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Published on May 8, 2014

Author: AmyAllStar



Twitter is Causal, it's the fuel to the fire of scholars and discontents who seek to change the world. How is this tool different from Facebook and other social media? How can you use it to further your own mission, grow your business, get great customer service, inform your research and more?

Twitter: How to Start a Revolution It’s not just for celebrities, tweens and updates on breakfast cereal. | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution | Meet Amy Larrimore @AmyAllStar @AmyAllStar #140 Speaker 2013 New York, NY Advisor to Three Heads of State, including the USA Pennsylvania Bar Institute Faculty and Course Planner Managing Partner, The Empire Builders Group $43.25 = average daily web revenue generated her first cup of coffee #FLPRevolution

Who has Twitter? | @AmyAllStar Room •The Venue @FLPBusiness •Judith @CampbellStudios City •Hurricane Schwartz @HurricaneNBC10 •Connor Barwin, Eagles @ConnorBarwin98 Country •@CoryBooker •@CharlesSchwab World •@AmericanAirlines •@LadyGaga #FLPRevolution

What is Twitter?  Social Media and Social Network  A person to person messaging platform  Instant personal communication  Allowing Unknown to Unknown  With very little “overhead”  Mostly public | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

How to Tweet? | @AmyAllStar Username (begins with @)Display Name (link to profile) Avatar (Photo) See related tweets (blue line) Types of Interactions • Reply (Respond to all, into conversation view) • Retweet (Republish to your followers) • Favorite (Bookmark or save – public) Content limited to 140 characters including usernames, spaces and links. #FLPRevolution | Why Twitter? • Anonymous • Instant • Global @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Twitter is CAUSAL Twitter is Causal | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Twitter IS Viral – No Relationship Required | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Twitter is… • Profound • Statistically Significant • “the Pulse of the world” | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

What Can You Do With Twitter? Check on @justinbieber …and way way more | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Predict Disease Outbreak Locations Give 8-10 hours notice to emergency rooms Understand when critical services will be exhausted Find patient zero quickly | @AmyAllStar

Listen to your Customer Or worse…. Don’t. | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Promote Your Brand Suddenly Toy Planes Have Everyone Talking…. |

Save a Puppy from Freezing to Death in @AAirlines Cargo Businesses on Twitter pay attention to public commentary – and react, quickly | @AmyAllStar

#SFBatkid inspires the world and gets a @Vine from @BarackObama | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution | Overthrow the Government • 2009 Moldova civil unrest • 2009 Iranian election protests • 2010 Tunisian Jasmine Revolution • 2011 Egyptian Revolution @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Predict the Future - Politics Predict the Government | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution | @AmyAllStar Run the Government

Learn the Government | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Report a crime – or a pothole @phillypolice @philly311 | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Organize Your Community to Solve Problems - #oldcityrat | @AmyAllStar

Petition with • Organize • Sign • Submit | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Fall in Love Who is your #TC or #twittercrush? | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Get Gardening Advice from your plants themselves. | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution Time for Water!

Send Prayers to the Western Wall @thekotel | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Tweet the Pope @pontifex | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Confess @twitterconfession | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Tell Jokes with Monks @unvirtuousabbey | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Find a Job… | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Lose a Job… | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Get Run Out of Town And get fired. And almost lose your company a few billions in funding. | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution | Track • Comets • Superheroes • Santa @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Phone a friend or ask the audience Where can I get magazines today before 11am in Old City? | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Read books @swotter | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Get Out of Jail UC Berkley Student Karl Buck tweets “ARRESTED” and his friends send for help at the US Embassy, he is freed the next day | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Get Rescued from an Avalanche @twittermethis | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Reach Others in a Crisis - Quickly •Haitian Earthquake •Mumbai Shootings •Boston Marathon | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Make Money @twittermethis | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

Which Role Do You Play? Revolutionary Roles  The Visionary -  The Leader -  The Activist -  The Sage -  The Firebrand -  The Front Lines - Fueled By  Inspiration, Ideas, Philosophy, likeminds  Platform, the first follower  Communities looking to be organized  Research, Information, crowdsourcing  Ability to quickly incite, recordkeeping  Ability to quickly organize | @AmyAllStar

One Voice Begins the Revolution What will you do? | @AmyAllStar #FLPRevolution

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