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Published on August 17, 2009

Author: GhostExecutive



Bigger Than Ever - Twestival Local 2009 comes to Southwest Florida
Global Twitter-Based Charity Event Returns with Local Twist

NEWS 16 august 09 Less than one month to go before the first Twestival Local kicks off! One of the requirements for selecting your 1) If we gave you $5000 (replace with your A few Lessons learned for cause is to reach out to your community for fundraising goal) what would you do selecting your local cause input on the decision. This does not mean you specifically with the money? Is there a have to do a ‘vote’. In fact, we advise that project or purchase that can be promoted Let’s be clear. What we are creating with you utilize your free UserVoice account or to communicate the fundraising goal Twestival Local has never been done before. other online polls to get ‘nominations’ only. clearly? This means there is no perfect process for These online services are a fantastic way to shortlist causes your community supports, but 2) What are other ways we can impact your selecting a cause for your Twestival Local, they can be easily manipulated and you may organization? Does the cause need social especially as time is of the essence. However, not end up with an accurate total. You media training or a website for example. with over 50 cities’ causes now officially approved by Causecast, we have identified a definitely want to get your community behind It has been impressive to watch as all of you few best practices to consider. the cause and a request for submissions will take steps to ensure your Twestival Local is create awareness for these causes. You may selecting a great cause in your community. It The basic guidelines are listed on the website, also come across a great not-for-profit that is a difficult time for not-for-profits, so please but it remains somewhat flexible as we you otherwise might have overlooked. be considerate and communicate your recognize that each city is different. The Once you have a shortlist of causes, it is process clearly. Consider offering volunteer cause must be a registered not-for-profit and suggested to sit down with your core support to the runners-up as consolation. operate efficiently. We also do not permit organizing team and make a decision on the Once you have selected your cause please causes itself to lead Twestival events. They can participate as volunteers, but decisions should final recipient after asking yourself and ensure you submit it for official approval on causes the following questions: the website via ‘submit cause selection’ link. be independent and as an external team. Twestival Washington Twestival Bogota Twestival Hong Kong Cause: Miriam’s Kitchen Cause: Fundación Nuestros Chiquis Cause: The Foreign Correspondents’ Fundraising Goal: $10,000 Fundraising Goal: $2,500 Club Charity Fund The fundraising efforts will lead Aim to make needed repairs to a Fundraising Goal: $3,000 directly to the launch of an evening house for abandoned children whose This cause was selected to bridge the food program. $20 = 12 meals for parents are drug addicts. Girls house: gap between English and Mandarin the homeless. improve the condition of the kitchen and reflect their bilingual event. The The team also plans to work with the and patio. Boys house: change the money will be used to finance the cause on their social media strategy floor of the second level of the house Language Training Program, which and introduce them to community from wood to tiles. They are also provides opportunities for Hong leaders by inviting them to the event. involving the children in the event. Kong's underprivileged children.

