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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: pbrockmyre



Using Twitter and LinkedIn Business Pages for SMB market 2012. Social Media for Small Business. LinkedIn Company Pages. Presented Social Media Workshop Chamber of Commerce.


Social Media is Democratizing Communications 

Welcome   Paige Brockmyre, Web and Social Media Consultant, NeXt I.T. @maddogsocial  Shawn Willson, V.P Sales, NeXt I.T.

Twitter   Jack Dorsey, founder created March 2006 launched July 2006 (Noah Glass, Evan Williams, Biz Stone)  140 million active users 2012  340 million tweets per day  1.6 billion search queries per day  140 characters  Micro-blogging

Twitter Questions   What are hashtags # and how do you use them?  How often do you tweet and why?  Should you connect Twitter and Linkedin?  How do you use Twitter for Business Marketing?  How do you use Twitter for Lead Generation?  How do you use Twitter for Pubic Relations?  How do you use Twitter for Customer Service?

Hashtags # 

#muskegon 

Tweeting   An observation  What you’re reading  What events you’re attending  Your content  Someone else’s content  Chat with someone  Retweet 2h,5h,6h 2m,22m,25 m43m

Linking Social Media   Same message and same audience??

Twitter Marketing     Monitor brands Promote events, products Become expert resource

Lead Generation 

Public Relations 

Customer Service 

LinkedIn   Reid Hoffman, Founder, Stanford and Oxford, Socialnet SMN, PayPal  LinkedIn officially launched on May 5, 2003 and within one month gained 4,500 members.  Global with 2 billion people searches in 2010  150 million users in February 2012  All Fortune 500 represented

LinkedIn Questions   What are the benefits of having a company page?  How do ads work on LinkedIn?  How do company status updates work?  How do you use LinkedIn for lead generation?  What are the advantages of an upgraded account?  How do you use LinkedIn for employee research and hiring?  What are Career Pages?

Benefits of Company Page Company Reach & Product Awareness           Network Profile Connections Groups E-mail Searching Questions and Answers Analytics Status updates          Find a contact at a Co. Sell a product Look for an employee Do business in a new city Look for partner Create a reputation Hyperlinks List Tweets and Blogs Ads

Company Page Example  Careers Follow Connection Overview Alumni Stats Employees Connected to you Culture AD

Selling Products        Search target market Find specific users Find buyers Find customers of your customers to drive demand Find people who consult to people buying your product Find people who can help improve your product

LinkedIn Ad 

Company Status Updates   Stay top of mind, build relationships and brand awareness, evangelism  Followers of your Company will see Status Updates on their homepage  Updates can be ‘liked’, commented and shared  Excessive posting is subject to review by LinkedIn

Lead Generation Groups & Events  Groups  Builds Thought Leadership  Connects thriving community  Drives traffic to your site  Build personal network  Lead Generator  Gain inspiration  Connect before conferences  Help others Events         New relationships Filling a niche Build a new network or list Brand Awareness Credibility Sales, Opportunities Media attention Connecting others

Lead Generation Answers & Applications Answers  Google reads LinkedIn Answers, so anything that you enter in your answer becomes available in a keyword search. This means, your website or your LinkedIn profile gets a higher ranking.  Creates your reputation  Positions you as Expert  New connections  Find Experts  First level of information  Connect worldwide  Applications     Enrich your profile Share and Collaborate Be more effective Stay current and competitive

Company Page 2  Blog News Hires Changes 911

Company Page 3  Degree Job Function University Years of Experience AD

Company Page 4  Before LV Growth After LV Employee Geographic Also Viewed Skills

Company Page 5  Title Change Blog Departures New Titles Popular profiles

Upgrades      In mail 50+Groups Access Career Pages

Employee Research and Hiring      Largest network of recruiters Reference checks Recommendations See how they present themselves to the world

Benefits of Career Pages       Position company as an ‘employer of choice’ Increase candidate response/acceptance rate Raise awareness of job opportunities Drive traffic to website, social network, application Analyze who is viewing and interacting with your brand with analytics

Upgraded Career Pages 

Thank You!   Get started w/ these tools Thanks for coming! Sources: Twitter, LinkedIn, Mari Smith, Info graphics Labs, Hubspot, Wikipedia, Social Media Examiner, Pinterest

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