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Published on June 13, 2016

Author: ChrisH13


1. has become one of the leading Twitter traffic providers via Twitters Ad Platform. The need for traffic is high, however the reality is, most networks don’t provide for client needs. Most networks simply provide dropped domain clicks, parked domain visitors, bot traffic etc, but when it comes to Twitter, you’re getting a source of traffic that has already gone through their security to determine that it’s real, healthy and targeted. It’s very simple. If you need to monetize your website, you’ve prob examined the “paid traffic” world while looking for an easier method to generate revenue from your website. Listen to me, if you want a return from your website, do what everyone else does, slap some adsense ads, chitika ads,, taboola ads and watch your returns. The adsense safe traffic at is virtually unbeatable due to the targeting nature of hashtags. Monetizing with twitter traffic is the easiest way outside of organic search traffic. Simple grab and earn while gaining followers in the process. Go to now and grab a test package to try it out.

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