Organizer Checklist A few important things to get done first. 1. Put your city on the map Twestival recently integrated a more dynamic map, so you may have noticed that your city no longer has a pink dot. We have not added all of the cities manually because we need it to be accurate. You can look under the‘organizer tools’ section on the website for instructions, or email for help. 2. Write your first blog post It is crucial that you update your blog with a post as this is how sponsors, volunteers and Put the spotlight on your city Fundraising & Sponsorship potential donors or attendees will find A few cities, including Stockholm and Seattle One big question is how best to process your event. have already started to tell their stories with donations and sponsorships. The answer video posts. In addition to vetting, we are varies from country to country, so it is 3. Set up a Twitter account also working with Causecast to take your important to have a conversation with your Each city must establish a Twitter video footage and create an official mashup selected not-for-profit about this . As the cause account for their city and follow for Twestival Local which will be played on is the recipient of the event fundraising and @twestivalteam for updates. various media not the organizer, there are restrictions on sites. This video what they are able to issue. Twestival is not a 4. Reach out for volunteers is going to be registered business or not-for-profit; it is a Please open your arms to additional pretty powerful, global initiative run by volunteers and volunteers that come through the so we hope we therefore not in a position to issue tax can find a way receipts. Please contact your Regional website or Twitter. There is a role for to get video Coordinator if you have additional questions. everyone. clips from Sponsorship can go to pay for things directly everyone. Full rather than changing hands. It is important to 5. Select your cause recipient instructions can keep a transparent record of all transactions. This is the most important element of be found on the website in the ‘organizer your event, so give it some careful tools’ section. Take a few minutes to capture thought. Please ask for guidance. some footage of what your city is doing in the next two weeks and submit them or tag them Regional Coordinators Twestival Local for us to find. If you have any creative ideas for the video, please let us @TwestivalAfrica know! We will also be announcing a @TwestivalAsia competition later in the week for the city with @TwestivalCanada the best produced video from their event. @TwestivalIndia @TwestivalLatin We are here to help @TwestivalME @TwestivalUK There are teams of experts in the areas of @TwestivalUS fundraising, PR, event management and Twestival has partnered again with regional coordinators in place to help you with any questions or issues you may have. It Support Teams Live Earth for Twestival Local. The team at Live Earth will be collecting is important to us that you get the most of your experience with Twestival Local. @TwestivalTeam Global your videos and images that you Wherever possible, we will be leveraging Fundraising post online and tag #twestival or global and regional partnerships to assist Event management #twestivallocal. They will also be your event with sponsorship opportunities. Public Relations working closely with the cities who selected environment-related causes. Please read through and keep updated with the information on the Twestival website; FAQ, Fundraising and Organizer Tools.

Personalize your city logo. Download the media pack and inspire a local designer to get creative. Collaborate Better Publishing a Book Twestival Definition We are excited to announce that Twitter with GoToMeeting We are thrilled to announce a partnership with to produce Inc. has approved for Twestival to the first Official Twestival book! What receive its own ‘definition’ on the official We are very lucky to be partnering with this means is that your city and local Twitter website. Definitions are located Citrix Online and particularly their cause will be profiled in print and below the number of followers on fantastic GoToMeeting online tools for images on a page in the book. Each individual pages. It’s a great opportunity Twestival Local. Citrix Online has made organzing team will be sent one free to reach out to the Twitter community a generous contribution to charity: water copy of the 240 page, 7x7” book and it and let them know about your events! and Twestival Local to ensure the vision is up to them to give this to their cause, a continues through to 2010 for our They will also be working closely with sponsor, or keep within the team. Books Twestival Global. the cities who selected environmental will be on sale from the end of causes. The best news of all is that Citrix Online September and Blurb is kindly donating is providing one free licence of its $1 from every book. 100% of the profits GoToMeeting to each Twestival Local will be going to charity: water (our 2009 lead organizer (value $600) !!! You will global cause recipient). be able to work collaboratively from any remote location. We will be rolling this We are currently putting together a global editorial team to work with your Event Live Blogging out on Monday to the first batch of cities, team to share those fantastic stories of 10-13 September are going to be an so expect to hear from us very soon. how you worked with your cause. exciting few days of live events. Please tweet @GoToMeeting to thank them for their support to organizers. We are partnering with to offer you something special for your Twestival Local. Organizers will be able to project a live blogging and tweeting platform onto event walls, and it will be available for online viewing. Design Competition Event Tickets It wouldn’t be Twestival without a is the official event friendly competition, and we have registration and ticket sales Partner for partnered again with GeniusRocket to Twestival Local. Amiando is waiving all Change your Avatar launch a Book Cover Design Competition fees to ensure that 100% of ticket sales starting Thursday. The winning design go direct to your cause. You can link to will be chosen by public vote and We have partnered with to your city page on with the announced before Sep 10th. If you feature Official Twestival Local avatars. ‘tickets’ button in the header. It is a great know anyone interested, tell them to Show your support by downloading a way to reach out to your community and standard or city version. capture information like @names. follow @twestival for further details.

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