Twitter's Impact on Major League Baseball

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Information about Twitter's Impact on Major League Baseball
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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: chaseholmes



An analysis of Twitter's impact on Major League Baseball

An analysis of Twitter’s impact on Major League Baseball Chelsee Moe | Brett Mellon | Chase Holmes | Jordan Bruce | Amanda Bercovitch

Twitter Statistics • Over 650 Million users • Over 140,000 new users per day • Over 58 Million Tweets per day • Over 115 Million monthly users • 40% of users do not tweet • 2013 advertising revenue: $405,000,000 Statistics provided by eMarketer

Key Content Creators • Celebrities • Musicians • News Sources • Politicians • Humor Accounts • Fun Facts • Brands • Miscellaneous • Sports teams

Twitter in Sports • Live sports, live tweeting • Allows out-of-market fans to join in on the conversation • Player accounts create more “personal” relationships • League accounts can use large following to increase interest in certain teams (small market) • Mobile users very active while attending games

Top Sports Twitter Accounts

MLB Twitter Accounts • MLB +30 Team Accounts • Over 11 Million total followers • Over 100,000 Tweets

Different Types of Posts • In-Game updates • Tickets • Promotional/Sponsorship • Photos • Retweet player accounts • Fan Initiatives Social Initiatives Handouts*

Effectiveness • Different from traditional advertising • Less direct revenue, increased qualitative value • Retweets and engagement increase reach • New look at CPM model, CPE introduced • Tracking and aggregation #works Effectiveness Handouts*

Group Tweet Example • Low activity Twitter users, below average followings • Still over 400 impressions • Followers more likely to have similar interests

The Impact of a Popular Tweet • Average Twitter user has 208 followers • Users who Retweet have a much higher average • Many Tweets getting over 1 Million natural impressions, high engagement

Correlation to eSociety 211 • “Prior to the Internet, when we talked about media, we were talking about two different things: broadcast media and communication media. Broadcast media was like a megaphone, amplifying a one-way message from one sender to many receivers” (Shirky 86) • Cost effective for advertisers • Better user experience for consumers/viewers

Traditional Advertising • Print Ads • Billboards • Radio • Television • Product Placement

Twitter “Advertising” • Campaigns that have organic appeal • Brand association • Indirect, less invasive

Analysis • More impact than traditional advertising • Abstract value, qualitative and quantitative impact • Personal impact meets high volume advertising • Allows for niche branding and sponsorship • High growth rate

“Now that’s good TW”

Why Twitter? • Efficient tracking and research • Data Analytics • Aggregation • #Hashtags • Immediate feedback • Click through ratios, more in depth metrics via Twitter HQ

Using Feedback to Create Content Exquisite Corpse: painting a clear picture via Twitter • Use tags, key words, to track conversation in real-time • Understand the different ways in which fans engage • Organize posts by genre, effectiveness, revenue

MLB’s SM Future • Extremely high growth • Average over 250,000 new users per month (full year) • Exclusive sponsorship, avoid over advertising • Strengthen cross-league relationships, player loyalty • Maintain team loyalty while increasing viewership Social Growth Handouts*

Conclusion • Engagement • Efficiency • Exponential growth • Avoid over advertising • Maintain tradition through innovation

Thank You Chelsee Moe | Brett Mellon | Chase Holmes | Jordan Bruce | Amanda Bercovitch

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