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Published on July 31, 2008

Author: hummel815


Our TripTo Visit the Settings of our Favorite TV Shows : Our TripTo Visit the Settings of our Favorite TV Shows By: Sanjeev Herr & Jocelyn Rivera Law and Order : Law & Order is a legal drama that follows the professional and personal lives of the detectives and the district attorneys of New York City. The show has lasted almost two decades and has inspired many spin-offs and television movies. January of 2008 started the shows eighteenth season and the show has a total of four hundred episodes. The show has had many different characters, and no character from the original cast is currently on the show. Law and Order won one Emmy for best drama series and has been nominated for many others. The show also has won many other awards and nominations. Law and Order New York, New York : New York, New York Had the first elevator One of the three world cities that control world finances First belonged to the Dutch before being taken by the English New York city was one of the first cities that immigrants from Ireland and Germany would see during the 1840s. Sometimes it was the last and only. Were George Washington took oath for president on April 30, 1789. Statue of Liberty : Statue of Liberty The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France. It was a gift for the United States 100th anniversary of independence. It was delivered in 1850 on a ship. It was delivered in 350 pieces. It took four more months to rebuild after it was delivered. It was completed October 28, 1886. The grand statue is 305ft. 6in. tall. Cold Case : Cold Case Cold case is a police drama revolving around the fictional Philadelphia Police Department, cold case division. The detectives of the cold case unit solve crimes that have been left unsolved for many years.The cases often tie into the personal lives of the cold case detectives. Also, some episodes are based on real life events. The show has won no awards, but in my personal opinion the show is awesome. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia’s population is 1,517,550 people There are 705,660 women, and 811,889 men. The first settlers in Philly were Swedish. This city was the largest in the British empire, next to London, before America separated from Great Britain. Had the first computer. Benjamin Franklin Bridge : Benjamin Franklin Bridge The Benjamin Franklin Bridge was made was opened in 1926. It was the world’s longest suspension bridge for three years until 1926, when the Ambassador was opened in Detroit. The original name was the Delaware River Bridge it became the Benjamin Franklin Bridge at it’s dedication in 1956. In one day 32,000 vehicles passed over the bridge. Charmed : Charmed The Charmed series is a series that follows the lives of Prudence, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige Halliwell, three sister witches that constantly must save the world from demons, and other evil powers. The show often contains with one of the sister falling in love with someone who is “evil” or someone they aren’t allowed to date. Show had other major character like Cole Turner, Pheobe’s ex-husband demon, Leo Wyatt, the sisters white lighter, and Daryl Morris, the sisters cop friend-dude. The show takes place in San Francisco. In the third season Piper dies, and her part in the sisterhood was replaced by sister Paige. The show is awesome. San Francisco, California : San Francisco, California Had the first opera house Founded in 1776 by Spanish settlers. Plagued by earthquakes since 1906, when the San Andreas fault shifted and caused an earthquake that destroyed the city Were the Japanese peace treaty was signed A city with a great distinction between its wealthy residents and its poor residents Golden Gate Bridge : Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge’s construction began on January 5, 1933. During the construction 11 workers died. The construction was finished in 1937. And on May 27,1937 it was opened to pedestrians. And on May 28, 1938 it was opened to vehicles. The Golden Gate Bridge is painted in Orange Vermillion. The Golden Gate was the longest bridge for 27 years until the Verrazano narrows bridge was built in 1964. CSI:Crime Scene Investigators : CSI:Crime Scene Investigators CSI, as it is known, is an award winning criminal forensics drama, that follows the lives of the Las Vegas criminalists. The show is one of Americas top rated Primetime dramas, and has pushed the limits with its usual explicit plot lines. The show has a very loyal fan base, often getting involved with episodes and characters. The shows plot often will contain a serial killer, or a case that emotionally disturbs the criminalists. Las Vegas, Nevada : Las Vegas, Nevada Nicknamed “Sin City” because its availability to alcohol and adult entertainment. Las Vegas means the “Meadows”. Established in 1905, but only became a city in 1911. 28th most populated city in the U.S. Also nicknamed “The Entertainment Capital of the World” for its lavish casino-resort life, and it‘s large theater workings. Stratosphere Tower : Stratosphere Tower The Stratosphere tower is part of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. The Stratosphere Tower is the tallest free-standing structure in Western North America. Even taller than the Seattle Space Needle. This tower was finished in 1996. And during the construction the tower was struck by Lightning. This tower is about 1,149 ft. tall. CSI:Miami : CSI:Miami CSI:Miami is a CSI spin-off set in Miami, Florida. The show is a criminal investigation drama that follows both the personal and professional lives of the Miami-Dade County criminal investigators. The show has so far a total of 6 seasons and 142 episodes, and is well liked around the world. Miami, Florida : Miami, Florida Is the only city to be planned by a woman(Julia Tuthill) Founded by Spain The city’s name is probably derived from “Mayaimi” an Indian word for “Big Water”. In 1960 260,000 cuban people reportedly immigrated to Miami “computer coast of Florida” Miami Freedom Tower : Miami Freedom Tower This tower was inspired by the cathedral tower at Sevilla Cathedral in Seville, Spain. The Miami Freedom Tower was once a Miami Daily News headquarters. This tower was a reception center for Cuban refugees from 1962 to 1974. The Freedom Tower was made a historic landmark in 1979. Freedom Tower was renovated in 2002, to become a Cuban-American Museum. ER : ER ER is NBC’s second longest running drama with 14 