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Information about Twitter bootstrap (css, components and javascript)

Published on February 25, 2016

Author: NexThoughts


1. Twitter Bootstrap (Css, Components, JavaScript) Presented By: Ali Tanwir

2. Agenda  Overview  Advantages of Bootstrap  How to get Bootstrap  Create first web page  Understanding meta tag  Containers  Grid System  Components

3. Overview  Bootstrap was developed by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter, and released as an open source product in August 2011 on GitHub (No. 1 project on GitHub on June ‘14).  It is a free front-end framework for faster and easier web development.  It is a set of predefined CSS classes and a JQuery functions.

4. Advantages of Bootstrap  Easy to use  Responsive features  Consistent Design  Mobile-first approach  Browser compatibility

5. How to get Bootstrap  Download Bootstrap from  Add Twitter Bootstrap in BuildConfig.groovy file under plugins, // plugins needed at runtime but not for compilation runtime ':twitter-bootstrap:3.3.4'  Include Bootstrap from a CDN (Content Delivery Network)  Latest compiled and minified CSS

6. Create First Web Page  Add the HTML5 doctype − Bootstrap uses HTML elements and CSS properties that require the HTML5 doctype. − Always include the HTML5 doctype at the beginning of the page, along with the lang attribute and the correct character set.  Add viewport <meta> tag inside the <head> element − To ensure proper rendering and touch zooming, add viewport <meta> tag inside the <head> element:

7. Understanding <meta> tag <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial- scale=1">  The width=device-width part sets the width of the page to follow the screen-width of the device (which will vary depending on the device). 

8. Containers  Creating Fixed Layout The process of creating the fixed yet responsive layout starts with the .container class. After that create rows with the .row class to wrap the horizontal groups of columns. Rows must be placed within a container for proper alignment and padding. <div class="container"> <div class="row"> ...

9.  Creating Fluid Layout The class .container-fluid simply applies the horizontal margin with the value auto and left and right padding of 15px on element to offset the left and right margin of -15px (i.e. margin: 0 -15px;) used on the .row. It create the fluid layouts in order to utilize the 100% width of the viewport. <div class="container-fluid"> <div class="row">

10. Grid System Bootstrap includes a responsive, mobile first fluid grid system that appropriately scales up to 12 columns as the device or viewport size increases. Grid systems are used for creating page layouts through a series of rows and columns that house your content. Here's how the Bootstrap grid system works:  Rows must be placed within a .container (fixed-width) or .container-fluid (full-*click on the Gid System heading to open a reference webpage.

11.  Grid columns are created by specifying the number of 12 available columns you wish to span. For example, 3 equal columns would use three .col-xs-4.  If more than 12 columns are placed within a single row, each group of extra columns will, as one unit, wrap onto a new line.  Grid classes apply to devices with screen widths greater than or equal to the breakpoint sizes, and override grid classes

12. Grid System Table *click on the Gid System Table image to open a reference webpage.

13. Components  Over a dozen reusable components built to provide iconography, dropdowns, input groups, navigation, alerts, and much more. − Dropdowns − Navs − Navbar − Breadcrumbs − Pagination *click on the Components & types of components to open a reference webpage.

14. Bootstrap JavaScript  Bring Bootstrap's components to life with over a dozen custom jQuery plugins. Easily include them all, or one by one.  Plugins can be included individually (using Bootstrap's individual *.js files), or all at once (using bootstrap.js or the minified bootstrap.min.js). *click on the Bootstrap Javascript heading to open a reference webpage.

15. List of Javascripts & Demo  Transitions (transition.js)  Modals (modal.js)  Dropdowns (dropdown.js)  ScrollSpy (scrollspy.js)  Togglable tabs (tab.js)  Tooltips (tooltip.js)  Popovers (popover.js)  Alert messages (alert.js)*click on the names of the list of javascripts to open a reference webpage.

16. References  CSS reference from -  Components reference from -  Javascripts reference from -  Containers reference from - − −  For further modifications into Boostrap

17. Thank You !

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