you want low Neelam at low price then you can buy Russian neelam stone. Slide6: Sri Lanka Blue sapphire The blue sapphire which is found in Sri Lanka is also known as Ceylon. It is the finest quality of stone and it is excavated in the mines of sri lanka like Ceylon, Ratanpur , Rakbaana , Gaunda etc. Slide7: Burma Blue sapphire Burmese neelam appears fascinating and it is smooth to cut the Burmese neelam stone. Slide8: Australian Blue Sapphire In Australia blue sapphire is found in Queensland and new south. Australian blue sapphire is dark in color and high in quality. Slide9: Contact Us https://www.facebook.com/9gem.com.au https://www.9gem.com.au 9216113388 Slide10: Thank You

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