seasons. It is also the longest running American Primetime medical drama. The show has won several Emmy’s, one Golden Globe, and has been nominated for many others. The show has many memorable episodes, like the live episode “Ambush”. This episode was performed twice so both East Coast and West Coast audience could view the episode live. The show is mainly set in Cook County General Hospital’s Emergency Room. Chicago, Illinois : Chicago, Illinois Had the first aquarium Location Sears Tower one of the tallest buildings in the world Largest city in the state of Illinois (3rd in US) Name means wild leek or striped skunk; metaphorically speaking it means the smell of onions In the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, one-third of the city was destroyed. During the rebuilding process, the world’s first skyscraper was constructed. Lincoln Park Zoo : Lincoln Park Zoo Lincoln Park Zoo is located in verdant park just minutes north of Chicago. Animal lovers come here to hear a lion’s roar, see gorillas climb trees, or forget where they are in a wild rainforest. This zoo is open 365 days a year. And is free everyday. That 70’s Show : That 70’s Show That 70’s show is a show about the adventures of teenager Eric Forman during the 1970s. The show takes place in fictional city Point Place, Wisconsin near Green Bay. The show follows Eric’s adventures with his on and off girlfriend/neighbor Donna Pinciotti, best friend and adoptive brother Steven Hyde, funny but dumb friend Michael Kelso, unwilling and prissy friend Jackie Burkhert, and foreign exchange student, with a real name that no one knows, Fez. Supporting and constant characters on the show are Eric’s parents, Kitty and Red Forman, and Donna’s father Bob Pinicotti. Other characters that appear from season to season are Midge, Donna’s mother, Laurie, Eric’s older sister, and Leo, a stoner and the closest thing to Hyde’s father. The story has many plot lines, but the most apparent and constant is the groups experiments with drugs and alcohol. The show was very popular amoung young people, and made cast members of the show very famous. Repeats are still shown on FX during weekdays. Green Bay (Point Place), Wisconsin : Green Bay (Point Place), Wisconsin The oldest settlement in the state of Wisconsin Nicknamed Title town, USA because of the NFL titles it has won (12) The city has one of the lowest crime rates in the US, despite its large population. Tony Shalhoub star of Monk, is a resident of the city and attended Green Bay East High. Third largest city in Wisconsin. Lambeau Stadium : Lambeau Stadium The City Stadium was built September 29, 1957. When this stadium was built it had 32,500 seats. And the cost of the City Stadium was $960,000. Now the stadium is worth more because now it has 72,928 seats. This stadium was renamed the Lambeau Field after Curly Lambeau died. The Lambeau Field is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Lambeau over the ages : Lambeau over the ages Reba : Reba Reba is an Emmy Award Winning sitcom about Reba McEntire, a single mother,whose ex-husband is marrying a young woman named Barbera Jean. Barbera Jean and Reba are complete opposites. Barbera Jean views Reba as a great friend, but at the beginning of the series, Reba strongly dislikes Barbera. As the show continues Reba’s dislike is replaced with a strong friendship. The plot contains Reba’s daughter Shyanne getting married and having a child with Van, Shyanne boyfriend. Houston, Texas : Houston, Texas Home to NASA headquarters 4th largest city in US Founded in 1836 Became a shelter city for New Orleans residents escaping Hurricane Katrina Was the temporary capital of the Republic of Texas San Jacinto Monument : San Jacinto Monument The famous battle of San Jacinto , which brought Texas it’s freedom was fought at the site of this monument. So, this monument was built to honor the heroes who fought in this battle. Under the direction of General Sam Houston achieved independence, by defeating the Mexican Army on April 21, 1836. The shaft of this monument is 570 ft. tall with a 37 ft. tall star at the top for a total of 607 ft. tall. The star on the top is unique, because it has 9 points and can be seen as a star from any direction. The Office : The Office The Office is an Emmy award winning sitcom. The show is different from most sitcoms because it is shot without a studio audience, and instead is shot in a “mockumentary” form. The show is about the everyday lives of office workers at the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company branch in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The show began airing on NBC in 2005, and is now also shown on TBS. The show so far has 4 seasons and 66 episodes. Scranton, Pennsylvania : Scranton, Pennsylvania Founded in 1786 In 1955, 80 lives were lost and part of the city was destroyed from the floods of Hurricane Diane. PA’s sixth most populated city Nicknamed the “Electric City” when the first continuously operating electric trolley system was established in the city 93% of the cities population is White Everhart Museum : Everhart Museum The Everhart Museum is the largest museum in northeastern Pennsylvania. This museum is a non-profit institute dedicated to the collection of different artifacts including Natural History, Science, and Fine Arts. The museum was founded and the construction was completed in 1908. Dr.Everhart’s design was for three sides if a square, one for Natural History, another was for Science, and the last one was for Fine Arts. Frasier : Frasier Frasier is an American Sitcom starring Kelsey Grammer, as Seattle psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane. The show has won a record 37 Emmys. The show also out lasted the show it was a spin-off of, Cheers. Seattle, Washington : Seattle, Washington Founded in 1851 The largest city in the Pacific Northwest region of the US The area has been inhabited for at least 4,000 years. Residents of the city are called Seattleites. Regarded as the birthplace of grudge music Seattle Space Needle : Seattle Space Needle The Space Needle was completed in December of 1961. The Space Needle is called the Eiffel Tower of the Pacific. This needle is 605 ft. tall. The needle is a design of two ideas. One idea is a balloon tethered to the ground which is the sloping legs of the tower. And the second idea is a flying saucer which is the top. This needle was built to withstand earthquakes and 200 mph winds. Bibliography : Bibliography

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