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Published on January 30, 2008

Author: Valentina


Communications In “Longhorn”: Telephony, Mobile Devices And HW/SW Integration:  Communications In “Longhorn”: Telephony, Mobile Devices And HW/SW Integration Paul Erickson Development Manager Windows Communication User Experience pauler @ Agenda:  Agenda Communications Today Athens PC in Action Feature Overview + Demos!! Call to action Hardware Trends:  Hardware Trends Wireless Deployment of wireless networks is expected to grow 41% through 2005 135,000 WW public hotspots in 2006 with 23.3M users 90% of notebooks will ship with embedded WLAN chipsets in 2008 90% of Global 2000 firms will have some production deployment of WiFi by 2006 Devices Devices already out-ship PCs WW PDA sales expected to grow at 41% through 2004 ~800M new cell phones projected to ship WW in 2008 1.6 devices attached to every computer in 2005 Cell phone have 7 different communication options Mobile PCs Today, laptops are 22% of PC sales Growing twice the rate of desktops In 2007, mobile PCs will surpass desktop PCs Today, 21% of home PC’s are laptops By 2006, laptop penetration in home will be 36% Communication Trends:  Communication Trends PC is used to communicate 69% of WW PC users are using their PC primarily for communications Communications is the #2 reason users purchase a PC Messaging volumes are on the rise 148 e-mails per week in 2002, growing to 238 per week in 2007. 157 million SMS messages sent per month in the US in 2002, growing to 2.2B in 2006. Knowledge workers spend 10% of their day on the phone Multiple contact repositories Consumers average 5, enterprise average 9 Users leverage IM presence for availability User Opportunities:  User Opportunities Centralized communications Integrated, centralized communications management One contact address book everywhere Presence extension Scope presence to a person rather than an application Knowledge workers want a better way to manage their availability Mobile Devices Easier to discover and interact with mobile devices Content management is enhanced by the PC The phone and PC experience are connected WinHEC 2003:  WinHEC 2003 A future business desktop PC in which all communication media, including voice, video, and text messaging, converge to give users rich experiences with everyday communication and collaboration tasks. Athens PC – Joint venture between Microsoft and HP Slide8:  Longhorn Communication Experience Martijn Van Tilburg Lead Designer Windows Communication User Experience Windows Communication User Experience:  Windows Communication User Experience Email IM Telephony … WinFS Contact (“Longhorn” Storage) WinFS Message (“Longhorn” Storage) Applications Communication Platform People & Groups Overview:  People & Groups Overview Scenario target: One unified address book on all of my devices and communications applications. Email Phone calls IM File Transfers Faxes WinFS Contact (“Longhorn” Database) Communication History:  Communication History Scenario target: 360 degree view of a person. My communication is more productive because I can easily bring up a view of all the communications I’ve had with a person Email Phone calls IM File Transfers Faxes WinFS Message (“Longhorn” Storage) PC Enhancements: Sending and Receiving Calls:  PC Enhancements: Sending and Receiving Calls Assistance placing a call Start call from contact control Call user back from existing call log Start call from MFU contact list Ability to send call subject Caller ID Identity contact by information & photo Accept & Decline call using PC speakers & microphone or hand held Call Management Auto decline incoming calls when on the phone Auto decline incoming calls when presence = busy Block unwanted calls (ie SPAM) PC enhancements: During the call:  PC enhancements: During the call Provides quick links Contact information published by user or my personal notes Related communication call logs Documents sent and received with the user via email, fax, etc. Call Management Presence auto set to “On the Phone” Handle incoming call (ie on hold / call waiting) Utilities Note Taking Simple Collaboration PC Enhancements: Helping you wrap up:  PC Enhancements: Helping you wrap up Telephony call logs are auto saved to Communication History Notes taken during call are saved with call log User can find, edit, and distribute existing call logs PC Enhancements: While you are away:  PC Enhancements: While you are away Integrated presence tells friends and coworkers you are away Summary with optional alert for missed calls Simple routing/redirection to email or cell Capture your voice/ text OOF message Slide19:  Telephony Telephony Architecture:  Notify of Incoming Call Accept Incoming Call Ongoing Call UI Invoke Call Verb SIP TAPI Provided by: Microsoft User Experience Microsoft Platform Telephony Architecture WPD Cell Phone Overview:  Cell Phone Overview Scenario target: I can synchronize my important contacts and data with my cell phone seamlessly Cell phone connected to PC via Bluetooth, USB, etc. Bi-directional contact sync Sync call logs from cell to PC Manage files & media Photos Music Videos Files on dumb storage Leverage cell phone Enhanced Telephony SMS Remote Control As a modem for Internet Access High Level Profile of a LH Connected Cell Phone:  High Level Profile of a LH Connected Cell Phone Cell Phone connection to PC Consistent with Windows device support (PnP) Based on built-in kernel drivers Maximum reuse of built-in connectivity technologies Examples: Bluetooth and USB PC-2-Phone interface that supports Rich enumeration of objects on device Finished object transfer Call control for telephony Support for rich media Reporting of device capabilities Examples: GSM AT or CDMA AT, OBEX Cell Phone Contact Sync:  Cell Phone Contact Sync Cell Phone Sync Architecture:  Cell Phone Sync Architecture Provided by: Microsoft User Experience Microsoft Platform Cell Phone Sync Adapter WinFS (“Longhorn” Storage) WPD Call to Action:  Call to Action Plan for your devices to be connected to the PC. Mobile devices should integrate via the Windows Portable Device Architecture For more info about Windows Portable Device (WPD) Architecture send email to WPD Information (wpdinfo @ Reminder of the communication H/W options Video integration Microphone array Controls: Sync, Presence, Volume controls, etc. Dialer keypad Contact us! We want your feedback. Community Resources:  Community Resources Community Sites List of Newsgroups Attend a free chat or webcast Locate a local user group(s) Non-Microsoft Community Sites

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