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Published on January 22, 2008

Author: Riccardino


Occupational asthma:  Occupational asthma Causes and risk occupations R.Piipari, TTL Asthma:  Asthma Airway inflammation, in which the amount of many kinds of inflammatory cells in the airways is increased. Susceptible persons get symptoms owing to the airway inflammation. Typical functional feature is variable airway obstruction. Global strategy for Asthma Management National Institute of Health and WHO 1995 Slide3:  Work-related diseases, definitions in Estonia 1. An occupational disease: An illness brought about by risk factors present in the working environment or the nature of the work and which is included in the list of occupational diseases. (The list of occupational diseases shall be established by a regulation of the Minister of Social Affairs.) 2. A work-induced disease: An illness brought about by the risk factors present in the working environment, but which is not deemed an occupational disease. Slide4:  Occupational asthma obstructive airway disease, which is associated with exposure at the workplace to dusts, gases or fumes. Includes Sensitizer induced cases non-allergic asthmatic diseases as reactive airways dysfunction syndrome (RADS) byssinosis irritant induced occupational asthma?? Occupational asthma means asthma induced by getting sensitized to biological or chemical agents present in the workplace. Occupational asthma, causes:  Occupational asthma, causes Organic agents recognized already at the 1700's (flour dust asthma in bakers and millers) nowadays about 70-80% of cases Chemicals, first report in 1963 (asthma caused by phtalic acid anhydride in a chemist) nowadays about 20-30% of cases More than 200 sensitizers recognized today Occupational Asthma in Finland :  Occupational Asthma in Finland N The Finnish Register of Occupational Diseases Occupational asthma Sensitization:  Occupational asthma Sensitization type I allergic, IgE mediated reaction many biologic compounds a few chemicals, which act as haptens other immunological mechanisms other possible mechanisms Criteria for an allergic response:  Criteria for an allergic response Asthma occurs only in a proportion of those exposed to the particular agent Asthma develops only after an initial sympotomfree period fo exposure After sensitization asthmatic responses are provoked by very low exposure levels Agents causing occupational asthma:  Agents causing occupational asthma Organic agents Animal epithelia Flour/grain/hay Storage mites Moulds Wood dusts Enzymes Natural rubber Colophony (pine resin) Food, vegetables Textiles, furs Decorative flowers Chemicals Welding fumes Metal salts Di-isocyanates Acrylates Acid anhydrides Formaldehyde Persulphates Diethanolamines Glues/resins/varnishes Drugs Reactive dyes Agents causing occupational asthma/rhinitis and related occupations:  Agents causing occupational asthma/rhinitis and related occupations Animal epithelia farmers, cattle tenders, veterinarians, laboratory workers Flour, grain dust bakers, millers, farmers, cattle tenders, food processing workers Storage mites bakers, millers, farmers, food processing workers, stock room workers Some foodstuff food processing workers, cooks, kitchen workers (eg. fruits, vegetables, fish, crayfish, spices) Moulds Farmers, bakers, greenhouse workers, sawmill workers Agents causing occupational asthma/rhinitis and related occupations:  Agents causing occupational asthma/rhinitis and related occupations Di-isocyanates car sprayers, painters, laminators, insulators, plastic workers Metal fumes and salts welders, metal workers, platers, refiners, grinders Formaldehyde laboratory workers, foundry workers, resin and wood processing workers, textile workers Persulphates Hairdressers, persulphate processing workers Acrylates dental workers, electronic workers, mechanicians Agents causing occupational asthma/rhinitis and related occupations:  Agents causing occupational asthma/rhinitis and related occupations Enzymes Bakers, food processing workers, pharmaceutical and laboratory workers, detergent manufactory workers, textile workers Decorative flowers Florists, gardeners, botanists Wood dusts Wood and sawmill workers, carpenters Natural rubber Health care and laboratory workers, food processing workers Colophony Soft soderers, electronic workers Agents causing occupational asthma/rhinitis and related occupations:  Agents causing occupational asthma/rhinitis and related occupations Acid anhydrides Sprayers, painters, plastic workers, chemical workers Diethanolamines Metal workers, cleaners, plastic workers, textile workers, chemical workers Drugs Pharmacoceutical workers, laboratory workers, chemists, nurses Reactive dyes Textile workers Di-isocyanate exposure:  Di-isocyanate exposure Spray painting, car painting Insulation work with polyurethane products Foam/plastics manufacture Products that often contain di-isocyanates :  Products that often contain di-isocyanates Two component paints Two component glues Insulation material Plastics Foams Resins Varnishes Bakery work, sensitizers:  Bakery work, sensitizers flours enzymes storage mites spices egg milk powder sesame seed Cattle breeding, sensitizers:  Cattle breeding, sensitizers animal epithelia storage mites feed flours feed additions (fish powder, enzymes, soya) Manufacturing/use of plastic products, sensitizers:  Di-isocyanates Epoxy resins, organic acid anhydride or amine hardeners Phtalates Formaldehyde Azodicarbonamide Cyanoacrylates Methacrylates Polyfunctional aziridine hardener Manufacturing/use of plastic products, sensitizers Painting, sensitizers:  Di-isocyanate cured paints Epoxy paints, amine hardeners Epoxy powder paints Polyester powder paints Formaldehyde Paints with aziridine hardeners Painting, sensitizers Electronics, sensitizers:  Soft soldering fumes (colophony) Di-isocyanate cured varnishes Epoxy resins, organic acid anhydrides Acrylate glues Formaldehyde Electronics, sensitizers Hair dressers, sensitizers:  Persulphates Permanent wave chemicals Hair sprays Hair dyes Natural rubber Hair dressers, sensitizers Wood work, sensitizers:  Formaldehyde (glues and shellacks) Wood dusts (exotic woods!) Di-isocyanate hardened paints Aziridine hardened paints Moulds (mouldy wood dusts) Wood work, sensitizers Metal work, sensitizers:  Welding fumes and grinding dusts of stainless steel Hard metal dust Welding fumes of painted steel (2-component paints) Aerosols of cutting fluids Other welding fumes? Metal work, sensitizers Occupational asthma/ health care, sensitizers:  Occupational asthma/ health care, sensitizers Clinics natural rubber chloramine T glutaraldehyde formaldehyde Dental care natural rubber methacrylates chloramine T formaldehyde ammonium persulphate Occupational asthma (OA) cases in Finland in 1995-2001:  Occupational asthma (OA) cases in Finland in 1995-2001 Occupational asthma (OA) cases caused by chemicals in Finland in 1995-2001:  Occupational asthma (OA) cases caused by chemicals in Finland in 1995-2001 Occupational asthma cases caused by the most common biological agents in Finland in 1995-2001:  Occupational asthma cases caused by the most common biological agents in Finland in 1995-2001

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