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Published on March 14, 2008

Author: Berenger

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Slide1:  160 characters that makes a difference! About txtNation:  txtNation is… one of the largest providers of Permission Marketing in Europe and growing txtNation is based on permission marketing SMS, MMS and WAP And are now one of the largest provider of Permission Marketing SMS in Northern Europe and growing More than 10 million users txtNation typically runs direct marketing campaigns segmented after postal code, gender or age Which is a minimum of information that txtNation has on it’s users in the database txtNation campaigns can contain a response directly in the SMS, MMS or WAP Meaning that txtNation can collect leads from a direct marketing campaign Thereby the cost of the campaign is reduced to a minimum cost per sent SMS and a cost pr. Lead / customer that txtNation generates to the client If the client wants to run a larger campaign – either more information or with some kind of visualization - txtNation has sub sites where leads are collected through micro sites About txtNation Permission Marketing SMS today:  Permission Marketing SMS today Denmark txtNation (500.000) Finland Sweden txtNation (500.000) Germany - txtNation (1.760.000) United Kingdom txtNation (1.400.000) Norway - txtNation (900.000) txtNation Total: 9.540.000 users Netherlands txtNation (800.000) France: 1.500.000 Belgium: 500.000 Spain: 680.000 Hungary: 500.000 Switzerland: 250.000 Austria: 250.000 SMS is direct communication:  SMS can be received anywhere regardless of time and place SMS is the most direct and personal form of media in the world today SMS is direct communication SMS compared to other types of media:  SMS compared to other types of media SMS compared with traditionally media based on contact, expenses and “top of mind” Source: ClickaTell, 2004 No one deletes an SMS without having read it Most people read an SMS when it is received – you decide when your message is to be read Contact mass – people with mobile phones + given permission to receive advertisement on their mobile phone Expenses – based on a per reached customer. The mobile media is more personal and the cost per reached customer is low similar to other medias Top of mind – how strong the media is to be remembered to each customer. It is a very personal media and becomes a more direct advertisement Strength - Cases in Europe:  Emporio Armani opened a new store in London and launched a direct marketing campaign. They sent out 50.000 e-mails and 10.000 SMS’ with the message that by replying you could get a free t-shirt on a given day of opening. The response rate was 16,6 % - 50 % of the response rate came from the SMS campaign. Iknow have - among lots of campaigns - done a 16,5 % response rate for Orange with the message of 100 minutes free airtime for new subscribers. PulpSMS have done 28 % response rates for EMI. 6,2 % response rates on reduced entrees fair in Acquaparc. 11,6 % response rate on Montreux Jazz festival. In Australia Pepsi have done a campaign where you – by a positive response – received a message containing a code giving you a free Pepsi Cola. There were 100.000 people who responded positively. 21 % came from e-mail – 79 % came from SMS… Strength - Cases in Europe Case 1 – Mini Cruise DFDS Seaways (DK):  Case 1 – Mini Cruise DFDS Seaways (DK) ”the SMS campaign has been a success and it has shown to be a supreme media to communicate our products through. The profit from the campaign has been high and we will definitely use Retail Internet Mobile again.” Kenneth Schmidt Holmbjerg – Direct Marketing Manager DFDS Seaways The brief Create a campaign for DFDS Seaways new product – “live concerts on their mini cruises in Scandinavia” The idea Get more value on your mini vacation and start experience how easy and comfortable it is to order a mini cruise Ordering takes place directly on the DFDS webpage and is marketed as the link www.dfds.dk/SMS The result High response rates – 11.84% Thousands of people experience how easy it is to go on a mini cruise and the new initiative with live concerts A great value for DFDS – segmenting and target audience who is interested in travel and entertainment Case 2 – Sterling (Scandinavia):  Case 2 – Sterling (Scandinavia) The brief Create a sell of plane tickets to Paris in a low travel period – with discounts of 20 percent The idea To avoid empty seats on their planes, Sterling did a direct mobile marketing campaign, where the receiver of the SMS is urged to order plane tickets now in order to get a 20 percent discount Ordering takes place at Retail Internet Mobiles Danish sub-side www.smstilbud.nu where a micro site collects orders from the customers and send them directly to Sterling sales personnel The result Success for all parties involved – Sterling did a new interesting campaign and created a brand value of the Sterling brand. They gave customers the opportunity to experience a vacation to Paris with a good discount Case 3 – Audi (UK):  Case 3 – Audi (UK) The brief Advertising the Audi experience The idea Send out a video stream as a WAP message where the receiver can download a video showing the Audi experience The result Audi created a different marketing campaign where the Audi experience was received and shown as a video directly on the users mobile phone. It created a huge brand value and worth of mouth for the Audi brand throughout the running of the campaign Case TDC (DK):  Case TDC (DK) SMS Campaign The advertiser was TDC, the largest phone and internet provider in Denmark. They wanted to promote a new product for 18-28 year olds. The campaign included o SMS message o Short code for SMS response o One2one e-mail (see next page) o Campaign site at advertisers webpage (www.tdc.dk/sms) o Banner at our Danish SMS campaign site www.smstilbud.nu At the top to the right you see the SMS message that we sent out Tuesday afternoon. It encouraged the recipients either to respond by SMS or to go to the advertisers campaign site. All responding users got an SMS back saying that * an e-mail had been sent to them – and to what e-mail address it had been sent – * or saying that we could not find their e-mail address Both messages referred to www.smstilbud.nu to create some traffic there as well! See the messages to the right  The campaign had a good response while it was exposed on SMS, email and web! Response when texting BSM NW to 1231: The messages has been translated so please do not give the text to much attention  http://www.smstilbud.nu http://www.tdc.dk/sms One2one e-mail Case TDC (DK):  Case TDC (DK) The One2one e-mail sent to the users texting BSM NW to 1231 included some text and the following banner, linking to the advertisers campaign site. Who are our advertisers?:  Who are our advertisers? Expectations in Europe:  (…) analyst Allison Webb estimated that by 2006 there is the potential for 37 billion wireless advertisements and alerts to be sent in western Europe, worth $12 billion. With more than 60 million subscribers, Germany will probably account for 25% of this, i.e. $3 billion (...) This forecast is based on the assumption that 65% of all mobile subscribers will accept some form of mobile marketing. Source: www.frost.com (2006) Expectations in Europe Slide14:  ”The issue isn't about mobile marketing. It's about understanding your target audience and communicating to them in their space.” Ron Rolleston (CEO) – Elizabeth Arden

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